September 07, 2011

Affordable LED lighting fits light sockets with significant electricity savings

Partners, Lighting Science and Dixon Technologies, collaborate to deliver low cost LED light bulbs in a 60-watt equivalent A19 configuration to the Indian market.  The bulb will fit standard sockets, save significant energy, and payback in less than a year.  …

…   “Consistent availability of good quality electricity can be a constraining factor on economic growth, and moving to LED lighting is the low lying fruit of efficiency initiatives without polluting the environment: easy to implement with rapid repayment of the investment from power savings.  LED Lightbulb

The newly announced Lighting Science Definity bulb fits perfectly into existing screw-in light sockets and creates a clean, bright light level equivalent to a conventional 60-watt incandescent bulb using 85% less electricity and is designed to handle the variable quality of power in India and other emerging economies. 

Even compared with relatively efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), the new bulb uses 35% less electricity and, unlike all fluorescent lights, contains no toxic mercury.  At a retail price that is below $15, the payback from electricity savings versus traditional incandescent light bulbs is 8 months and the LED bulb has an expected life of approximately 8 years.”   …

Via Lighting Science Group: Sub-$15 Ultra-Efficient 60-Watt Equivalent LED Bulb (Press Release).

Lighting Science Group.

Dixon Technologies.

March 15, 2010

Solar Powered Rickshaws Could Cut Pollution in India

rickshawIndia has lots of gas and diesel powered rickshaws ... these emit significant quantities of pollution ... there is work to outfit rickshaws with batteries and an electric motor.  These cost close to 3 x the cost of a traditional rickshaw but the government may offer loans to help offset the cost differential.

" ... Soleckshaw ... can either be pedaled or run off of a 36-volt battery that is charged every 45 miles from a solar charging station ... prototype ... seats three and has electric lights, an FM radio, four mobile phone chargers, and can travel at 12 and a half miles per hour. ..."

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March 03, 2010

Tata Nano EV Electric Vehicle on display at Geneva Auto Show

Tata Motors shows its Nano Electric Vehicle to European audience at the Geneva Auto Show. ... "It will seat four individuals comfortably in its spacious interiors, which the Tata Nano is known for. It will have a predicted range of up to 160 km and an acceleration of 0-60 kmph in under 10 seconds. Tata Motors continues its innovative approach with the Tata Nano EV, using super polymer lithium ion batteries, as in the Tata Indica Vista EV, which provide superior energy density to conventional batteries. " Via Tata Motors:

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February 15, 2010

Promethean Power Systems Solar-Powered Refrigeration

solar powered refrigerator

A MIT spin-off has created a solar powered refrigerator that can bring cooling to those far from the electric grid - especially those in developing countries like India and China.

"Promethean Power Systems has developed a solar-powered refrigeration system for commercial cold-storage applications in off-grid and partially electrified areas of developing countries. ... store and preserve perishable food items ... without the need for expensive diesel-powered generators"

" ... a for-profit enterprise. We believe that creating a cost-effective solution for cold-chain food distribution in emerging markets is an excellent business opportunity that could deliver enormous social and environmental benefits."

" ...  study revealed a large business opportunity in India for an efficient cold-storage solution targeted to the dairy industry ... Cold-storage at the village level minimizes the number of collection trips and reduces transportation cost in half. Today, the only alternative is to use commercial refrigerators with diesel-powered backup generators, a no-win situation that further exposes the dairies to escalating energy prices. "


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February 11, 2010

Decentralized Solar Energy Project

Platform Research Project in China, India.

October 25, 2009

GM Spark - Electric Car for Under $6000.

GM Spark

GM is planning to sell an all electric small car in India ...

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" ... all-electric Spark will go on sale next year in India ... GM parners with Reva Electric Car Co.  ... plug-in Spark can be re-chargedReva Logo at any standard socket in India, requiring no new infrastructure. That’s what’s limited sales of other alternative-energy cars in India so far...."


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July 10, 2009

India Green Building

June 09, 2009

India Solar Mission

India has established a vision for solar power leadership. It has delivered investments in solar generation capacity in the short term and has set long and mid-term targets to catalyze the country towards the objectives. ...
... "India's renewable energy ministry has declared a new program designed to expand solar power generating projects up to a maximum capacity of 50MW. " ...
Via Gerson Lehrman Group: India Solar Power

February 11, 2009

Green Plants for Better Air

air cleaning plants
We all know / should know that plants toke in CO2 and release O2 (or carbon dioxide into oxygen) - basically cleaning the air.  This works in the home as well as in the great outdoors.

"Kamal Meattle used three just three indoor plant species to increase oxygen, filter air, and boost general health at a a New Delhi business park. ... Meattle's presentation at the TED 2009 conference details a large-scale success, ... In any living or working space, ... Areca palm, Mother-in-law's Tongue, and a "Money Plant"—can be used to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, remove organic compounds, and generally filter and freshen the ambient air. ..."


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March 27, 2007

Solar Megaplant: Tata BP Invest

Tata and BP link up for major solar investment in India. ...
... "The Tata BP Solar board expects the total investment required to achieve the Tata BP Solar plant’s full designed potential of 300MW to be in the order of US$300 million by 2010, generating a sizable number of jobs directly and many more indirectly. This investment will ensure Tata BP Solar, already a leader in cell manufacture and the design of solar solutions, retains its position as the largest manufacturer of solar PV products in the Indian sub-continent. " ...

Via BP: Solar Mega Plant in Bangalore to Meet Demands of Indian and Global Solar PV