October 28, 2013

NYC Adapts Sustainable LEDs in a Big Way

NYC will replace all of the cities street lights with energy efficient lighting.  Michael Bloomberg, Mayor, “ … announced that all 250,000 of New York City’s street lights will be replaced with energy efficient, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) by 2017.”

In general benefits include reduced energy (LEDs are more energy efficient than current city lighting) and lower maintenance costs (LEDs last many times longer than other lighting types).

Specific benefits:  “… reduce greenhouse gas emissions from city government operations 30% by 2017 … [and recutions of] … around US$6 million in energy and US$8 million in maintenance costs a year, …”

>>> For more on NYC’s efforts see:  NYC Sustainable Street Lighting


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October 17, 2012

Ikea Will Sell ONLY LED Lighting by 2012

Ikea will likely be the first retailer to only sell LED lighting by 2016 to “ … enable millions … to live a more sustainable life at home and save money on their energy bills.”

Ikea is also converting all their in-store lighting LED lighting – over 1 million lights.

Why LED:  LED  is more energy efficient (uses approx. 85% less electricity) and longer lasting (up to 20X).

The one negative to LEDs is their higher initial price (but lower total cost of ownership).  To help make LEDs more attractive to consumers Ikea “ … will make sure our LED prices are the lowest on the market …”

Promoting LED lighting follows other green / sustainable practices including no longer selling incandescent bulbs (2010) and nor using plastic bags (2007).


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May 15, 2012

Global Green Lighting Reduces Energy Costs and CO2 Emissions

Green Lighting (GGL) reduces energy costs and lowers CO2 emissions using LED lights and lighting control technology.

“Low Energy lighting [using]… LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and Induction white light technologies … offer 50% to 70% lower energy consumption, 80% lower maintenance, significantly reduced CO2 emissions …”

See video below describing how Chattanooga, Tennessee is saving money – on maintenance and return on investment - and improving the city lighting at the same time.  Technology from GGL allows the city to control individual lights, determine which bulbs need to be replaced and report energy usage back to a central data store for analysis.



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November 01, 2011

Recycle Broken / Old Christmas Lights / Upgrade to LED

HolidayLEDs will take your old / broken Christmas lights and safely recycle them.  In return they will send you a coupon for 25% off new HolidayLED Christmas lights.

LED Christmas lights typically use only 10% of the energy of incandescent lights, are much cooler to the touch and last up to 25 times longer.

Follow the instructions on their website and mail the lights to the address on their Web Site for recycling. 

“ … a 3rd party recycling facility … puts the lights through a commercial shredder, which chops the lights up into little pieces. … processed and sorted into the various components that make up the lights (pvc, glass, copper.) …. materials are … transported to a region center for further processing. …”

Help the environment in two ways … (1) reduce landfill waste by reusing materials and (2) get new lights that use significantly less electricity than incandescent bulbs.



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September 07, 2011

Affordable LED lighting fits light sockets with significant electricity savings

Partners, Lighting Science and Dixon Technologies, collaborate to deliver low cost LED light bulbs in a 60-watt equivalent A19 configuration to the Indian market.  The bulb will fit standard sockets, save significant energy, and payback in less than a year.  …

…   “Consistent availability of good quality electricity can be a constraining factor on economic growth, and moving to LED lighting is the low lying fruit of efficiency initiatives without polluting the environment: easy to implement with rapid repayment of the investment from power savings.  LED Lightbulb

The newly announced Lighting Science Definity bulb fits perfectly into existing screw-in light sockets and creates a clean, bright light level equivalent to a conventional 60-watt incandescent bulb using 85% less electricity and is designed to handle the variable quality of power in India and other emerging economies. 

Even compared with relatively efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), the new bulb uses 35% less electricity and, unlike all fluorescent lights, contains no toxic mercury.  At a retail price that is below $15, the payback from electricity savings versus traditional incandescent light bulbs is 8 months and the LED bulb has an expected life of approximately 8 years.”   …

Via Lighting Science Group: Sub-$15 Ultra-Efficient 60-Watt Equivalent LED Bulb (Press Release).

