July 29, 2011

Fuel economy standards will challenge and save

Mitsubishi Electric Vehicle

President Obama increases fuel economy by establishing challenging standards for the automotive industry.  The standard looks into the future to model years from 2017Trends showing US fuel economy standards through 2025.  Transportation efficiency targets the largest component of our annual oil consumption.  Light duty vehicles, trucks, and buses consume over sixty percent of U.S. petroleum requirements.  …

…   “These new standards will cover cars and light trucks for Model Years 2017-2025, requiring performance equivalent to 54.5 mpg in 2025 while reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 163 grams per mile.  Taken together, the standards established under this Administration span Model Years 2011 to 2025. They will save consumers money, reduce our dependence on oil, and protect the environment:”   …

Via The Whitehouse: Fuel Economy Standards.

Automotive fuel economy has become a key decision factor for owners.  While buyers of small vehicles are most likely to put fuel economy toward the top of their list of purchase considerations, fuel economy has jumped in importance in nearly all vehicle segments since 2001, recent research survey finds.

Driving Efficiency: Cutting Costs for Families at the Pump and Slashing Dependence on Oil (PDF) Report.

Fuel economy standards graphic

May 30, 2011

Make it a short drive for an environmentally conscious vacation

Have you explored all of you local options for vacation?  You may have a short drive to a local oasis.  …

…   “for an environmentally conscious weekend away or an extended family vacation …”   …

See these options for a short drive from the Chicago area.

May 25, 2011

Next Gen Fuel Economy Labels

The U.S. DOT and EPA have released new fuel economy labels aimed at helping consumers achieve the benefits of the increased efficiency standards achieved underdiesel-vehicle-fuel-economy-label the Obama Administration.  The new labels will enable better communication of fuel efficiency information, such as estimated annual fuel costs, savings, as well as the vehicle’s environmental impact. …

…   “These improvements will give consumers better, more complete information to consider when purchasing new vehicles that are covered by the increased fuel economy standards. Starting with model year 2013, the improved fuel economy labels will be required to be affixed to all new passenger cars and trucks – both conventional gasoline powered and next generation cars, such as plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles.

The 2010 fuel economy rule, developed with input from major automakers, environmental groups, and the states, will dramatically increase the energy efficiency of cars and trucks built in model years 2012 through 2016, saving 1.8 billion barrels of oil over the life of the program and the average consumer $3,000 in fuel costs.”   …

EPA Next Gen Fuel Economy Labels.


April 14, 2011

University of Michigan Quantum Solar Car ready to compete

Michigan’s solar car, the Quantum, is entering its test phase in preparation for theMichigan Solar Car eighteen hundred mile World Solar Challenge, which will take place in the Australian outback in October, 2011. 

The University of Michigan team are champions of the North American Solar Challenge.  The 2011 design has been developed using modeling software to simulate competition conditions.  …

…   “Quantum is a cutting edge electric vehicle with an aerodynamic and light carbon fiber body, a high-performance battery and energy-efficient regenerative braking.”   …

Via University of Michigan: 2011 Quantum Solar Car.

The Michigan Solar Car Team.

Technology behind the success of the solarcar.

World Solar Challenge.

North American Solar Challenge.

The University of Michigan Solar Car Team wins the American Solar Challenge for a third consecutive North American title, by completing the race by more than two hours ahead of its nearest competitor.

Troy Halm, University of Michigan mechanical engineering student, discusses his experiences with the Quantum solar car team.

February 01, 2011

West Philly Hydrid X Team

is based at the Academy of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering at West Philadelphia High School.  …


January 30, 2011

Fiat 500 displayed

at the Philadelphia Auto Show in the Chrysler section on the main floor.

Fiat car.

The 500 is expected to achieve excellent fuel economy in the mid-thirties, in miles per gallon.

The Smartcar exhibit was popular

at the Philadelphia Auto Show.

Smart Car

January 29, 2011

Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle


January 24, 2011

Bio-adaptive materials compost cars, gadgets

New epoch requires new science to sustain the planet.  …

…   “We need bio-adaptive technologies to render waste a thing of the past, among them compostable cars and gadgets.”   …

Via Yale Univ, environment 360: New epoch.

