October 17, 2012

Ikea Will Sell ONLY LED Lighting by 2012

Ikea will likely be the first retailer to only sell LED lighting by 2016 to “ … enable millions … to live a more sustainable life at home and save money on their energy bills.”

Ikea is also converting all their in-store lighting LED lighting – over 1 million lights.

Why LED:  LED  is more energy efficient (uses approx. 85% less electricity) and longer lasting (up to 20X).

The one negative to LEDs is their higher initial price (but lower total cost of ownership).  To help make LEDs more attractive to consumers Ikea “ … will make sure our LED prices are the lowest on the market …”

Promoting LED lighting follows other green / sustainable practices including no longer selling incandescent bulbs (2010) and nor using plastic bags (2007).


Via:  Ikea  LINK

August 14, 2012

Intel Partners to Develop Data Centers that Require Less A/C

Intel and KT Corporation (a South Korea telecom) are developing data centers that operate at temperatures above 30C (86F).  Data centers normally operate at 18 – 21 C (64 – 70F).

Typically A/C for a data center is a significant operating cost. 

According to the US Dept of Energy …” half the power used by a typical data centers supports its infrastructure, including cooling systems …” 

Even small increases in temperature can result in large energy and cost savings.   “Data centers save about 7 percent on air conditioning costs for every degree they raise the temperature above 22 degrees …”

Higher operating temperature = Lower Energy Costs = Smaller Carbon Footprint.

Plans are to first deploy this technology in KTs Cheonan data center in 2013 followed by eventual deployment at all 10 of their data centers in South Korea.

Via:  Environmental Leader LINK

June 14, 2012

PrintFriendly Software Saves Paper When Printing Web Pages


One often heard complaint when printing web pages is that there is a lot of wasted paper – and wasted ink and electricity.  PrintFriendly can help … the software allows you to print less “junk” that otherwise ends in the recycle bin.

“… cleans and formats web pages for perfect print experience … removes Ads, Navigation and web page junk … save paper and ink when you print. It's free and easy to use. …”


Via:  printfriendly  LINK

February 21, 2012 Links Rides and Riders Around the World provides an easy way for rides and riders to connect.  Ride sharers “… save gas and money, reduce auto emissions and meet new friends. …” is easy to use and can “ … be accessed from a computer, a mobile phone … or a social network … Solutions are also available for enterprises, communities and commuters.”

Check out this podcast for more details… PODCAST The World - BBC


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January 02, 2012

25 Easy Ways to Green your Life

Follow the link below for some very easy ways to save energy, reduce your carbon footprint and green your lifestyle.

Here are some …
- wash laundry in cold water
- turn down the temperature on your water heater
- insulate your water heater
- use reusable shopping bags
- compost what you can



Via:  Wise Bread  LINK

November 28, 2011

Energy Hub's Home Energy Management System

Energy Hub’s Energy Management System lets you understand and manage your home’s energy usage.  Web and mobile phone access allow for remote viewing and control.

“ … Home Base … understand and manage the energy use from your major and smaller appliances—down to the last cell phone charger. …”

“… one-touch modes like “At Home,” “Goodnight” and “Away” let you control your home… “

Watch the video below for more information.


Via:  Energy Hub  LINK

November 10, 2011

nest Self Learning Programmable Thermostat

The nest self learning programmable thermostat solves an interesting problem.  Programmable thermostats should be able to save lots of energy – but they are difficult to program.  Thermostats no longer have the energy star rating as the energy savings did not materialize ….

>>> nest programs itself around they way you live … analyzing when you adjusts the thermostat and using sensors to see if there are people in the house so it can determine when to lower the thermostat

“10% of all U.S. energy is controlled by thermostats. That’s the equivalent of 1.7 billion barrels of oil per year.” …  so there is a lot of money and energy at stake …


The YouTube video gives more information …


Via:  nest LINK

November 01, 2011

Recycle Broken / Old Christmas Lights / Upgrade to LED

HolidayLEDs will take your old / broken Christmas lights and safely recycle them.  In return they will send you a coupon for 25% off new HolidayLED Christmas lights.