Lighting Science Group.

Dixon Technologies.

May 20, 2011

EvoLucia Aimed LED Ligthing

EvoLucia Lighting logo


 EvoLucia Aimed LED Lighting is not only more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than other light sources, it is also much more effective. Through our patented Aimed Optics™ technology, we have demonstrated that less overall light is needed if the light is correctly focused on the target area, which allows for more efficient lighting solutions. We have identified an immediate opportunity, particularly in the outdoor lighting market, to supply high quality energy-efficient lighting solutions through this patented technology. We continue to develop and refine our products to serve the market and are actively pursuing alliances that will allow us to drive down the cost of producing our “Aimed LED Lighting” products.

Simply put, “aimed LED lighting” is the method of providing exactly the light that’s needed, where it’s needed. Through our patent-pending Aimed Optics™ technology, EvoLucia optimizes utilization of LEDs to put the most foot-candles on the ground, in the pattern required, with the best uniformity, using the fewest LEDs and the least power consumed.

While traditional luminaires are utilize one single, omni-directional light source per fixture, such as a metal-halide light bulb, EvoLucia’s Aimed Optics™ lighting technology platform uses multiple LEDs. A reflector directs the light in the desired pattern and provides the requisite number of foot-candles exactly where they’re needed.

It is both cost advantageous and energy-efficient to minimize the number of LEDs used to achieve the required number and uniformity of foot-candles in the pattern desired. In order to do this, each LED (or small group of LEDs) must be aimed and focused optimally. The method for doing this is the basis for the Aimed Optics platform.


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April 12, 2011

American University's New School of International Service expected to be LEED Gold

American University School of International Service

American University new School of International Service is expected to receive LEED-GOLD certification.

The building is designed by architect Willam McConough, ... "renown for sustainable design and his "cradle-to cradle" philosophy for recycling and reusing building materials...." .

Some of the many green and environmentally friendly features include: a 33 KW solar energy system, rainwater collection (60,000 gallons) for flushing toilets, LED lighting in the car park, rain gardens, and much more.

Read more by follwing the link below.


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July 18, 2010

Braxton's Animal Works (Devon, PA) Goes Green with LED Lighting

Braxton's Devon, PA.Braxton's in Devon, PA (western suburbs of Philadelphia) is a 3rd generation family business.  We buy a lot of our dog stuff there ... one day I noticed a sign outside touting their "LSS LED bulbsgreen-ness" by installing LED lighting.

Their lighting solution came from LED Saving Solutions of Devon, PA..

After installing LED lighting their electric  bill went from over $750 / month to around $100 / month.  Projected lifetime savings are over $260,000 as well as eliminating 100,00 lbs of carbon emissions.


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July 15, 2010

Philadelphia to Use LEDs in Traffic Lights logo

Philadelphia is becoming well known for  its green activities ... including solar powered compacting trash bins that can signal when they are full and need to be emptied.

They are also upgrading standard traffic signals with ones that contain LED light "bulbs".  LEDs are even more energy efficient and longer lasting than CFBs - and do not contain any mercury.

" ... funding through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG).  ... reducing energy use and costs, ... and furthering the City’s sustainability priorities."

"Replacing 85,000 traffic lights with new, low energy LED lights."

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April 26, 2010

Starbucks LED Lighting saves energy and looks cool

Starbucks implements LED lighting conversion in stores.  …

We did this by reaching out to GE, who developed a highly energy-efficient LED bulb that complements Starbucks store design approach and fits existing fixtures.

