July 24, 2011

Energy Saving Tips from LifeHacker

Check out the “electric / Gas” section of the referenced LifeHacker post.  There are all sorts of ideas for measuring and then reducing your energy bills.  Some basic tips (using a programmable thermostat, turning off incandescent lights when leaving the room, raising the temp setting for the A/C and lowering the temp setting for the heat and replacing incandescent bulbs with CGL or LED bulbs.  >>> LINK.

For those determined to explore a little more and make a more serious energy reduction check this LINK for a post from Jason Chen LINK  He managed to cut 1/3 from his energy bill.   You might find some good tips there …

Remember; unless your energy is from a renewable source, reducing your energy use also lowers your carbon footprint and can save you some money.



Via:  LifeHacker  LINK

March 26, 2011

Orvis Celebrates Earth Hour 2011

Orvis logoOrvis is known for it respect for the environment and environmental causes.  For many years they have donated 5% of their before tax profits to protecting nature.

This earth day - TODAY MARCH 26th - they are encouraging people around the world to turn off their lights for an hour starting at 8:30 pm local time.

All Orvis stores will support Earth Hour ...." headquarters, retail stores, and rod shop in Vermont will go dark for the entire night of the 26th .. other retail stores will close early ... to turn off the lights at 8:30 p.m."

For more on Earth Hour LINK



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March 25, 2011

Beautiful Earth Group (BE) Donates EV Charging Station in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Beautiful Earth Solar Powered EV Charging Stations

85 acre Brooklyn Bridge Park was built with sustainability in mind ... from EV service vehicles to reused / recycled construction materials from prior buildings on the site.

" ...  Designed and built by BE, ... the first solar-powered charging station in New York City and one of only a few in the world. ..."

Over the projected 25 year life of the EV chargers will save "... more than $200,000 in gasoline costs ... More than 530 tons of CO2 ..."

The EV charging system has 24 PV panels with battery storage for 7 x 24 availability can produce 5.6 Kw. 


Via:  Beautiful Earth Group  LINK

March 22, 2011

Portland, Maine Partners with Ameresco on Building Effeciency

Ameresco logo

Portland, Maine has signed a deal with Ameresco to cut its carbon footprint.  The project covers approx. 15 years and is to cost $9.4 million.  The city expects to save $17 million over the life of the project.

What is unique about this engagement is that there is no upfront cost to Portland.  "Ameresco will guarantee ... cash flows ... will exceed the cash requirements for the project, offsetting the costs ..."Portland, Maine logo

Per their website ... Ameresco "delivers ... solutions on both sides of the meter ... leverage renewable energy and achieve ... sustainability goals for our ...customers."

Part of the improvements will be a 2,000 watt solar array at one of the schools.

The agreement covers 45 city buildings and 15 schools.


Ameresco is based in Framingham, Mass. 


Via:  Ameresco  LINK

March 17, 2011

Murphy’s Run offer Home Buyers Green Homes in Maryland

Murphy’s Run in Cecil County Maryland offers buyers a home in a certified green development.  “ … is one of only twelve developments nationwide to be green certified by the National Green Building Certification Program. “

The homes are insulated with SIS or structural insulated sheathing and equipped with “ … energy star windows and appliances … CFL bulbs … low-flow shower heads …”

See the video for more … 




Via:  ABC News  LINK

October 09, 2010

Green Office Checklist from University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at AustinHere is a chgecklist (pdf format) from the University of Texas at Austin. lf, your team, your home, whatver. 

While there is no scale or rating given the checklist offers a wide range of things to look at in your quest to be greener ... in your daily life.

Assess yourself now as a baseline and then in a few months to see what kind of progress you have made.

" ... self-assessment form covers offices, conference rooms, common areas, etc. "


Via:  University of Texas at Austin Office of Sustainability LINK

April 26, 2010

Costco Offers CFL At Great Savings !!