LED Christmas lights typically use only 10% of the energy of incandescent lights, are much cooler to the touch and last up to 25 times longer.

Follow the instructions on their website and mail the lights to the address on their Web Site for recycling. 

“ … a 3rd party recycling facility … puts the lights through a commercial shredder, which chops the lights up into little pieces. … processed and sorted into the various components that make up the lights (pvc, glass, copper.) …. materials are … transported to a region center for further processing. …”

Help the environment in two ways … (1) reduce landfill waste by reusing materials and (2) get new lights that use significantly less electricity than incandescent bulbs.



Via:   HolidayLEDS  LINK

October 19, 2011

Facebook Energy App–Compete with your Friends

Facebook is planning to launch an app that lets friends see who can use less energy at home.  The app is from OPOWER and is expected to be available in early 2012.

“OPOWER … is working with Facebook and the Natural Resources Defense Council to create an app that will let people share data about how much -- or little -- electricity they're using at home.”

“ … app essentially builds on how OPOWER already works. …” POWER can download data from smart energy meters to give people a very detailed picture of their energy use and how it compares with others.The app is expected to be available early next year, according to Facebook and OPOWER.




September 06, 2011


GreenSwitch has an interesting solution to saving energy by making it easy to turn off all power using devices when you leave you home with a single switch.

GreenSwitch allows a single switch to turn off selected energy sapping devices while allowing other devices to work --- like clocks.

A master switch ” sends “ …  wireless signal is sent to all of the GreenSwitch™ slave components (wall plugs, light switches, and thermostat) …”  This allows you to turn off TVs, printers, and other devices on standby mode at once easily and just as easily turn them baco on …

See the video with Ed Begley describing GreenSwitch …


Via:  GreenSwitch  LINK

August 20, 2011

GE Opens Platinum LEED Data Center in Kentucky

GE’s recently announced Platinum LEED data center in Kentucky is a rare breed.  It is GE’s first Platinum LEED data center and one of just a few in the world.

  • Materials were over 50% locally sourced, approx. 30 % had recycled content and 80 plus % of construction waste was recycled and not landfilled.

Approx. 6% of LEED facilities in the world meet Platinum certification.

Here are some key highlights:

“ … reducing water consumption inside the building by 42 percent …”

“ … offset 35 percent of the data center’s predicted annual energy consumption through the purchase of off-site renewable energy … “

“… Outside … reducing water consumption by 100 …”



July 24, 2011

Energy Saving Tips from LifeHacker

Check out the “electric / Gas” section of the referenced LifeHacker post.  There are all sorts of ideas for measuring and then reducing your energy bills.  Some basic tips (using a programmable thermostat, turning off incandescent lights when leaving the room, raising the temp setting for the A/C and lowering the temp setting for the heat and replacing incandescent bulbs with CGL or LED bulbs.  >>> LINK.

For those determined to explore a little more and make a more serious energy reduction check this LINK for a post from Jason Chen LINK  He managed to cut 1/3 from his energy bill.   You might find some good tips there …

Remember; unless your energy is from a renewable source, reducing your energy use also lowers your carbon footprint and can save you some money.



Via:  LifeHacker  LINK

April 19, 2011

Cool roof saves energy for existing buildings

DOE calculator supports estimation of savings from cool roof installation on buildings.

Cool Roof Calculator.

Dow Chemical, Oak Ridge National Lab, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab plan to collaborate on the improvement of retaining solar reflectance as the coating weathers, using new and accelerated testing protocols.  …

…   “Cool roof coatings are a cost-effective and relatively non-intrusive means of improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings, which offer over 20 billion square feet of commercial roofing space subject to retrofit in the U.S. today. Cool roof coating is applied

DOE estimates that replacing or resurfacing conventional roofing materials with these improved reflective elastomeric roof coatings (ERCs) can reduce a commercial building’s annual air conditioning energy use by up to 25% – an improvement from up to 15% savings of existing ERCs – and decrease annual CO2 emission by 5 metric tons for every 10,000 square feet of commercial roof area.

