January 21, 2011

Beach Garbage Hotel - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Action

Beach Garbage Hotel - Madrid

A "hotel" in Madrid has been built completely from waste materials.

Showing both what can be done to re-purpose items and potentially how dirty beaches are the "... walls of the Beach Garbage Hotel ... made of materials found in landfills, the beaches and even flea markets ..."

" ... created the Beach Garbage Hotel because the oceaBeach Garbage Hotel entrancens of our planet are the biggest garbage dump ... 30-40% of the objects used for the hotel were found on the beaches of Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain ..."

The temporary "hotel" closes soon (Jan 23rd) so book soon if interested!


Via:  Huffington Post LINK

December 12, 2010

Concentrator Solar Photovoltaics, CTO Perspective

Andreas Gombert, chief technology officer of Concentrix Solar, discusses large-scale solar power.

November 10, 2010

Renewable energy balance shift

requires push through government incentives, mandates and subsidies.  The US trails other countries who have shifted their energy portfolios with renewable sources.  …

…   “In Germany, for example, government mandates and subsidies have pushed 17% of electric power generation to alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and biomass, compared with just 1% to 2% in the United States.”   …

Via Knowledge at Wharton: Infrastructure Investment.

June 10, 2010

Dell's Round Rock, Tx Site (and 8 others) Powered by 100 % Renewable Energy.

Dell logo In June of 2009 Dell announced that they source over 1/4 of their global energy needs from renewable sources. 

" ... powers nine ... facilities in the United States and Europe with 100 percent renewable energy. ... Round Rock, Texas; Twin Falls, Idaho and Oklahoma City, Okla. ..."

In addition to using a significant amount of renewable energy sources they " ... plan to reduce ...  greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2015. ... "

Dell follows a simple 3-step model where they work efficiently (energy-wise), use renewable energyand offset with carbon credits from verified sources.

" ... only company in the computer industry to achieve operational carbon neutrality in August 2008 ..."




May 26, 2010

Fulbright enables Solar Studies

Travel broadens the mind. MIT students are recognized with Fulbright scholarships to further their studies abroad. A number of the students are pursuing the renewable energy challenge. ...
... "Ian Rousseau, a native of South Hero, Vt., who is completing undergraduate studies in physics, will study Novel Solar Energy Conversion via Terahertz Rectification in Germany. " ...
Via MIT: Fulbright scholarships (Link).

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April 01, 2010

Solar Boat Launch

The largest solar boat launches in Germany. ...
... "solar-powered boat made a gentle plop as it was lowered by a huge crane on to the waters of the Kiel firth in northern Germany today ... " ...
Via Guardian: Solar-powered boat Türanor

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March 29, 2010

Smart Meters provide data for analysis and benchmarking of efficiency trends

Stadtwerke Erding implements GE smart grid technology to enable homeowners in Germany to become more aware of their energy consumption and efficiency impacts. ...
... "The smart meters are connected to a central office for analysis and planning via a data concentrator, providing data to optimize usage efficiency and minimizing waste. Benchmarking data from last year will contribute to emissions and efficiency programs in 2010 and beyond. " ...
Via Yahoo! Finance: Smart Grid Technology in Germany

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October 19, 2009

Thin Film Solar Cloudy Power

The mixed weather experienced during the Solar Decathlon enabled Team Germany's thin film solar building exterior to achieve an edge in net metering performance. ...
... "The thin film panels, while less efficient than conventional silicon, were projected to perform better in cloudy weather than silicon. Team Germany got its proof on the competition's fifth day when skies turned slate gray and a cold rain splattered the solar village. " ...
Via PhysOrg: Solar Village

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October 18, 2009

Team Germany Solar Decathlon Virtual Tour

October 17, 2009

e-Energy Germany

Germany moves forward with a portfolio of smart energy projects that will advance the generation and intelligent consumption of electricity by integrating information technologies with ttraditional utilities. Expect more generation of electricity to occur closer to the consumption, such as rooftop solar. ...
... "The technology of the future for smart energy management is going to be developed and tested, under the label E-Energy, in several cities. " ...
Via Business Week: Germany


E-Energy Program (PDF).