Sunday, April 25th, 2010, I picked up several packages of CFL at my local Costco at a great price.  In fact the price made it close to impossible to pass up.

CFL bulb

$0.99 bought a four pack of 13 Watt CFL  (60 Watt replacement) after instant rebate taken at the register.

$1.79 bought a four pack of 23 Watt CFL  (100 Watt replacement) after instant rebate taken at the register. Costco logo

The package label indicates the 13 Watt last 13 times longer; save $369 per pack of 4.

The package label indicates the 23 Watt last 10 times longer; save $225 per pack of 4.


Nice deal - great way to save  on your electric bills. 

>>>>> Remember Home Depot collects CFL for safe recycling.

Via: Costcp LINK

February 25, 2010

Walmart green supply chain opportunity wiil target carbon intense products

for reduction to achieve Walmart's goal to eliminate twenty million tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its global footprint. The company will deploy a selection, action, and assessment process to enable its sustainability program. Walmart collaborated with external leaders in sustainability and will leverage this integration team to identify projects, measure reductions, engage its supply base, and drive proper procedures into each GHG reduction benefit. ...
... "Selection -- Walmart will focus on the product categories with the highest embedded carbon. This is defined as the amount of life cycle GHG emissions per unit multiplied by the amount the company sells. To find the embedded carbon, the ASC reviewed the GHG emissions associated with all Walmart product categories. This approach ensures the project team focuses on the categories that have the greatest opportunity for reductions. Reductions can come from any part of a product’s life cycle." ...
Via Walmart Stores:

Walmart Sustainability commitment aligns with the company's sustainability goals of being supplied 100 percent by renewable energy, creating zero waste and selling products that sustain people.

Greening the Walmart integrated supply chain has the potential to reach tens of thousands of companies around the globe. The Walmart effect is expected to have significant implications for China according to the Environmental Defense Fund, given the size of the Walmart environmental supply chain.

To track benefit realization, Walmart will follow this process: Suppliers and Walmart will jointly account for the reductions. ClearCarbon will perform a quality assurance review of those claims to ensure methodology, completeness and calculations are correct. When the claims meet the quality assurance check, PricewaterhouseCoopers will assess under consulting standards whether the defined procedures were followed consistently to quantify the reduction claim.

Walmart has received constructive feedback from its colaboraters, such as The Environmental Defense Fund. For example, EDF reviewed the WalMart’s Sustainability Report and made these comments: We’d also like to see Wal-Mart present more data that allows readers to verify the information presented. For example, the limited data presented on improvement to fuel efficiency in the truck fleet – an area where we know that WalMart has made progress – leave room for confusion.

Mike Duke, Walmart's President and CEO discusses the new Greenhouse Gas Goal: Today we’re announcing an aggressive new goal to eliminate 20 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from the life cycle of the products we sell around the world by 2015.

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November 02, 2009

Easy Ways to Save Energy

CFL bulb 

It's always nice to save some energy (energy = money).  Sometimes these are really easy low cost ideas.  Check these out ...simple, easy and low tech ... programmable thermostat

" ...  Put a timer on your hot-water heater ... no need for your hot water heater to keep running 24/7. ... if you're going away for a few days, turn your hot-water heater off altogether ... change the last of your old bulbs to CFLs. It's getting darker earlier, and than means we need more lighting. Be green and save energy. ... LED flashlights. ..."


Via:  SustainLane  LINK

October 31, 2009

Lightbulb Labeling Proposal

Label changes are being proposed for lamps, meaning lightbulbs, to enable more informed decisions by consumers. The facts about energy, brightness, lifecycle, and hazardous materials will be more accessible. ...
... "The proposed package labeling amendments create a two-panel labeling format: a front panel with brightness and energy cost information and a Lighting Facts label with additional information on the side or rear panel. This two-panel approach benefits consumers by providing the most important information in a simple-to-read format on the package front and more detailed information on the side or rear panel. The proposed required disclosures are brightness, energy cost, life, color appearance, wattage, mercury content, and, for non-standard voltage bulbs, voltage information." ...
Via Federal Trade Commission: Appliance Labeling Rule (PDF)

October 10, 2009

Solar Decathlon 2009 in Full Swing

Overhead view of Solar Decathlon 2009
Solar Decathlon 2009 is in full swing on the Mall in Washington DC. 