These ERCs also potentially offer a one-time offset of 150 metric tons of CO2 per 10,000 square feet of cool roof via global cooling (negative radiative forcing).  Energy savings are highly variable based on levels of installed insulation, climate, and other related factors. DOE has a calculator to help building owners determine the potential savings of their buildings …”   …

Via Dow Chemical Press Release: Next Gen Cool Roofs.

Cool Roofs and Thermal Insulation: Energy Savings and Peak Demand Reduction (PDF).

Fact Sheet: Cool Roofs Will Revolutionize the Building Industry: Adoption of infrared-reflective paints is one of the major advances in roofing in our century (PDF).

Energy Savings for Stucco Walls Coated with Cool Colors (PDF).

Saving Energy by Cleaning Reflective Thermoplastic Low-Slope Roofs (PDF).

Reasons to consider elastomeric coatings (Link).

Cool roofs consist of materials that very effectively reflect the sun’s energy from the roof surface (Link).

Philadelphia residents compete in a cool roof contest for the coolest block (Link).

Philadelphia Cool Roofs

November 13, 2010

thinkeco modlet - help understand your electrical usage

Thinkeco modlet

Thinkeco has a way to find the energy wasters in your house.  Appliances are big power users and can even draw power when "off".  Some refer to this as vampire poser draws.

We sort of know that many electronic devises are drawing power all the time but also realize that it is not practical to unplug all you appliances when not in use; or even to be sure which are drawing the most power.

modlet solves this problem.

" ... plug the modlet into an existing electric outlet and plug your appliances into it. ... use your web browser to wirelessly monitor and manage your power consumption."

It is expected that the modlet can save 10 - 120% on your energy bill and pay for itself in 6 months.  It is expected to be available for sale on-line and else where this year.


Via:  thinkeco  LINK

November 05, 2010

Daylight Savings Energy Wash

Does daylight savings time help save energy?  …

…   “several studies have suggested that daylight saving time doesn't actually save energy—and might even result in a net loss. ”   …

Via Nat Geo: Daylight Savings Time.

October 28, 2010

GreenBuildExpo Conference: Nov 17-19 in Chicago

GreenBuild 2010 - Chicago

GreenBuild 2010 " is in Chicago this Nov 17 - 19.  It is a great chance to hear from industry experts about what is new in the greenspace for green buildings.

Did you know that Chicago was : ... one of the first cities to adopt LEED for public buildings and ... is home to more LEED-certified buildings than any other...

Check out the Video Link  to see what collect students are doing in the green space.  


Via:  GreenBuild  LINK

EcoBatt Natural Sustainable Insulation

eco bvatt logo

What's a quick easy way to save money .... year after year? 

Insulate !!

EcoBatt insulation is made from "bio-based" binders - not petroleum derived raw materials and is certified to GREENGUARD standards so it is safe for children and use in schools.knauf insulation

 " ... reduces binder embodied energy by up to 70%, and does not contain phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors used to make traditional fiberglass insulation."

" .... combines sand ... renewable resources, post-consumer recycled bottle glass ... to create ... sustainable insulation…"


Via: EcoBatt  LINK

October 14, 2010

Quick and Easy Energy Saving Tips for Winter

SustainLaneHere are 10 quick things you can do to get your house in better shape for winter.  Total time to complete is estimate to b e a weekend and costs are in the order of $100 making for a great return on time and investment.

Here are some highlights - "Change your furnace filters ... Insulate your pipes ... Caulk your windows ... Weather stripe your doors ... [get / install a]  Programmable thermostat ..."

Do the ones you can yourself and save some money - consider a contractor if some arel.  beyond your skill level.  Each will make a difference to the environment and your energy bills.

While not on the list - do not forget to use CFLs or LED bulbs ... in my area (SouthEastern PA) they are reasonably inexpensive as they are subsidized (at least at the Home Depot) by PECO (local utility). 



