August 13, 2011

Ford's "Drive Green for Life" Partners with SunPower to Offer Solar Powered Charges for EV Buyers

Ford and SunPower have a program where customers of the Ford Focus Electric car are offered the opting to purchase solar PV system that would  generate free and clean energy to offset the grid power used to charge the car.

The system can generate ….” an average of 3,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually. … sized to accommodate … about 1,000 miles per month.

The price of the solar system is approx. $10,000 after incentives and rebates.

Via:  Ford LINK

November 14, 2010

GE Makes Committment to Electric Cars - to Purchase 25,000 EVs

GE logo

General Electric announced that they would purchase 25,000 EV by 2015.  This is the largest EV purchase announced so far and will get GE closer towards their goal of having half their global fleet being EV by 2015.  

"“By electrifying our own fleet, we will accelerate the adoption curve, drive scale, and move electric vehicles from anticipation to action.”"

The plan is to buy 12,000 Chevy Volts (General Motors) starting in 2011 and then buy from other manufacturers as they are brfought to the market.

GE will initially purchase 12,000 GM vehicles, beginning with the Chevrolet Volt in 2011, and will add other vehicles as manufacturers bring them to market. By 2015 GE will convert at least half of its global fleet of 30,000 vehicles and will partner with its fleet customers to deploy a total of 25,000 EVs.

GE's Jeffery Immelt says ..." Wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles will also drive clean energy innovation, strengthen energy security and deliver economic value.”"


Via:  GE  LINK

September 28, 2010

MIT Prototype Fold Up City Car

City Car

The CityCar is an EV designed to take up minimum space while parked.  This is achieved by "folding" the car.  Instead of the engine and drive train of a gas powered car the drive components are in each wheel eliminating the need for a long rigid structure for the exhaust pipe or drive train components.

" ... weighs less than a thousand pounds, get the equivalent of 150 to 200 miles per gallon of gasoline. ... no tailpipe emissions."

" .. powered by four in-wheel electric motors ... enables maneuvers like spinning on its own axis ... moving sideways ... "

" ... park nose-in to the curb in ... possible to park three or four CityCars in the length of a traditional parking bay."



September 01, 2010

New EPA MPG Stickers - May Be Simple as A, B, C

New EPA MGP Simplified Stickers

 EPA Fuel Economy stickers are on all new cars and light trucks and ahve been for decades. They list the city and highway mpg as well expected annual feul costs and some information about emissions.

The EPA is now looking to modify (again) the labels ... to allow meaningful comparisons between newer type vehicles ... such as hybrids where MPG does not really apply.  They might group cars by letters like A, B, and C.

" .. provide ... simple, straightforward energy and environmental comparisons across all vehicles types, including electric vehicles (EV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), and conventional gasoline/diesel vehicles. ... information, such as ratings on fuel economy, greenhouse gas emissions, and other air pollutants ..."

Check out the labels and GIVE YOUR comments ... View / Comment on Proposed LABELS.


August 09, 2010

Hydrogen taxi deploys fuel cell for London Olympics

Lotus demonstrates hydrogen fuel cell powered taxi cab that will deliver zero-emissions and be ready to serve visitors at the London Olympic games.  …

…   “It is a hydrogen-powered London cab, developed to showcase zero exhaust emission vehicles during the 2012 London Olympics.”   …

Via BBC: Lotus Hydrogen Taxi.

June 17, 2010

ECOTality EV Project expands to LA and DC with additional electric vehicle chargers

US Department of Energy expands The EV Project with an additional grant that adds two new cities, LA and DC, and extends the free home charger offer to include new owners of the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan LEAF electric vehicles.  The EV Project started in October, 2009 to understand the use of electric vehicles and the effectiveness of the supporting infrastructure through technology trials.  …Electric vehicle infrastructure project

…   “The EV Project will deliver nearly 15,000 residential and commercial chargers to 13 cities in five states and the District of Columbia.

The mission of the Project is to evaluate the use of electric vehicles and charging systems in diverse geographies and climates, then to use that information to build a foundation that will optimize adoption of electric vehicles nationwide.

With this expansion, ECOtality's EV Project, already the largest electric vehicle infrastructure project ever undertaken, will provide:

  • an additional 2,600 home chargers for owners of the Chevrolet Volt;
  • another 1,000 chargers for the zero-emission Nissan LEAF electric vehicles; ”   …

Via EcoTality: EV Project (Release, PDF).

Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt.

June 03, 2010

Electric vehicle infrastructure will be enabled by deployment of charging stations in the US

ChargePoint America’s free home and public electric vehicle charging stations will be deployed by Coulomb Technologies as part of an accelerated project within a government initiative.  The project plan is targeting installation of over a thousand charging stations by year end and the balance by the third quarter of 2011.

…   “The ChargePoint America program will provide nearly 5000 charging stations to program participants in nine regions in the United States: Austin, Texas, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Fla., Sacramento, Calif., the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area, Redmond, Wash., and Washington DC and is a strategic partnership with three leading automobile brands including, Ford, Chevrolet and smart USA.”   …

Via Coulomb Technologies: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (Link).

The electric vehicle charging infrastructure is being funded by the Dept of Energy’s Transportation Electrification Initiative .  The charging stations will be deployed in the nine targeted metropolitan areas of the US.

Businesses can apply for a public charging station here.

Individuals can apply for a home charging station here.

Charging Stations The general public can recommend a public charging station be installed at specific locations.

ChargePoint is ready for tracking by iPhone users (iPhone App).

Technology behind the charging stations is integrated to drive efficiency into the electric vehicle infrastructure.  RFID cards will support quick payments and processing.  SMS and email will notify owners when charge is complete through the Chargepoint Network.  Smart grid integration will optimize the charging load to get best pricing.

ChargePoint America will provide 4,600 public and private ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations by October 2011.  What do the levels mean?: The level of the charging refers to the voltage used by the charging station. In the US, standard outlets are at 110 – 120 volts. All Level I charging is done at this voltage.


ChargePoint Map

February 15, 2010

Volvo to Look at Car "Skin" as Additional Battery Source

Volvo hybrid

Volvo is looking at a possible new battery technology that can double as the car "skin".    The idea is to make new hybrids lighter and more efficient by having the car's "skin" serve a dual purpose.

"Researchers from Imperial College London ... and Volvo are developing a prototype material that’s strong and light enough to be used as a car’s skin but can store and discharge electrical energy."

" ... material is made of carbon fibers and a polymer resin and can store and discharge large amounts of energy much more quickly than conventional batteries."

" ... does not use chemical processes, making it quicker to recharge than conventional batteries. Unlike conventional chemical batteries, the recharging process also causes little degradation in the composite material."

" ... could also be used as both battery and shell of consumer electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers. Without conventional batteries, the devices could be smaller and more lightweight."


Via:  SmartPlanet  LINK

January 02, 2010

Nissan LEAF - Electric Car

Nissan Leafd

Nissan has announced the Nissan Leaf - a zero emission electric car that is designed for "the mass market".  In addition to the car, Nissan is working with partners to develop the required infrastructure to support an a all electric car.  The LEAF is expected to be priced similar to other family sedans.

" ...  Nissan LEAF zero-emission, all-electric car ... five-passenger, five-door, gasoline-free car ..."

"Nissan is the only automaker committed to making all-eZero Emission logolectric vehicles available to the mass market on a global scale. ... has partnered on the development of an electric-vehicle infrastructure through partnerships in the State of Tennessee, the State of Oregon, Sonoma County, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, Washington D.C., Seattle, Raleigh, and Vancouver. Additionalpartnerships will be announced in the near future."

Via:  Nissan  LINK

October 25, 2009

GM Spark - Electric Car for Under $6000.

GM Spark

GM is planning to sell an all electric small car in India ...

Read on for more >>>

" ... all-electric Spark will go on sale next year in India ... GM parners with Reva Electric Car Co.  ... plug-in Spark can be re-chargedReva Logo at any standard socket in India, requiring no new infrastructure. That’s what’s limited sales of other alternative-energy cars in India so far...."


Via:  ZDNet  LINK






September 15, 2009

Audi "e-tron" electic car prototype

Audi e-tron

Audi's e-tron is no Prius (gas / electric hybrid) or Volt (electric with gas powered battery charging engine). 

Check out this prototype high performance electric car ... from Audi.