With the US Capital on one end and the Washington Memorial on the other it is an amazing site.  Sponsored by the U.S. DOE there are 20 houses showing what is possible with green technologies - using current off the shelf products and some very creative thinking.

Most of the teams are from US colleges  with several international entries ... including Spain and Germany.


Given parameters of 800 sq ft there are some very creative solutions.  Some stress extreme insulation, all have some sort of garden area, all have solar PV and some have solar hot water.  Most interesting is the creative use of 800 sq ft ...

As of this writing RICE is in the lead ... thought the difference between top and bottom on the ranking is not all that great.  Yesterday was very sunny so anyone with LOTS of PV was sure to get extra points ...

 Look for more posts and some GREENTECHNOLOG pictures ...


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September 03, 2009

ZAP These Energy Suckers that Increase Your Electricity Bill

It is amazing that there are so many energy using  devices in our homes.  What many fail to realize is that some devices, like TVs, and PCs may still be drawing power when "turned off".

You can save energy by changing the type of appliance - if old it may be worth upgrading to an energy efficient (Energy Star) model.

Sometimes you just need to "turn if off".  Sometimes you can made simple substitutions like CFL for incandescent bulbs.

Read on for the 5 Big Energy Hogs in your home ... and how to ZAP them !

" ...  Turn down your thermostat to 68 or 69 degrees in fall and winter, and to 76 in the summer ... Heating and cooling are the top uses of energy ... consider upgrading ... to Energy Star ..."

" ... for some homes, small appliances are the second biggest use of energy ... consider turning off your TV ... or ... put your electronics on a SmartStrip to prevent them from creating “phantom loads,” which draw small amounts of power ... even when items are turned off."

" ... refrigerator runs constantly. It can pay off to recycle your current model and buy a new EnergyStar rated model."

" ... likely have an inefficient hot water tank  ... tankless water heater ... save energy and money by not keeping water hot 24/7. Rather ... heat your water when you demand ... make sure your tank heater and the pipes supplying the water to it are insulated."

" ... swap out the incandescent bulbs in the most used areas of your home ... replace them with CFLs. Here’s a trick you may not have heard of for CFLs: once you’ve installed the fluorescent bulb, turn on the light and leave it on for at least 15 minutes. Doing so “burns in” the lamp, which improves its function, and its lifespan. ... dispose of them properly when they burn out in 7 years!"

Via:  SustainLane  LINK


May 13, 2009

801 Market St in Phila to be LEED Green

801 Marklet St, PhilaThe former Strawbridge and Clothier flagship department store in Philadelphia is being remodeled in a green way.  PA. REIT has posted window signs and made green dioramas in the store's street side display cases (most of the building has been closed for some time).

" ... bring together 16 state agencies in a former retail space, a 13-story historic building on Market Street, bringing renovations and modernizations throughout the space. ... the arrival of the state agencies will bring 750. employees to the Market East section of Center City, as the state consolidates agencies ... PREIT, which controls everything from the sub-basement to the sixth floor, will renovate vacant space to make room for retail on the first, second and third floors, while maintaining the historical aspects of the building and complying with LEED silver certification requirements."


Photos to follow ...


Via:  Phila Biz Journal  LINK



April 20, 2009

Marcal Environmental Tips

 Marcal Paper enviroTips

Here are some tips from Marcal Paper's web site for getting kids more involved in the green movement ... these ideas can be a fun way to educate kids and get them to start thinking green!MArcal Sign

" ... CFL's (Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs). If every American replaced just one ordinary bulb for a CFL Compact Florescent Light bulb, ... save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for a year, more than $600 million in annual energy costs, and prevent greenhouse gasses equivalent to the emissions of more than 800,000 cars. ..."