Compostable cars

October 27, 2010

VW Touareg gas-electric hybrid engine boosts city mileage

VW rounds out its SUV lineup with hybrid gas-electric engine for the Touareg.  City mileage performance benefits from the electric power.  …Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid SUV

…   “the 2011 Touareg Hybrid — is selling alongside the 2011 diesel-powered Touareg TDI and the non-hybrid, gasoline-powered Touareg FSI.  But it's the Touareg Hybrid that will rank highest in city mileage, according to company estimates.”   …

Via New York Times: Volkswagen Hybrid SUV.

August 10, 2010

EcoMotors International Opposed-Piston Opposed-Cylinder Engine

ecomotors logoEcoMotors International has developed the OPOC engine - opposed-piston opposed-cylinder engine.  This engine can run on a number of fuels and is lighter in weight and produces more power than a conventional engine.

The engine has 2 pistons per cylinder and multiple "units" can be coupled for a more powerful engine.

" ... demonstrate, in 2010, the automobile industry's first 5-passenger car capable of 100 mpg on the EPA highway cycle."

Opposed-Piston Opposed-Cylinder Engine" ... ground-breaking internal combustion engine ... eliminates the cylinder-head and valve-train components ... lighter, more efficient and economical, with lower exhaust emissions compared with conventional designs...."


Via:  EcoMotors International  LINK

April 13, 2010

Ford EcoBoost Engine Tech Deployment

Ford EcoBoost engine will be deployed to more models and will be optimized to improve fuel efficiency. ...
... "in the future it will further improve the economy and power of EcoBoost engines by using more efficient turbochargers and fine-tuning the precision of the direct-injection fuel system. " ...
Via New York Times, Wheels Blog: Ford EcoBoost Engine

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April 01, 2010

Fuel Economy Standards CAFE reduce GHG emissions through 2016

U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have aligned on new federal rules that establish national greenhouse gas emissions standards that significantly increase the fuel economy of all new passenger cars and light trucks sold in the United States. Ultimately, the consumer will benefit from savings on a 2016 model year car of over $3,000 through the life of the vehicle. The country will save approximately 1.8 billion barrels of oil and eliminate almost a billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions. ...
... "Today’s final rules, issued by DOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and EPA, establish increasingly stringent fuel economy standards under NHTSA’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy program and greenhouse gas emission standards under the Clean Air Act for 2012 through 2016 model-year vehicles. Starting with 2012 model year vehicles, the rules together require automakers to improve fleet-wide fuel economy and reduce fleet-wide greenhouse gas emissions by approximately five percent every year. NHTSA has established fuel economy standards that strengthen each year reaching an estimated 34.1 mpg for the combined industry-wide fleet for model year 2016. " ...
Via United States Department of Transportation: Aggressive National Standards for Fuel Economy and First Ever Greenhouse Gas Emission Levels

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March 03, 2010

Tata Nano EV Electric Vehicle on display at Geneva Auto Show

Tata Motors shows its Nano Electric Vehicle to European audience at the Geneva Auto Show. ... "It will seat four individuals comfortably in its spacious interiors, which the Tata Nano is known for. It will have a predicted range of up to 160 km and an acceleration of 0-60 kmph in under 10 seconds. Tata Motors continues its innovative approach with the Tata Nano EV, using super polymer lithium ion batteries, as in the Tata Indica Vista EV, which provide superior energy density to conventional batteries. " Via Tata Motors:

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February 15, 2010

Porsche Solar Roof

Porsche adds solar power to roof at manufacturing facility with 40,000 sq m of 8,500 photovoltaic modules resulting in output of two megawatts.

January 31, 2010

Up Close with Tesla Roadster Electric Vehicle at Philly Auto Show

Tesla Roadster sighting at the 2010 Philadelphia International Auto Show. ...

More Tesla Roadster pictures after the jump. ...