" ... e-tron, a high-performance sports car with a purely electric drive system. Four motors – two each at the front and rear axles – drive the wheels, making the concept car a true quattro. ... the two-seater accelerates from 0 to 100 km/hAudi logo (0 – 62.14 mph) in 4.8 seconds, ... The lithium-ion battery provides a truly useable energy content of 42.4 kilowatt hours to enable a range of approximately 248 kilometers, or 154 miles.


Via:  Audi LINK


June 17, 2009

Exelon's ComEd is a Major Green Fleet (cars, trucks, etc.)

 com ed logo

ComEd, a Exelon company has bought 50 Toyota Prius to add toExelon 2020 Seal its already substantial GREEN fleet of cars and trucks. 

" ...One of Nation's Largest Green Fleets ... save utility 6,500 gallons of gas in 2009, ...  including 10 Priuses that have been specially converted into electric plug-in hybrids. ..."
" ... Compared to an average subcompact, the Prius hybrid and plug-in electric version consume about 30 and 65 percent less fuel, respectively. ... reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60 metric tons."

" ... 63 percent of the ComEd fleet uses a fuel source other than 100 percent gasoline.... 1,774 trucks that use biodiesel fuel ...250 E85 flex-fuel vehicles ... 91 hybrid Ford Escape SUVs; one biodiesel-electric hybrid bucket truck; one liquid petroleum gas (LPG) bucket truck; and the 50 new Prius vehicles. ..."


Via:  Exelon  LINK

April 20, 2009

Wheego EV - to Ship in MAY 2009



"WHEEGO ELECTRIC CARS, a division of RTEV, Inc., ... a full line of recreational and street electric LSVs (Low Speed Vehicles), ... is taking reservations for its first car, the Wheego Whip, which will begin shipping in May."

" ... a fully loaded two-passenger automobile ... Remote keyless entry, air conditioning and an mp3 stereo system are standard equipment  ... retails for under $19,000, and it only costs about 3 cents per mile to operate.  ... a 10% Federal Tax credit on the purchase price of the car as a Low Speed Vehicle in 2009. When the Whip is eventually certified and sold as a full speed car, the Federal Tax credit will be $7,500."



April 03, 2009

San Francisco Green Initiatives

Gavin Newson, mayor of SF, shares his thoughts on how the city can reduce emissions and become more green and environmentally friendly ... maybe even be the electric car capital of ... the US? Video below ... At the Green: Net '09 Conference in San Francisco, Mayor Gavin Newsom lays out the city's future plans for reducing emissions even further. He explains the city's current electric-car project, and the coming green initiatives of wave technology and tidal-flow generators--a steady stream of energy, he says, that will come right from San Francisco Bay. Via: ZDNet Link

February 27, 2009

GreenWheel Battery Powered Bike

MIT logoGreen Wheel is a cross between a regular bicycle and a motorcycle developed by scientists at MIT.

" ... GreenWheel ... will turn any pedal bicycle into an electric hog. ... has the radius of a small dinner plate and is about 2 inches thick. Inside the aluminum frame sits the three major GreenWheel components: an electric generator, batteries and an electric motor."

green wheel " ... a bike powered solely by a single GreenWheel ... has an estimated range of 25 miles. ... bike can be charged by pedaling or by plugging it into the electric grid.

" ... estimates its range at 40,000 miles, or about eight years work of travel at an estimated 20 miles per business day. ...

" ... getting people out of cars and onto bikes ... GreenWheel designers hope to reduce the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. ... GreenWheel is also made from environmentally friendly processes by companies like A123 Systems, which manufactures the lithium ion batteries used in the GreenWheel."


Via:  LINK

February 04, 2009

Ford Announces Hybrid Car Battery Partner

Ford Motor Company "Ford ... entered into a partnership with battery producer Johnson Controls-Saft to develop advanced lithium-ion battery system ...  seven regional electric utility partners are joining Ford and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to conduct real-world tests on an expanding fleet of Ford Escape PHEVs.Johnson Conmtrols Logo"

" ... partnerships will help Ford accelerate its electrification strategy, including bringing a full battery electric vehicle (BEV) van to market in 2010 for commercial use, a small BEV sedan developed jointly with Magna International by 2011 and a PHEV by 2012."

" ... battery system that Johnson Controls-Saft is designing and manufacturing ...  the cells will be produced at the supplier's production facility in France, but the system will be assembled in the United States. The five-year supply agreement includes delivery for committed production in 2012 with a target of at least 5,000 units per year."