"... a reusable water bottle .... choose a stainless steel reusable water bottle that prevents harmful plastic or aluminum from leaching into the drinking water."

"... reusable grocery bags.  ... saves using countless plastic bags  ... keeps our landfills free of plastic bags which take up to 1000 years to break down in nature. ..."

" .... Compost your food and yard waste—make some clean, nutrient dirt!"

" ... time your showers and use a bucket to collect the cold water that runs while you're waiting for your shower or bath to heat up. Your garden and plants will appreciate it ..."

Via:  Marcal  Link






April 03, 2009

Go Green Expo ... NYC and Atlanta

Go Green Expo logoGo Green Expo for NYC (April 17 - 19) and Atlanta (June 26 - 28) are on the way.  Go Green Expo has already been to LA and Philadelphia ...


The Green Dude and Green Tech both visited the Phila show and came away impressed by the information available.  Among the neat things I saw were ... Go Greeen NYC

- solar powered garbage can ... when the trash level crosses a light beam it is crushed down ... it can be equipped with a wireless devise to alert  you when full ...

- paper made from elephant dung ... used for business cards and fine writing paper ...  Go Green Expo Atlanta

- several manufacturers of dry cleaner garment bags ... you take your dry cleaning to the cleaners in these bags and they are returned in the same bag -- eliminating the need for plastic bags.  There were several models available ... from organic cotton to bags made with recycled plastic bags (though a much heavier fabric).


>>> QUESTION to our readers ... I am considering getting one of the dry cleaner bags (permanent end to plastic bags) ... have any of you tried these and how hove your cleaners responded?


Via:  Go Green Expo   LINK

March 30, 2009

Getting the most from your CFB

lighting research center logo

CFB have long been seen as an effective way to save energy - they produce more light per watt and last many times longer ... but not all that buy them have have been satisfied with their experiences.

Read on to leRPI logoarn more about getting the most from CFB ...  

" ... to help ...become an informed consumer, we've outlined some facts and guidelines to assist you. ..."

"* CFLs have a slight warm up period of one to three minutes before reaching full brightness. ... slow start-up allows the CFL to maintain constant light output while it's operating. ... "

"* In a "hot" environment with little airflow around the fixture, the life of the CFL can be shortened because heat builds up. An example of a "hot" environment would be a recessed "can"   ... "

"* CFL can appear dimmer than expected. You can avoid this by using the "Divide by 3 Rule." A CFL requires fewer watts than an incandescent to give off the same amount of light. ... recommend a 3:1 ratio instead. ... replace a 60 watt incandescent with a CFL that uses 20 watts, not 15 watts. ... "

"*Buy CFLs with the ENERGY STAR label. The label indicates that the product meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US EPA and the US DOE.""

Via:  Lighting Research Center LINK

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March 11, 2009

More About Fox 24 Going Carbon Neutral - Behind the Scenes

Here are some behind the scenes Videos about the TV show "24" and their work to become carbon neutral ... and the FIRST TV show to become Carbon Neutral. Part 1 24 Behind the Scenes Part 1
Part 2 24 Behind the Scenes Part 2
Via: News Corp Global Energy Initiative Link

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January 10, 2009

Marriott Recycles Building Materials .... 300 Tons!

Miami Hotels Recycle 300 Tons of Materials During Renovation When Marriott built their new Courtyard and Residence Inn properties in Miami they recycled 300 tons of demolition debris from a Fairfield Inn ...

Read on for more >>> Marriott logo

" ... Marriott recycled more than 90 percent of the building materials from the demolition, totaling approximately 6,800 cubic yards. Steel, concrete, copper, and other materials were recycled ... The crushed concrete alone will be the sub-base to construct the foundation on the new Marriott site.

" ... By recycling ... Marriott saved hundreds of tons of materials from littering our nation's landfills."