Via:  SustainLane  LINK

October 09, 2010

Green Office Checklist from University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at AustinHere is a chgecklist (pdf format) from the University of Texas at Austin. lf, your team, your home, whatver. 

While there is no scale or rating given the checklist offers a wide range of things to look at in your quest to be greener ... in your daily life.

Assess yourself now as a baseline and then in a few months to see what kind of progress you have made.

" ... self-assessment form covers offices, conference rooms, common areas, etc. "


Via:  University of Texas at Austin Office of Sustainability LINK

August 18, 2010

Energy Savings Opportunity to be Realized

New survey highlights the unrealized opportunity to save energy through behavior change and taking informed actions.  Survey data confirms that people are only realizing the low hanging fruit of energy savings which does not translate into significant aggregate impact.  Educating consumers on making energy efficiency investments and understanding the acceptable financial payback period could enhance our energy savings performance.  …

…   “The research from Columbia University’s Earth Institute and the university’s Center for Research on Environmental Decisions is the latest attempt to probe the psychological roots of the energy problem … ”   …

Via National Geographic: Energy Savings.

Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

Center for Research on Environmental Decisions.

August 17, 2010

Las Vegas' Sustainability Efforts

Las Vegas Sustainability logo

Las Vegas is well known for the Strip and night life ... it is also becoming known for Sustainability.

Las Vegas has a number of sustainability initiatives underway ... the City's Sustainability Web site lists a number of information resources for learning about and implementing sustainability.  Topics listed include Green Building, Recycling and Energy Efficiency.

There are also programs for low income families and incentives to build green (new or retrofits).

" ... pilot program with Green Chip ... to perform energy audits and retrofits for ... qualifying low income households ... "

"  ... expanded its Green Building Program ... incentives to stimulate new green building construction and provide energy efficiency retrofits to existing buildings ..."


Via:  Sustaining Las Vegas LINK

July 27, 2010

Fast and Easy Ways to Be Green

SEarth911 newsometimes being green really is plain and simply easy -- low or now cost and with little downside.  There are lots of little things that taken together, over time can really add up. 

Check out these and other great idea from ...

Here are 3 ...

(1) Skip the drive through and park ... " ... every minute the average car engine idles, it emits 6 to 7 grams of pollutants into the atmosphere. ... "  Taken collectively for say a millions cars over the period of a year and you reduce / eliminate over 700 tons of emissions.  You also save a lot of gas and money ... and get some exercise !

(2) Pay your bills on-line ... " .. reduce your household’s paper consumption ... eliminate paper waste ..."

(3) Turn stuff off ... not just lights that are on when no one is in the room but electronics.  Many devices are actually sucking power in standby mode and not actually "off".  " ... Even a cell phone charger continues to use energy when plugged in, whether your cell phone is charging or not. ... "  This often called phantom power users because many electronic devices are drawing power in standby mode and collectively that adds up.  Save money, reduce the demand for power and keep the air cleaner.  For your computer consider plugging all the electronics into a single power strip and with one switch you can turn off a PC, printer, monitor and  other devices.


Via:  LINK

July 26, 2010

GREENandSAVE - Tips and Links for the Green Lifestyle

Green and Save logoGREENandSAVE has a Website and Blog with lots of good "green" information.  In addition to tips to increase your "individual green-ness" there are links to many green items in the news including green job training.

Check out the Experts Tip section for lots of ideas you can use to save energy, money and the planet.  Tips I found include ways to save water this summer and ideas for a greener Christmas.

 ... strives to inform the public about eco-conscious living, environmental matters, ... feature daily news, information and blogs  ... mission is to expand readers’ awareness of environmentally conscious efforts ... and encourage participation."


Via:  Green and Save  LINK

July 23, 2010

Levi® Jeans - Green Care Label Instructions

Levi Jeans Care Label Suggests Donating to Goodwill when done using

Levi Strauss has taken a number of steps to make their jeans "greener" including minimizing the number of labels and the wording on the label.

