April 11, 2011

Google in Bechtel out as Brightsource solar project investor

Brightsource’s concentrated solar project gets financial boost from Google and theBrightsource Energy solar technology Department of Energy.  The company has a number of solar projects underway in California.  Brightsource technology consists of dual-mirror heliostats that follow the sun to increase energy production.  …

…   “Google stepped in as a new equity investor in the project, agreeing to provide $ 168 million.

And the project's construction contractor, Bechtel Corp., which was the first to commit equity in 2009, decided in the end to drop out as an equity investor.”   …

Via Nasdaq: Brightsource Project.

Brightsource CSP projects.

The three-plant Ivanpah Solar Complex will generate approximately 392 gross megawatts of electricity using the company's innovative, proprietary concentrating solar power CSP technology.

DOE Loan Guarantee for Brightsource in California.

October 12, 2010

BrightSourceEnergy - Solar Systems

BrightSourceEnergy logo

BrightSourceEnergy builds, owns and operates cost effective large scale solar systems. 

Unlike PV panels that convert sunlight directly to electricity ... their LPT 550 uses thousands of mirrors to focus light rays on a boiler at the top of a tower ... producing steam that drives  a turbine to generate electricity.  The system is closed loop and is cost competitive with oil and gas.BrightSourceEnergy LPT550

" ... BrightSource Energy plants... built on less than 2% of the land in the Mojave Desert ... would provide enough power for all of the homes in California and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by over 30 million tons per year."


Via:  BrightSourceEnergy LINK