Via:  Ford Motor Company  LINK

February 03, 2009

Greener Ice Resurfacing Machine

Olympia Ice BearResurfice now makes a battery operated ice resurfacing machines .  Ofter called "Zamboni's" after the first manufacturer of these products ...  Resurfice developed a battery operated model for those who are looking to be Greener on the ice ...

"In response to an industry demand for a pollution free, safe, efficient, cordless electric powered ice resurfacer, the Olympia IceBear sets a new standard in high performance and low operational costs while producing zero emissions."


Via:  LSK Enterprises    Link

December 22, 2008

Verizon's Hybrid Fleet

Verizon logoVerizon Toyoto Prius hybrid
" ... Verizon will add another 100 hybrid sedans metropolitan areas across seven states and Washington D.C., conserving thousands of gallons of gas ... doubling to 200 the number of hybrids, ... conserve an additional 16,000 gallons of fuel and cut greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 1.4 metric tons per vehicle annually. ... Toyota Prius hybrids will be used in California, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C."


Via:  Verizon  LINK

December 15, 2008

Electrovaya Maya-300 Electric Car

electrovaya logo

 Toronto Canada based electovaya (Toronto Stock Exchange EFL) has announced its Maya-300, a ZERO emission elelectrovayaelectric car that will go up to 35 mph and have a range of up to 120 miles.  Using Lithium ion type batteries with film materials from ExxonMobil the Maya-300 might be your next city car ... or second car.

Read on for more ...

" ... Maya-300, a zero-emission ... transportation solution with sufficient range for many drivers. Its top speed is electronically regulated to either 25 or 35 mph ...  long electric range of up to 120 miles on a single charge and works very well in cold weather conditions ...on-board battery charger allows for convenient recharging with standard 110V outlets ..."


Via:  elecrovaya  LINK


November 24, 2008

BMW MINI E (electric)

 e-mini plugs in 

The very popular Mini (by BMW) is set to come out in a plug in version.  Dubbed the Mini e ... the first 500 are planned for the greater LA area and NYC.

"introduced the MINI E electric vehicle at the 2008 Los ABMW -e-Miningeles Auto Show ... MINI E is a pure electric ... runs on lithium-ion batteries. ... "

" ... have set up a special website where you can put your name on the list. ... taking reservations until December 10, 2008 ..."

" ... the MINI E will be the first lithium-ion powered electric to hit the streets in any quantity. This is just the start of more electric happenings to come. "












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October 27, 2008

BNSF to Develope Hydrogen Locomotive

 BNSF logo

You have probably heard the ads that trains can carry a ton of flocomotive ready for conversion to fuel cellsreight significantly further per gallon of fuel than a truck.

Did you know that BNSF is developing a hydrogen locomotive?  Read on for more >>>   

"BNSF Railway Company and Vehicle Projects LLC ... are developing an experimental hydrogen fuel cell switch locomotive. ...could serve as a mobile backup power source for military and civilian disaster relief efforts.


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October 24, 2008

MINI to offer Electric Car

MINI w/ plug in logo on roofThe BMW / MINI is a hot little car and pretty fuel efficient ... designed with lots of energy saving features like lightweight recyclable aluminum and some plastic parts coded for recycling.

The next step might be the electric / plug in MINI.  Read on for more >>

" ... readying an invasion fleet of 500 electric MINIs to launch on the shores of California, New York and New Jersey....will be used by a mixture of corporations and “private individuals”."

" ... electric MINIs are powered by a motor (with 220nM of torque) and by a lithium ion battery ... takes up the place where the rear two seats usually live in the MINI hatchback ... electric motor drives the front wheels and the top speed is just 95mph, ... the MINI E will do 0-62mph in 8.5sec."

" ... plugged into the domestic supply to recharge and all owners will be given a wall-mounted box that will recharge the MINI E in around 2.5 hours....a range of over 100 miles."


Via:  Mirror.CO.UK  LINK


October 16, 2008

Pininfarina B0 (as in B-zero)

Pininfarina B0

"Design house Pininfarina, ... B0, ...four-seat, four-door electric hatchback created in partnership with Bolloré ... B0 will be a mass production model, with the first units coming off the production line at the end of 2009, ... a range of 153 miles and a top speed of 80 MPH.