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January 23, 2010

Tesla Electric Vehicle Clean Energy Future

Department of Energy Secretary Chu announces a construction loan for Tesla Motors, enabling the company to build its assembly and power-train manufacturing facilities in California. The Energy Secretary sees this investment as establishing the nascent US electric vehicle industry. ...
... "This is an investment in our clean energy future that will create jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, said Secretary Chu. It will help build a customer base and begin laying the foundation for American leadership in the growing electric vehicles industry. This is part of a sustained effort to develop and commercialize technologies that will be broadly deployed throughout the American auto industry. Tesla’s planned Model S will consume no gasoline and will not produce any tailpipe emissions. " ...
Via Dept of Energy: 465 Million Dollar Loan to Tesla Motors

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November 05, 2009

Green Thinking Drives Fuel Efficiency

Green thinking enables business to shift products that drive fuel efficiency. ...
... "And thirdly through our green thinking range of innovative and fuel efficient systems which address global efforts to increase fuel economy and reduce harmful emissions, particularly CO2. " ...
Via Seeking Alpha: TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. Q3 2009 Earnings

September 11, 2009

Renewable Energy Park for Ford Wixom Plant

An alternative energy business park is envisioned for the idled Ford Wixom, Michigan plant, closed in 2007 restructuring. Solar panels and battery storage systems could be manufactured at the park. Production is slated to begin in 2011. ...
... "Clairvoyant Energy is working with Oerlikon to bring the Swiss company's solar manufacturing technology to the United States. Clairvoyant plans to make utility-size solar panels at the site. Xtreme Power builds large-scale battery systems for storing renewable power. " ...
Via Clairvoyant Energy: Wixom plant

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August 02, 2009

Nissan Leaf Electric Car Designed for Hundred Mile Range of Commuters that Seek Zero Emission Vehicle

Nissan has designed its Leaf electric automobile to serve the needs of commuters with a range of one hundred miles and a smart mobility system that tracks remaining mileage and locally reachable charging stations. The car is expected to be available in markets by 2010. ...
... "ZERO-EMISSION MOBILITY: Nissan LEAF is powered by laminated compact lithium-ion batteries, which generate power output of over 90kW, while its electric motor delivers 80kW/280Nm. This ensures a highly responsive, fun-to-drive experience that is in keeping with what consumers have come to expect from traditional, gasoline-powered automobiles. Unlike internal-combustion engine (ICE) equipped vehicles, Nissan LEAF's power train has no tail pipe, and thus no emission of CO2 or other greenhouse gases. A combination of Nissan LEAF's regenerative braking system and innovative lithium-ion battery packs enables the car to deliver a driving range of more than 160km (100 miles) on one full charge. (*US LA4 mode) ... " ...

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June 28, 2009

Soy Foam Seats

FORD, LEAR USE SOY FOAM IN SEAT CUSHIONS: "With soy foam in seats on one million vehicles, Ford expects to decrease its use of petroleum oil by one million pounds and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by five million pounds annually. Use of soy foam in seats also delivers superior product performance, and supports American farmers. "

May 20, 2009

CAFE Standards Debrief by Governator

February 07, 2009

Philly Hybrid K1 Attack SuperCar

West Philly's Hybrid K1 Attack car at the 2009 Philly Auto Show ...

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May 27, 2008

Diesel Efficiency Means Savings

Diesel engine-powered vehicles generate a return on investment ...
... "That's because diesel engines are much more efficient than gas engines, delivering up to 25% to 30% more miles per gallon. " ...
Via Yahoo: Diesel Savings

May 06, 2008

GM Wagoner on Energy Diversity

April 14, 2008

Automotive Industry Environmental Impact is Top of Mind

DuPont and the Society of Automotive Engineers sponsor survey that highlights environmental issues as the top challenges facing the automotive industry. ...
... "Fifty-four percent of respondents say that fuel efficient vehicles with reduced environmental impact are important to consumers. Forty one percent say enhanced safety and 37 percent say improved comfort and convenience are important to consumers. For the fifth consecutive year, alternatively powered vehicles are predicted to have the greatest impact on the industry. Sixty percent selected alternatively powered vehicles in 2008, while 15 percent selected safety features and 16 percent selected electrical/electronic advances. " ...
Via DuPont: Environment Tops Cost as Top Auto Industry Challenge

February 15, 2008

A Green Biofuel Ferrari!