October 16, 2009

The Solar Decathlon Winner is Team Germany

Yes. But not exactly. ... Q: Who really won? A. Team Germany B. The Environment C. All of Us. D. The Students. E. All of the Above. Answer (E). Congratulation to all of the students, their professors, their mentors and parents, the sponsors, and the Department of Energy for a fantastic Solar Decathlon event that showcased sustainable design, green technologies, and, most importantly, the passionate spirit of our students. Great job! See you at the next Solar Decathlon in 2010 in Spain. RFP for 2011 Solar Decathlon (PDF).

October 12, 2009

Solar Decathlon Germany House Technology Showcase

Team Germany's entry in the Solar Decathlon was designed and constructed by the Technische Universitat Darmstadt.

The roof panels and house exterior are integrated with solar photovoltaics. Single crystal panels are on the roof and thin-film CIGS are used on the exterior. The solar system is sized to make this house a significant net generator of power back to the grid. We will see how the team performs on the net metering criteria of the contest. It should do very well.

The two-story cube-shaped house has a nice exterior deck, modern kitchen and dining room, pull-out integrated beds and a cool loft design.

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September 19, 2009

Europe Solar Photovoltaics Conference in Germany This Week

Solar-focused conference is scheduled for this upcoming week in Germany, which is the model country for solar success. ...
... "24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (PVSEC) and Exhibition, to be held in Hamburg, Germany from the 21 to 25 of September 2009 ... " ...
Via Applied Materials: 24th Annual PVSEC

September 09, 2009

NanoSolar Berlin Solar Panel Factory Ready for High-Thoughput Capacity Production

NanoSolar starts production at its Germany solar panel plant, at well below its nameplate manufacturing capacity. Local dignitaries helped the company inaugurate the panel factory. ...
... "Located in Luckenwalde near Berlin, the fully-automated factory processes Nanosolar cells into finished Nanosolar panels using innovative high-throughput manufacturing techniques and tooling developed by Nanosolar and its partners. The panel factory is automated to sustain a production rate of one panel every ten seconds, or an annual capacity of 640MW when operated 24x7. " ...
Via NanoSolar: Germany Panel Factory Completed

August 23, 2009

Dardesheim, Germany - Renewable Energy City

The small German town of Dardesheim (fewer than 1,000) and neighbors in Halberstadt in what was East Germany "... want to become 100% renewable using solar, wind, and biomass."

" ... Four pioneering wind turbines were installed in the mid-1990s, collectively producing one million kWh per year ..."

"In 2006 they developed a 62 MW wind project comprising 28 Enercon E70s and one E112, a giant 6 MW turbine ... wind turbines will generate from 120 to 130 million kWh annually, enough to meet the needs of nearly all the 80,000 residents of the county."

" ... also installed nine different solar PV plants ... During their first year of operation the combined 380 kW of solar PV generated nearly 250,000 kWh, about one-third of the Dardesheim's domestic electricity consumption."


Via: Wind-Works LINK

June 21, 2009

Solar Plane Trip Planned

German leaders discuss solar plane project during China sustainability event. ...
... "The plane, covered in almost 12,000 photovoltaic cells, has a wingspan of 63.4 meters, or roughly that of Airbus A340, and only weighs 1,600 kg, equivalent to that of a motor car. " ...
Via China Daily: Solar-powered plane

March 17, 2009

Solar Energy Recognition

Hermann Scheer will be recognized with the 2009 Karl Boer Solar Energy Medal on May 7 at the University of Delaware. Scheer has a distinguished career in academia, politics, and industry. ...
... "The recipient of the award is chosen by a panel of commissioners composed of scientists and presidents of several solar energy-related professional societies, a representative of the U.S. Secretary of Energy, the past recipient and a member of the B?er family. Scheer, who has been a member of the German Parliament since 1980, was named president of EUROSOLAR in 1988 and was made chairperson of the World Council for Renewable Energy in 2001. " ...
Via University of Delaware: Karl Boer Solar Energy Medal of Merit Award

