February 12, 2012

Nike Recycles Old Sneakers

Nike collects and recycles old sneakers.  You can drop sneakers off at Nike Stores (LINK to find one near you).  The sneakers are separated into 3 components … sole, foam and fabric.  The soles are used to make tracks surfaces.

See video for more information on the process. 


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September 27, 2010

Green XChange Innovation

Companies shift to open innovation research model to spur new or enhanced products.  The concept is applied to green technology as Nike opens its patents to outside researchers.  …

…   “Nike announced a new Web-based marketplace it calls the GreenXchange, where it has publicly released more than 400 of its patents that involve environmentally friendly materials or technologies. ”   …

Via Wall Street Journal: Innovation.

GreenXchange Project.

February 18, 2007

Nike's Committment to Being Greener


Nike Log Nike has a commitment to reduce toxins in the environment by reducing them in their products. 

"One approach is to implement restricted substances lists (RSL). These are ... substances restricted or prohibited in Nike brand footwear, apparel and equipment."


Among the goals of Nike are to phase out certain materials like PVC,  VOCs and use more oprganic cotton.  More below:

"Phasing out PVC ...PVC, a material linked to a host of environmental concerns, is everywhere – in our industry and in many others. And while PVC is not widely banned by legislation, it is a material we voluntarily chose to phase-out from Nike brand products. ... We’re not 100% PVC-free, but have made significant progress."

"Eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ... VOCs are solvents used in such manufacturing inputs as adhesives, primers and cleaning fluid. ... have the potential to be a health hazard to factory workers and contribute to air pollution, particularly urban smog.  ...we have dramatically reduced the amount of VOCs used to make our footwear – from an average of 340 grams per pair of shoes in 1995 to the current level of 16 grams."

"Embracing organic cotton ... we set out to successfully integrate organic cotton into our apparel products. Organic cotton is made without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and defoliants .. Nike’s goal is for all cotton garments to contain a minimum of 5% organic cotton by 2010."

Creating an Environmentally Preferred Rubber ... Our goal was simple enough: Eliminate as many of these chemicals of concern as possible while still maintaining performance, price and aesthetics ...We even mixed in a small amount of recycled rubber, facilitating a tiny step toward our other major goal of eliminating waste."

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