This can help you - the consumer - save money and the environment by making less of an impact.

The care label suggests washing in cold water, line drying and giving to Goodwill so they can have another useful life.

" ... 58% of the energy and 45% of the water used during the lifetime of a pair of Levi’s ® jeans occurs during the consumer use phase ..."

" ... launched A Care Tag for our Planet ... care tags encourage ... “Machine wash cold; line dry when possible; donate to Goodwill.”"

Via:  Levi Strauss LINK

June 24, 2010

GenGreen® for all Your Green Needs

GenGreenLife logo

Want to be more green and not really sure where to start?  Making good progress and want to kick it up a notch or two?  Need inspiration or answers to questions ?

" ... goal ... to be the most comprehensive and diverse resource available for people looking to live ... environmentally conscious lifestyle.  .... where we have over 60,000 listings to help you live your green life. "


Via: GenGreen®  LINK

May 30, 2010

Microsoft Hohm - Energy Tips and Ideas

Hohm Scores Across the US

Microsoft Hohm is a free software application that lets you improve the energy efficiency of your home.  You can add details about your specific home and see recommendations for improvements ... as well as how you compare to other homes in your area or across the country. Microsoft Hohm logo

" ... check your energy consumption and compare it to others around the nation. ... [to the left] ... heat map of the United States and the average Hohm Score per state."


Check out the BLOG for useful tips.



Via:  Microsoft Hohm  LINK

April 28, 2010

School Bus Fleets Use Technology to Minimize Idling (and fuels costs and pollution!)I

school buses

Idling buses  and trucks waste lots of fuel and add to pollution.  Can technology provide a solution ?

You bet !

" ...  The Provider, a school bus operator in Brentwood, N.H., ... first embraced wireless navigation technology from Navman Wireless ... thinking that it could helps with better tracking the mileage and hours related to individual busing contracts."

" ... realized that excessive idling ... could be addressed and controlled with the technology. ...  When an alert is triggered, dispatchers call the driver in question ... because idling wastes fuel. ..."

" ... Navman Wireless, says his company ... tracking 110,000 vehicles. ... Navman Wireless estimates that it saves about 552 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions across the fleet it manages. Most of those savings are calculated based on reduced fuel consumption."

Via:  SmartPlanet  LINK


April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Earth Day 2010 logo

Happy Earth Day !!

 Today is the  40th anniversary of Earth Day !!

- What will you do today, and going forward for Earth Day?
- Use a reusable cup instead of a throw away one use cup ?
- Take public transportation or walk rather than drive by car?
- Car pool rather than drive alone? 

To learn more about Earth Day 2010 and things ** YOU ** can do ... LINK


Via: Earth Day 2010  LINK

March 24, 2010

Get Involved in Earth Hour - March 27, 2010

Earth Hour Whether you are a landlord, run a bar or hotel there are things YOU can do to celebrate Earth Hour. 

"Earth Hour 2010 is a global call to stand up, to show leadership and be responsible for our future. ..."

Show you support for Earth Hour by ... "Turning off your lights at 8.30PM on March 27 ... Adding Earth Hour widgets, logos and banners to your blog or website ...Get together with your friends and family, by hosting an Earth Hour party or holding your own candlelit affair ...Encourage your employer and workmates to take part in Earth Hour and make energy savings every day ... "

For the full list LINK


Via:  Earth Hour LINK



To create the next generation of water heaters, GE rethought every aspect of this appliance from the ground up. The result is an innovative new product that can reduce water heater operating cost up to 62% and save $320 per year.* That adds up to significant savings, and you won't have to give up a single drop of hot water.




March 13, 2010

Energy Saving Tip ...

applianceSmall changes can save energy and can really add up.  Some changes are not hard to do at all ... just put your mind to it.

" ... simple changes in your life ... can reduce the amount of C02 released into the atmosphere and help stop global warming. Be part of the solution"

"Run your dishwasher only with a full load. Save 100 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $40 per year."