" ... hotel recycles all paper and cardboard products, installed compact fluorescent light bulbs... and has in effect a successful linen reuse program. ... provides preferential parking spaces for guests driving hybrid automobiles.


Via:  Marriott  Link

December 09, 2008

Green up your Christmas Tree

green holiday logoWant to make it a GREEN Christmas this yer?  Wondering what you can do to be GREEN this holiday season?

Read on for more ...

"... LED Light ... switch from ... incandescent lights to LED (light emitting diode)  ... and watch your energy bill and carbon footprint drop. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, ten incandescent Christmas light strands, running all night, produce 300 pounds of CO2, versus 30 pounds with LED lights."

" ... Rent a Tree ... The Living Christmas Tree Company in Portland, Ore., will deliver ... then return and pick up the tree after Christmas and deliver them to local parks, schools and other groups who pay $10 to have the trees planted on their property. ..."


Click the LINK below for lots more ... 


Via:  LINK

December 04, 2008

Subway Restaurants Provides Energy Saving Tips

Change the World start with ENERGY STAR

" ... SUBWAY® ... has made a commitment to do its part to save energy and help protect the environment. ... take the Pledge to Change the World by starting with ENERGY STAR. Change at least one light to an energy-efficient one or make other energy-saving improvements at home,  ... small step that'Subway logos already making a big difference."

"As one store, we can take steps to become more environmentally friendly. Together, with the more than 29,000-plus stores in the SUBWAY® chain, we can make a difference!"


Via:  Subway LINK

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Energy Saving Calculators

PECO logo
Energy Savings CalculatorsEver wonder what the saving might be to switch from Gas to Oil or Incandescent to CFB?  What different types of TVs "cost" in electric usage?

Check out these easy to use calculators.



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December 03, 2008

Marriott Embraces Going Green


recyclable plates made from potatoesMarriott International Inc has embraced going green.  Read about what they are doing corporate wide to become more environmentally friendly.
Marriott logo
" ... a brochure, printed on recycled paper, titled "Social Responsibility & Community Engagement," that outlines the company's environmental sensitivities. ... chief executive Bill Marriott blogs about the "greening of Marriott." ... travels to hotel groundbreakings to tout environmentally sensitive buildings and speaks regularly about his commitment to the subject."

" ... has installed low-flow shower heads and toilets at its hotels. It is moving to compact fluorescent light bulbs. It strives to reduce energy consumption year-over-year. At its headquarters cafeteria, Marriott is using biodegradable utensils made of potatoes. And by 2010, the firm hopes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1 million cubic tons."

" ... getting help from Conservation International, an on-the-ground protector of the environment that is now nudging companies ... toward meaningful green efforts."

Via:  Washington Post  Link

Via: Marriott  Link

November 18, 2008

Ulilities Provide Lower Cost Energy Saving Kits

Energy Saving Kit
PECO logoMany utilities are offering coupons with their bills for lower cost energy savings kits.  One from PECO (servers Philadelphia and region) with electricity and Natural Gas (ex-Philadelphia) includes 3 CFB, Energy Tips wheel, faucet aerators, and other goodies.






September 29, 2008

Exelon / PECO - Energy SavingTips

PECO logo

Saving energy means saving money == common sense. 

Know how to get started?  PECO has some ideas for their residential consumers ... including on line calculators to help determine savings and payback times and a PDF format booklet you can download with energy saving tips ...

" ...Take an online room-by-room tour of the ENERGY STAR at home interactive house and learn what you can do to reduce your energy consumption....Calculate your savings with these free Energy Savings Calculators...  Learn more about the benefits of CFLs including the proper methods and locations for disposal....Download an Energy Saver$ booklet, a guide that offers valuable tips to save energy in your home ..."