Via Starbucks: Energy-efficient LED Lighting coming to a Starbucks near You

April 11, 2010

Smart LED Bulbs

GE readies its 9 watt Energy Smart LED bulb for market, which will replace 40-watt general service incandescent bulbs. The new LED lighting will arrive on store shelves later this year or in early 2011 and the retail pricing is expected to be in the range of $40 to $50. ...
... "The new GE Energy Smart LED bulb is expected to outperform currently available products that may be underwhelming consumers right now. GE scientists and engineers designed the bulb to better direct light downward on the intended surface and all around, not just out the top of a lampshade, as most current LED bulbs are prone to do. The new GE LED bulb offers 450 lumens -- the Energy Star threshold to be considered a 40-watt incandescent replacement. Currently available LED bulbs produce 350 lumens or less. GE has filed multiple patent applications for the bulb and expects it will be an ENERGY STAR qualified LED omnidirectional light bulb. " ...
Via GE: Future of LED Lighting

November 23, 2009

LEDs Holiday Lights Offer Longer Life, Save Energy

LEDs lights offer longer life and less energy usage than traditional incandescent bulbs. HolidayLEDS offers a selection of energy efficient LEDS and a recycling program to safely get rid of your old lights.

"HolidayLED's ... is committed to providing the best LED holiday, Christmas and decorative lighting available ... All of our products are UL listed and Energy Star qualified. ..."

" has a solution (and a final resting place) for your old and inefficient incandescent Christmas lights--we'll recycling them for you ... recycling program is open now and will continue through the end of February 2010. ...the third year in a row we have operated the program and participation has increased each year. ..."

Some suggestions before you mail in your old bulbs for recycling ... " ... be sure there is not a recycling facility locally who will accept them. ... There is an environmental cost associated with shipping your lights ... cost is greatly reduced if you put your lights together with several family members, friends, neighbors, or local groups. ... Don't use packing material. The lights are going to be placed in a commercial shredder. It does not matter if they get broken ..."

Here is the link to HolidayLEDS recycling program ... LINK


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November 02, 2009

Easy Ways to Save Energy

CFL bulb 

It's always nice to save some energy (energy = money).  Sometimes these are really easy low cost ideas.  Check these out ...simple, easy and low tech ... programmable thermostat

" ...  Put a timer on your hot-water heater ... no need for your hot water heater to keep running 24/7. ... if you're going away for a few days, turn your hot-water heater off altogether ... change the last of your old bulbs to CFLs. It's getting darker earlier, and than means we need more lighting. Be green and save energy. ... LED flashlights. ..."


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October 22, 2009

San Jose California - Smart Street Lights

San Jose California is looking to change street lights to LEDs from traditional bulbs and look at motion controls and other technologies to turn ligts on only when needed. Check out this interesting video of San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed >>> Via: SmartPlanet LINK

August 04, 2009

LED Lights as Efficient as Compact Fluorescent

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors performs life cycle assessment to validate that LED lighting is as efficient as compact fluorescent and far more efficient than incendescent lights. ...
... "In the first LCA, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors show that LED lamps are a genuine alternative to incandescent lamps, even when considering the cumulative energy input and environmental factors. " ...
Via Osram: LED lamps

March 11, 2009

More About Fox 24 Going Carbon Neutral - Behind the Scenes

Here are some behind the scenes Videos about the TV show "24" and their work to become carbon neutral ... and the FIRST TV show to become Carbon Neutral. Part 1 24 Behind the Scenes Part 1
Part 2 24 Behind the Scenes Part 2
Via: News Corp Global Energy Initiative Link

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December 26, 2008

PECO - Green Skyline Message Board at 23rd & Market Sts, in Phila

PECO logoPECO is changing the lighting system at its skyline tower message board at 23rd and Markets Sts.  The Message Board is well known to those in Philadelphia.  They are replacing the current lighting system with longer life energy saving LEDs ...

" ... new, energy efficient LED lighting system with color and graphic capability. ... expected to be unveiled mid-summer 2009.  PECO Bldg at 23rd and Market Sts, Phila

" ... displaying community messages ...  since July 4, 1976. ... the original Crown Lights electronic messaging board consists of a total of 2,600 individual bulbs. ... ... is 38 feet high, 148 feet long along the North and South ... and 71 feet long along the East and West side."