January 20, 2009

Solar Efficiency Record Achieved at Fraunhofer

Fraunhofer Institute researchers achieve record solar efficiency of 41.1% by managing the quality of solar cell metamorphic growth. ...
... "The researchers at Fraunhofer ISE have succeeded in overcoming this obstacle. They have managed to localize the defects in a region of the solar cell that is not electrically active. As a result, the active regions of the solar cell remain relatively free of defects – a prerequisite for achieving the highest efficiencies. " ...
Via Fraunhofer Institute: World record efficiency reached for multi-junction solar cells at Fraunhofer

April 07, 2008

Porsche Cayenne Hybrids

Porsche Hybrid

Porshce has an electric car in it's family history ... before Hybrids were even a common word.  The Lohner-Porsche was made in 1901 - 1905 aLohner-Porschend could run on either gas / electric.

Fast forward to today!  Porsche is a real performance car ,,,, and now a modern hybrid is coming ... "Due by the end of the decade, the Cayenne uses a parallel hybrid system that will help the SUV achieve fuel economy of at least 26 US MPG. ... "


Via:  Autoblog    Link

Via:  Wikipedia   Link

February 03, 2008

Adlershof Germany Solar Research

Investments in Berlin research park are positioned to pay off as solar technology benefits from a Solar Research, Germanystrong collaboration between industry, academia, and research centers.  ...

...   "Lips said Adlershof is a solar scientist's paradise, due to the close proximity of research and industry, and the unique, open dialogue and collaboration that exists between the two. "   ... 

Via Deutsche Welle: Solar Tech Berlin

Adlershof Germany

Hahn-Meitner Institute: "The Hahn-Meitner Institute (HMI) is a scientific research institute which focuses on two main areas of work: structural and solar energy research. "


October 14, 2007

Solar Leadership in Germany

National Renewable Energy Laboratory leader sees solar energy at its tipping point with countries, like Germany, better positioned to reap its benefits. ...
... "In Germany, for instance, solar panels have been installed on 700,000 roofs and a feed-in tariff has been established by the German government that guarantees a high rate of return to consumers for generating electricity and returning it to the energy grid. " ...

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February 16, 2007

Modern Cargo Ships May Use Sail Power

SkySail GmbH & Co Sail Power may be the next big thing in energy savings for ocean going cargo vessels. 

"A simple fact: wind is cheaper than oil and the most cost-effective offshore energy source. Yet, ... it is not presently being used by cargo ships ... "


"SkySails is now offering a wind propulsion system based on large towing kites, which, for the first time, meets the requirements of shipping companies."


"By using the SkySails-System, a ship‘s fuel costs can be reduced by 10- 35% on annual average ... Under optimal wind conditions, fuel consumption can temporarily be reduced by up to 50%. Even on a small, 87 metre cargo ship, savings of up to 280,000 euros can be made annually.SkySails


"In 2007 the first SkySails-Systems with towing-kite areas of up to 320m² for cargo vessels, superyachts and fish trawlers will be available. Series production will start in 2008."


"Virtually all cargo ships can be retrofitted with the SkySails technology trouble-free."


Via: SkySails GmbH & Co.   Link 


February 05, 2007

Mercedes C-Class Environmental Certification

Mercedes-Benz C-Class achieves Environmental Certification with ISO14062. This ISO standard explores practices for integrating environmental aspects into product design and development.  ... Mercedes C-Class Designed for the Environment
... "After careful assessment the experts of the German technical inspection authority TUV determined that the development process of the new C-Class accords with the requirements of the internationally recognized ISO standard 14062. Applying the concept of Design for Environment, this standard governs the integration of environmental aspects into product design and development. In addition, TUV checked and confirmed the data and statements contained in the environmental product information provided for the new C-Class. " ...

Via DaimlerChrysler: New Mercedes-Benz C-Class with Environmental Certificate