Via:  Exelon / PECO  LINK

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September 11, 2008

Disposing of Compact Florescent Bulbs (CFB)

Compact Florescent Bulbs (CFB) have many positive qualities including:

waste basket- lower energy use for a given light output and longer life ...but they contain small amounts of mercury ... sdo ... how do you safely dispose of them?

 Home Depot now has a CFB recycling program ... just bring your CFB to the front service desk and they will collect them for safe disposal of them.

>>> I tried this at a local Home Depot and it was just that easy!Home Depot Logo

"... a national in-store, ...  (CFL) bulb recycling program at all 1,973 The Home Depot locations. This free service is the first such offering made so widely available by a retailer in the United States ...Home Depot Canada launched a CFL recycling program in November, 2007."

Via:  Home Depot  Link

August 24, 2008

CFL Charlie Teaches Kids This Fall

Local utility will use energy mascot to teach kids about energy efficiency through kits for use in classrooms. ...
... "Super Energy Saver classroom kits, designed for grades K-5, are available for purchase through your local Touchstone Energy cooperative. The kits are packed with materials that will teach kids how to become Super Energy Savers at home ... " ...
Via Touchstone Energy Cooperative: CFL Charlie Ready for Classroom

June 29, 2008

Home Depot offers CFL Recycling in Stores

Home Depot LogoATLANTA, June 24, 2008 - "... Home Depot(R), ... launching a national in-store, consumer compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb recycling program at all 1,973 The Home Depot locations. This free service is the first such offering made so widely available by a retailer in the United States... Home Depot Canada launched a CFL recycling program in November, 2007" picture of CFB

" ... customers can simply bring in any expired, unbroken CFL bulbs, and give them to the store associate behind the returns desk. The bulbs will then be managed responsibly by an environmental management company who will coordinate CFL packaging, transportation and recycling to maximize safety and ensure environmental compliance"

" ... CFL recycling program is an extension of The Home Depot's Eco Options program. ... a classification that allows customers to easily identify products that have less of an impact on the environment.

" ... more than 75 percent of households located within 10 miles of a Home Depot store, this program is the first national solution to providing Americans with a convenient way to recycle CFLs."

CFB can save energy but have a downside in that they contain smalll amounts of mercury ... this is toxic if released into the air or water.  Recycling provides a way to ssafely dispose of these energy saving bulbs.


Via:  The Home Depot  Link

May 06, 2008

New Yorks MTA Using CFB in Subway Tunnels

CFB in NYC Subway Tunnels

CFL last longer and use less energy for an equivalent light output.  Manufacturers tout them as very suitable for locations where changing bulbs is difficult ...  So ... the NYC Transit is using CFL in Subway tunnels.NYC MTA logo

Read on for more ...  

" ... replacing its incandescent train signaling lights with ... light emitting diode (LED) Signals. ... a 60 percent savings in energy compared with traditional incandescent light. ... improve brightness 150 percent, and they decrease greenhouse gas emissions substantially ... also have an extremely long life, which reduces landfill use and saves labor.To date we’ve replaced 47,000 of our 60,000 signal lights with LED."

" ... replacing incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs in subway stations ... When NYC Transit switched to T12 fluorescent bulbs, station lighting increased 750 percent and power consumption decreased 28 percent. An additional change to T8 bulbs kept lighting as bright as before, but reduced our energy use by an extra 26 percent."

"Compact fluorescent bulbs in this tunnel will last 7,500 to 10,000 hours. Formerly, incandescent tunnel bulbs burned for only 750 hours."


Via:  NYC MTA    Link

January 31, 2008

Philips ALTO Bulbs

Philips ALTO LampsEnergy Saving Bulbs - PhilipsSeveral complaints about compact fluorescent bulbs is that:

- they contain mercury
- they do not fit in the same space as an incandescent bulb

Philips has solved these problems with their ALTO bulbs. 

Read on for more >>>

" ... Philips Energy Savers ... don't just provide the light of your standard light bulb, they also have the same classic shape. ..."