Via:   LINK

February 25, 2010

Walmart green supply chain opportunity wiil target carbon intense products

for reduction to achieve Walmart's goal to eliminate twenty million tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its global footprint. The company will deploy a selection, action, and assessment process to enable its sustainability program. Walmart collaborated with external leaders in sustainability and will leverage this integration team to identify projects, measure reductions, engage its supply base, and drive proper procedures into each GHG reduction benefit. ...
... "Selection -- Walmart will focus on the product categories with the highest embedded carbon. This is defined as the amount of life cycle GHG emissions per unit multiplied by the amount the company sells. To find the embedded carbon, the ASC reviewed the GHG emissions associated with all Walmart product categories. This approach ensures the project team focuses on the categories that have the greatest opportunity for reductions. Reductions can come from any part of a product’s life cycle." ...
Via Walmart Stores:

Walmart Sustainability commitment aligns with the company's sustainability goals of being supplied 100 percent by renewable energy, creating zero waste and selling products that sustain people.

Greening the Walmart integrated supply chain has the potential to reach tens of thousands of companies around the globe. The Walmart effect is expected to have significant implications for China according to the Environmental Defense Fund, given the size of the Walmart environmental supply chain.

To track benefit realization, Walmart will follow this process: Suppliers and Walmart will jointly account for the reductions. ClearCarbon will perform a quality assurance review of those claims to ensure methodology, completeness and calculations are correct. When the claims meet the quality assurance check, PricewaterhouseCoopers will assess under consulting standards whether the defined procedures were followed consistently to quantify the reduction claim.

Walmart has received constructive feedback from its colaboraters, such as The Environmental Defense Fund. For example, EDF reviewed the WalMart’s Sustainability Report and made these comments: We’d also like to see Wal-Mart present more data that allows readers to verify the information presented. For example, the limited data presented on improvement to fuel efficiency in the truck fleet – an area where we know that WalMart has made progress – leave room for confusion.

Mike Duke, Walmart's President and CEO discusses the new Greenhouse Gas Goal: Today we’re announcing an aggressive new goal to eliminate 20 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from the life cycle of the products we sell around the world by 2015.

Continue reading "Walmart green supply chain opportunity wiil target carbon intense products" »

November 29, 2009

Bio Truck Expedition - 2tonnesofcarbon

Andy Pag - bio expedition team leaD

Andy Pag has set off on a trip around the world - but with a low carbon twist.  He is travelling on a "budget" of 2 tonnes of carbon per person per year.  You can follow his progress and story on his blog 2tonnesofcarbon BioTruckand see some of the technology he is using as well as ways to cut your carbon footprint.

"The Biotruck Expedition is a 12 month expedition to drive around the world to discover how people are using and generating energy, and their attitudes t0wards carbon emissions."

" ... I'll be trying to conduct the whole project with a carbon emissions budget of 2 tonnes per person ... doing this because I'm curious about energy use around the world, and I want to see if I can travel on a sustainable carbon budget myself."

"Over the next 10 years, I predict recreational travel will either change dramatically, or become as socially unacceptable as drink driving or smoking is today."


Via:  Bio Truck Expedition  LINK

November 02, 2009

Easy Ways to Save Energy

CFL bulb 

It's always nice to save some energy (energy = money).  Sometimes these are really easy low cost ideas.  Check these out ...simple, easy and low tech ... programmable thermostat

" ...  Put a timer on your hot-water heater ... no need for your hot water heater to keep running 24/7. ... if you're going away for a few days, turn your hot-water heater off altogether ... change the last of your old bulbs to CFLs. It's getting darker earlier, and than means we need more lighting. Be green and save energy. ... LED flashlights. ..."


Via:  SustainLane  LINK

October 15, 2009

White or Lighter Color Roofs - Low Tech Way to Save Energy

White Roof in process ...

Sometime low tech is the way to go ... painting a flat roof white can reduce the A/C load on a building and keep it cooler ...