Ferrari 430 SpiderFerrari LogoEveryone is talking about Biofuels and Flexfuels.  Most of  the cars that fall into this category are ... not so cool.  Here is a new take on "green" biofuel cars ...

Biofuel cars?  Seen that.

Biofuel Ferrari?  A biofuel Ferrari Spyder 430?  Really? 

Take a look!  This is a 4.3 liter V-8 with close to 500 horsepower so this is certainly not your average green car ...

See a video Link to down load a BIG zipped file to your PC

Via:   Link 

February 07, 2008

Saab 9-4X Optimized for Bio Fuels

Saab 9-4X BioPower Concept Car 

"... Saab 9-4X BioPower Concept demonstrates the potential ... a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbo engine optimized for bioethanol (E85) fuel to give 300 hp and 400 Nm (295 ft.lbs.) of torque - ..." saab logo

"... Its current BioPower models are the top-selling flex-fuel vehicles in Europe, ... offering both more power and producing less CO2 emissions when operating on E85 fuel compared to when fueled by only gasoline. ..."

"...  engine is optimized for E85 fuel (85% bioethanol, 15% gasoline) ..."

"Engine efficiency is also improved by the use of direct injection (DI) and continuously variable valve timing (VVT) on both the inlet and exhaust sides. ..."

Via:  Link

February 05, 2008

Honda FCX Clarity Hydrogen Car

Honda showcases the FCX Clarity hydrogen car in the context of its "problem playground", where solving today's energy challenges with hybrid engines, more efficient solar photovoltaic panels, and hydrogen fuel cells are fun solutions to playful problems. ...

January 23, 2008

Little Nobel Goes on Sale in Europe

Nobrl Bubble Car

China is manufacturing a mini car called the Nobel and plans to sell it in Europe.  This tiny car has an intersting history including claims that is is copied from Mercedes-Benz's SMART car.   See photos left (Nobel) and below right (M-B SMART).

The car is made by the Chinese maker Shuanghuan. 

"The EU importer of the Xiao Gui Zu ... known as the Little Nobel, and now simply ‘Bubble’, ...has put the super mini car on the market in the EU." 

"... The 1.1l, 68bhp motor is going on sale in Italy for just 9,000 Euros."

Smart for Two


Via: China Car Times Link

Chevrolet Equinox "Fuel Cell" Wins Award


" ... Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell has received Green Car Journal's  ... Green Car Vision Award(TM), which honors the vehicle that best envisions the road ahead. ..."

"The Equinox ... is visionary on many levels," ... Powering a popular crossover model with a future fuel such as hydrogen, and doing so seamlessly with an efficient powerplant that creates no CO2 greenhouse gases, is exemplary and Chevrolet should be commended for this."

"An important element that weighed in the Equinox Fuel Cell's favor is the way in which GM is enabling consumers and fleets to experience its advanced hydrogen technology. Through "Project Driveway," the world's largest fuel cell demonstration fleet, more than 100 Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell vehicles will be driven by consumers and others for three months at a time in California, New York City, and Washington D.C."

Via: Sys-Con.Com  Link 

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January 19, 2008

Ford EcoBoost Fuel Economy Improvement

EcoBoost is Ford Motor's high-volume, affordable engine technology. EcoBoost leverages gasoline turbocharged direct-injection technology to deliver twenty percent better fuel economy and fifteen percent fewer CO2 emissions. ...
... "While not as flashy as the concept cars, technologies such as Ford's EcoBoost engine offer notable fuel economy improvements with near-term, high-volume potential. " ...
Via Jim Kliesch, Union of Concerned Scientists: Comments

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January 12, 2008

Rajan Tata Introduces the Nano

Tata Motors launches the Nano car ...

December 30, 2007

Think Electric Car Vid

Here's video of the Think electric car ...

September 12, 2007

Biofuel E85 Speed Record

Video of biofuel-powered Dodge Viper setting speed record. ...