" ... will utilize the latest in LED lighting technology, ... is expected to use 20 percent less energy and provide several thousand dollars of additional savings in bulb replacement costs. ..."


December 11, 2008

Recycle old Christmas Tree / House Decorating Lights

Holiday LEDs LogoSo ... you are finally convinced to switch from incandescent bulbs to LEDs for your tree and house ... and other decorations?  Good idea ... but what to do with the old bulbs? will take them for you and recycle them and give you a discount off products.
recycle logo
Read on for more >>>

" ... Mail them in and the company recycles the lights and the box they were shipped in, ... will send you a coupon for 15 percent off LED light purchases through their site. ..."

" ... lights will be processed and any material that cannot be recycled (i.e. loose bulbs)is discarded. ... we take them to a 3rd party recycling facility ... recycling company puts the lights through a commercial shredder, ... the various components ... are separated and transported to a region center for further processing...."


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March 10, 2008

LED Lighting for Green Buildings

January 08, 2008

2008 New Year's Ball Greenest Yet

NYC 2008 New Year's Eve Ball 

For approx. 100 years, the custom in NYC is to watch the "New Years' Eve ball drop in Times Square to "ring in" the new year.

For 2008 (midnight on 12/12/2007) the ball was new, able to produce millions of colors ... and - energy efficient!  NYC New Years Eve Ball

" ... new solid state lighting technology ... 9,576 Philips Luxeon LEDs replaced the 600 incandescent and halogen bulbs of the previous Ball.  ... the entire Times Square Ball will be lit with approximately the same amount of electricity as it takes to power ten toasters or a single oven/range."


Via:  Time Square Alliance   Link 


December 25, 2007

Incandescent Bulb's Days (May Be) Numbered ...

Incandescent light bulb - its days may be numberedThe Energy and Security Act of 2007 was signed into Law on Dec 19th, 2007.  Along with items like requiring higher CAFE for cars there is an interesting note about ... the incandescent light bulb.

Though most people are saying that the incandescent bulb will not be sold after 2012 - it is more correct to say that the current energy inefficient incandescent bulb as sold today will not be available.

It is likely that the initial make up supply of bulbs will be from either higher efficiency incandescent bulbs or as in intermediate step - CFB. 

One little problem about CFB is that they contain MERCURY which is a rather nasty environmental pollutant - one linked to health effects in younger children.  Maybe lower cost LED bulbs will be available by 2012?

So far now ... maybe it is time to stock up on the old incandescent bulbs ... 2012 will be here before you know it.    


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December 24, 2007

It's Not Too Late for a "Green" Christmas

LED Christmas Lights It's getting close --- Here at the Green Dud's place it is less than C-1 (Christmas -1 day).Live Christmas Tree

Here are some green ideas for a green Christmas:

(1) Buy a live (balled) tree instead of cutting down a livbe tree and throwing it in a landfill.
>> Get some credit back if you (like me) mulch the tree instead of throwing it in the trash).
>> Get some credit back if the tree was grown w/o extra chemicals and such.

(2) Get some new LED lights.  they are brighter and use way less electricity and should LAST A LONG time.  When your old strands are no longer working - Go with LEDS.
>> Added Bonus - no toxic mercury in LEDs!

(3)  Use paper shopping bags to wrap your presents and then recycle them instead of throwing them out with the trash.

(4) Recycle what you can of gift packaging (cardboard and paper are an easy one ... #6 PS if you ahve a place to take it.
>> Get some extra credit for buying gifts with minimla or green type packaging.

(5) Whatever type of tree you choose - consider recycled ornaments.


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December 07, 2007

Innovative LED Lightbulb

frog design LED lightbulb

 frog design logo

frogdesign is putting their creative spin on the LED lightbulb.