" ... production will be ramped up gradually based on the availability of the batteries. Built in Turin ... the B0 electric car will be powered by Bolloré’s proprietary LMP technology, using a combination of batteries and supercapacitors ... a fully-electric vehicle without any carbon dioxide production,


Via: jalopnik Link

September 18, 2008

Tesla Motors to build All Electric Sports Sedan

Tesla Motors Logo

Tesla Motors announced plans to build its second car model, the Moedl S (no doubt for Sedan)  in California.  Their first model, a two seat roadster, made headlines for amazing performance from an all electric car.

" ... Tesla ... plans to  build a $250 million facility to manufacture a zero-emission luxury sedan in the heart of Silicon Valley. ... The factory – expected to achieve gold certification from U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ..."

"Model S is Tesla’s zero-emission, five-passenger luxury sedan powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. ... expected to ... get about 240 miles per charge with exceptional performance. The first sedans will likely roll off the assembly line in late 2010."

Via:  Tesla Motors  Link

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August 27, 2008

Mass Production Hydrogen Cars Cross the US

Hydrogen fuel cells promise pollution free cars ... However the infrastructure is far, far from being robust enough for everyday use .... much less a cross country drive by the average motorist. Nonetheless ... the recent US crossing is an interesting story and a step in the right direction. "Hydrogen fuel cell cars from nine automakers completed a 13-day cross-country trip this weekend [Aug 25rh, 2008] , in the first such mass U.S. crossing for vehicles powered by a zero-emission technology still in its infancy." " ... from Portland, Maine, to the Los Angeles Coliseum, ... were stretches without hydrogen fueling stations when the vehicles were carried on flatbed trucks, the longest from Rolla, Missouri, to Albuquerque, New Mexico." Today there are " ... about 60 hydrogen stations in the United States, and only two are open to the public without prior arrangement." Click LINK for details of H2 Fueling stations. Via: Reuters Link

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July 10, 2008

Honda Hydrogen Infrastructure

Honda home eneryy station

One of the factors needed for H2 powered cars is the H2 Infrastructure ... something along the lines of today's gasoline / diesel stations. v After all without a way to  get H2 there is not much sense in a H2 powered car ...

Honda has an idea to  help this along ... "...experience in the development of power stations ... as well as experience with home-refueled electric and natural gas vehicles. ... a natural next step ... to explore potential solutions to the hydrogen refueling ..."Honda logo

Via:  Honda  Link

July 01, 2008

Honda FCX Clarity - First Mass Production Fuel Cell Car

Honda LogoHonda's Clarity is slated to be the first hydrogen powered car to be mass produced.

Fuel cells are not new .... though they are relatively a new idea for cars ... one lingering problem is the INFRASTRUCTURE needed to make these cars viable.  Read on for more about this as well >>>

How do Fuel Cells work and what are their advantages ... Read on for more >>> 

" ...hydrogen fuel cell produces electricity ... electricity then powers the electric motor, which in turn drives the front wheels. Water vapor and heat are the only byproducts."
The fuel cell is in the purple circle in the car shown to the right >>
The more technical details ....
" ... Hydrogen fuel is fed into the anode of the fuel cell. ... hydrogen molecules are split into electrons and protons. ...Electrons are channeled through a circuit to produce electricity. ...Protons pass through the polymer electrolyte membrane. ...Oxygen ... enters the cathode and combines with the electrons and protons to form water. ...water vapor and heat are released as byproducts of this reaction."

Via:  Honda  Link

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March 28, 2008

Zero Pollution Air Cars

prototype air carBased on a compressed air powered car ... a possible Zero Polution Vehicle. 

"At Lower Speeds:  ... running exclusively on compressed air, it emits only air - zero pollution. The air expelled from the tail pipe is actually cleaner than the air used to fill the tank. ..."

"At Higher Speeds: ... over 35mph ... uses small amounts of fuel– ... produces emissions of only 0.141lbs of CO2 per mile. ... (Toyota Prius 07 Emissions: 0.34 lbs of CO2 per mile. Source:

ZeroPollutionMotors expects to take orders in the early part of 2008 for US delivery in 2010.

" ... the Compressed Air Engine (CAE) developed by Motor Development International (MDI), a 15-year old company based in Nice, France, and headed by ... Guy Negre. ZPM is the exclusive representative for MDI in the United States."


Via:  ZeroPollutionMotors  Link


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