This low tech solution " ... can act much like earth's snow covered poles; reflecting the sun’s light and heat as opposed to absorbing it ... keeps buildings cooler, reducing the problem of urban heat islands and saving energy (and money). ... we could counteract global warming simply by increasing the Earth’s total reflective surface. ...Terra Cotta roofing"

" ... Changing from a dark shingle ... to a light-colored (titanium-based white or terra cotta red) shingle can cut air conditioning costs by up to 40%. Georgia has been a leader in pushing cool roofs, passing a state law encouraging the shift. ... other states and regions also provide incentives, and the federal government is considering adding heat reflectivity requirements to housing regulations. "

Via:  WorldChanging  LINK  and LINK

October 01, 2009

Green Building and Design Expo - New Jersey Oct 8 and 9, 2009

gogreenexpo logo

Learn more about Green building and design trends .... see booths, vendors, exhibits ... listen to seminars and speeches and see demonstrations.

 Open to industry professionals on Thursday Oct 8th and the public on Friday Oct 9th at the Edison NJ Convention and Expo Center.

The Green Dude and Green Tech visited this same show earlier in the year in Philadelphia and found it both interesting and worth the time to attend ... we may try to get to this one as well ...


Via:  GoGreenExpo  Link

September 03, 2009

ZAP These Energy Suckers that Increase Your Electricity Bill

It is amazing that there are so many energy using  devices in our homes.  What many fail to realize is that some devices, like TVs, and PCs may still be drawing power when "turned off".

You can save energy by changing the type of appliance - if old it may be worth upgrading to an energy efficient (Energy Star) model.

Sometimes you just need to "turn if off".  Sometimes you can made simple substitutions like CFL for incandescent bulbs.

Read on for the 5 Big Energy Hogs in your home ... and how to ZAP them !

" ...  Turn down your thermostat to 68 or 69 degrees in fall and winter, and to 76 in the summer ... Heating and cooling are the top uses of energy ... consider upgrading ... to Energy Star ..."

" ... for some homes, small appliances are the second biggest use of energy ... consider turning off your TV ... or ... put your electronics on a SmartStrip to prevent them from creating “phantom loads,” which draw small amounts of power ... even when items are turned off."

" ... refrigerator runs constantly. It can pay off to recycle your current model and buy a new EnergyStar rated model."

" ... likely have an inefficient hot water tank  ... tankless water heater ... save energy and money by not keeping water hot 24/7. Rather ... heat your water when you demand ... make sure your tank heater and the pipes supplying the water to it are insulated."

" ... swap out the incandescent bulbs in the most used areas of your home ... replace them with CFLs. Here’s a trick you may not have heard of for CFLs: once you’ve installed the fluorescent bulb, turn on the light and leave it on for at least 15 minutes. Doing so “burns in” the lamp, which improves its function, and its lifespan. ... dispose of them properly when they burn out in 7 years!"

Via:  SustainLane  LINK


August 17, 2009

Energy Saving Tips from New Belgium Brewery

 New Belgium Brewery

Here are some energy saving tips from the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. Check out earlier posts about this GREEN and environmentally friendly brewery.

For the rest of the list, more details on the items listed and more info about this environmentally friendly brewery ... follow the link at the end of this post.

"Hang your clothes out to dry ... clothing-dryer is the 2nd-most energy consumptive household appliance after the refrigerator ... if you don’t have space for an outdoor clothesline there are indoor racks that are compact and work like a charm."NEw Belgium Brewery logo

"Put on a sweater ... When the temperatures drop, ... put on some soft booties, and sip a steamy hot drink. It’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy."

"Drink tap water ... Shipping bottled water around the world in plastic bottles burns a heap of fuel, pollutes our air, and puts more plastic into an increasingly plastic-sheathed world. ... if tap water is not up to your standards, there are ... filters available at much more affordable prices than the cost of purchasing bottled water."

"Use your own shopping bag ... asked, “Paper or plastic?” say, “Neither, I have my own bags.”

Via: New Belgium Brewing LINK