"...problems inherent in compact fluorescent lightbulbs, which are vastly greener than incandescents but contain mercury and throw off a chilly glow. ... a bulb in the familiar, socket-compatible form but powered by a high-output LED. ... use half the power and last 10 times longer than a fluorescent, cast the warm light of an incandescent, and be made of unbreakable plastic. ... "... twice as efficient as a compact fluorescent ... a nicer light. Plus, you can adjust it up or down, from 10 watts to 200 watts. ... it doesn't create heat."

"... goal, ... was to ...demonstrate how companies can make a difference by creating sustainable designs. ..."


The actual bulb does not exist yet .... but is an intersesting design idea ...  



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October 17, 2007

LED Lighting Generates ROI for Ann Arbor MIchigan By Halving Energy Use

Ann Arbor Michigan works with Cree to install LED solid-state lighting in the city's streetlights generating a payback from energy savings, while reducing greenhouse emissions. ... LED Street Lighting
... "Ann Arbor expects to install more than 1,000 LED streetlights beginning next month. The City anticipates a 3.8-year payback on its initial investment. The LED lights typically burn five times longer than the bulbs they replace and require less than half the energy. Each fixture draws 56 watts and is projected to last 10 years, replacing fixtures with bulbs that use more than 120 watts and last only two years. Full implementation of LEDs is projected to cut Ann Arbor’s public lighting energy use in half and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2,425 tons of CO2 annually, the equivalent of taking 400 cars off the road for a year. Detroit Edison, Ann Arbor’s local utility provider, will meter the new LED streetlights with the intent to gather sufficient information to develop new LED-based tariffs. " ...

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September 28, 2007

A Greener Wal-Mart: High Efficiency Stores



"Wal-Mart ... [NYSE: WMT] ...will open ... [Jan. 18, 2007] in Kansas City, Mo. the first ...High-Efficiency stores that will use 20 percent less energy than a typical Supercenter.  ... will help the retailer move one step closer to achieving its  environmental goals, which include using less energy and producing less waste."

"In 2005,
Mal-Wart opened two experimental stores in McKinney, Texas, and Aurora, Colo., to test several different environmentally friendly technologies, ranging from wind power to pervious pavement, from waterless urinals to light-emitting diodes. ... plans to open the next High-Efficiency store in Rockton, Ill., this spring."

"To achieve the 20 percent energy reduction ... the company will target two main energy-consuming units: the heating and air conditioning system (HVAC), and the refrigeration system. ... the new HVAC and more efficient refrigeration systems are fully integrated so that 100 percent of the heat rejected by the refrigeration system is reclaimed into the HVAC. The reclaimed heat is then converted into usable energy. By incorporating a loop-piping design, the ... system also reduces the amount of installed copper and the total refrigerant charge required."

"Other energy-saving technologies ... include the installation of ultra-efficient case fans, glass doors on medium temperature grocery cases, RollSeal® quick response doors to seal air in areas such as the Garden Center, and a top-of-the-line dehumidification system. ... a daylight harvesting system, which uses skylights to refract daylight throughout the store and light sensors ...  During periods of higher natural daylight, the system then dims or turns off the store lights when they aren’t needed, ..."

"... also features GE’s energy-saving light-emitting diode (LED) refrigerated case lighting. LEDs have a longer life span than fluorescent bulbs, produce less heat and use significantly less energy than typical grocery case lighting. ... motion sensor-driven LED lights have been installed in all freezer and medium-temperature refrigerated cases.  ... the lights in these cases automatically turn off, and quickly turn back on when a customer approaches."

" committed to selling products that sustain our resources and our environment. As part of this store’s grand opening events,...donation of 21,000 compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), Wal-Mart will aid the city’s campaign to distribute CFLs to low-income and senior citizen households in Kansas City, Mo. ..".

Via:  Wal*  Link

May 31, 2007

First "Platinum" LEED Rated House - Steve Glenn's Very Green Home

Green House

Steve Glenn (founder of PeopleLink Inc.) has built the first LEED Platinum certified residential house in the US.  It offers many unique features - though the house was not inexpensiveGreen House

"... house is the prototype for LivingHomes.  ... sells prefabricated houses with this design by architect Ray Kappe, for about $250 per square foot (not including land, site development, or transportation).  ...  green features add about 20% to the base cost of the home and generate about $1,500 in savings per year.  (disclaimer: these are all estimates, but if you take these figures seriously, there is no breakeven on a 30 year mortgage...but this calculation comes with a load of assumptions.)"

Among the features and approx costs:

  • "Recycled Water System:  $20,000

  • Ventilation (whole house ceiling fan from Tamarack Technologies):  $1,200
  • Fireplace (EcoSmart fireplace from Fire Co. is flue-less):  $?
  • Hot Water (radiant heating system by Apricus Solar):  $33,000
  • Living Roof (garden & deer grass roof by Great Outdoors Landscaping):  $8,000
  • Electricity (Scott Corp. photovoltaic panels for up to 80% of house needs):  $12,000 (after $13,000 in state rebates & federal tax credits). 
  • Lighting (bright bars of light diodes from American Permalight):  $95 per bar
  • Windows (double-pane glass from Pilkington Group & sliding doors from Fleetwood Windows and Doors):  $33,000 for entire house.

    Green House






To see a slide show follow the Link to a BusinessWeek site. 

To see a video of the the home being build follow the Link to


Via:  BusinessWeek   Sept. 11, 2006   Link 

March 23, 2007

Efforts Underway to End Use of Incandescent Bulbs


Are the incandescent bulbs days numbered?  Is it soon to be relegated to the history book?  Some seem to think this should be the case.

"The incandescent light bulb should go the way of outdated inventions like the coal-burning locomotive, says an energy coalition that advocates a widespread change to more energy efficient lights, compact fluorescent bulbs and light-emitting diodes."Compact Flourescent Bulb

"The ... Lighting Efficiency Coalition, which includes companies such as Philips Lighting, environmental groups such as the Earth Day Network, ... is pushing for a “sweeping transformation of the U.S. marketplace towards energy efficient lighting products by the year 2016,” said coalition member Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas."

"Incandescent bulbs currently consume 42 percent of the electricity generated in the United States, but only provide 12 percent of the country’s artificial light, said Bryan Dundan, a Philips Lighting vice president. ...Instead of incandescent lights, coalition members advocate implementing technologies already available today, such as compact fluorescent lights, halogen lights, and light emitting diodes (LEDs), which require less electricity to produce the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb.


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February 12, 2007

RaleighNC LED Lighting City

The City of Raleigh, North Carolina launches initiative to implement LED technology focused on various lighting applications.  Raleigh's LED City initiative will start with a pilot project to validate the LED lighting technology and its operating cost savings at the municipal building parking facility.  Raleigh will collaborate with Cree, Inc., a U.S.-based leader in Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting components, to create a living laboratory to test the efficiency and effectiveness of LED lighting.  ...
... "As part of the commitment to creating an LED City, Raleigh plans to deploy LED CREE LED Lighting will be piloted in Raleigh NClighting, through its living-laboratory initiative, to serve a number of lighting applications, including garage and parking lot lights, street lights, architectural and accent lighting, portable lighting and pedestrian and walkway lighting over the next 18 months. Cree, the City of Raleigh and Lighting Science Group Corporation of Dallas, TX, also announced initial results of the first installation of the LED City initiative. LED-based lighting fixtures, provided by Lighting Science Group, were installed by Amtech Lighting Services in the Raleigh Municipal Building parking deck in December 2006. Progress Energy, Raleigh's primary electric utility provider, says the floor equipped with LED lights uses over 40 percent less energy than the standard lighting system. Plus, according to Progress Energy's research, the quality of light in the garage is greatly improved. " ...

Via CREE: Raleigh, North Carolina, Nation’s First LED City