These bulbs are better for the environment because they use less wattage for similar light, can last years longer than incandescent bulbs as there is no filament to burn out and have less mercury than other CFB. 

Mercury is a highly toxic material that can pollute air and water and improper disposal of CFB can lead to pollution (though probably off set by the pollution of less fossil fuels ... ?)


Via:  Philips Lighting - Link

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January 21, 2008

Greening our Schools- Green Flag Program

Green Flag Program Logo Some schools are already green.  Others are just getting started.  Many need help with a structured program to guide them. Green Flag Logo

Green Flag promotes 4 key areas:

-- Indoor Air Quality - looking at mold, irritants, etc
-- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, - pretty self explanatory
-- Non Toxic Products - cleaning products and others
-- Integrated Pest Management - for grounds and indoors

"Schools across the nation are using the Green Flag School Program to make their schools healthier places to work and learn. ... Achieve recognition for ... your school already does, and improve your program with the support of teachers and field experts across the country. ... check out the Green Flag School Program today!"


Via:  Green Flag Program  Link 

December 25, 2007

Incandescent Bulb's Days (May Be) Numbered ...

Incandescent light bulb - its days may be numberedThe Energy and Security Act of 2007 was signed into Law on Dec 19th, 2007.  Along with items like requiring higher CAFE for cars there is an interesting note about ... the incandescent light bulb.

Though most people are saying that the incandescent bulb will not be sold after 2012 - it is more correct to say that the current energy inefficient incandescent bulb as sold today will not be available.

It is likely that the initial make up supply of bulbs will be from either higher efficiency incandescent bulbs or as in intermediate step - CFB. 

One little problem about CFB is that they contain MERCURY which is a rather nasty environmental pollutant - one linked to health effects in younger children.  Maybe lower cost LED bulbs will be available by 2012?

So far now ... maybe it is time to stock up on the old incandescent bulbs ... 2012 will be here before you know it.    


Via:   Link 

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November 14, 2007

Easy Steps to a Green Home

 Greening Image

Being green can run the continuum from easy (use CFL bulbs) to hard (change your lifestyle) and low cost (turn off unused lights) to expensive (install a solar electrical system).

 Why be green?  Did you know that the  " ... average American household generates 15,000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide each year ..."

"... replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Carbon Dioxide Savings is 150 pounds per bulb annually. Cost: $2.50 per bulb."

" ... Move the temperature down 2 degrees in the winter and up 2 degrees in the summer. Saves 2,000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide each year. Cost : None (Cost Savings)"

Via:  New York State Press Release  Link 

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September 28, 2007

A Greener Wal-Mart: High Efficiency Stores



"Wal-Mart ... [NYSE: WMT] ...will open ... [Jan. 18, 2007] in Kansas City, Mo. the first ...High-Efficiency stores that will use 20 percent less energy than a typical Supercenter.  ... will help the retailer move one step closer to achieving its  environmental goals, which include using less energy and producing less waste."

"In 2005,
Mal-Wart opened two experimental stores in McKinney, Texas, and Aurora, Colo., to test several different environmentally friendly technologies, ranging from wind power to pervious pavement, from waterless urinals to light-emitting diodes. ... plans to open the next High-Efficiency store in Rockton, Ill., this spring."

"To achieve the 20 percent energy reduction ... the company will target two main energy-consuming units: the heating and air conditioning system (HVAC), and the refrigeration system. ... the new HVAC and more efficient refrigeration systems are fully integrated so that 100 percent of the heat rejected by the refrigeration system is reclaimed into the HVAC. The reclaimed heat is then converted into usable energy. By incorporating a loop-piping design, the ... system also reduces the amount of installed copper and the total refrigerant charge required."

"Other energy-saving technologies ... include the installation of ultra-efficient case fans, glass doors on medium temperature grocery cases, RollSeal® quick response doors to seal air in areas such as the Garden Center, and a top-of-the-line dehumidification system. ... a daylight harvesting system, which uses skylights to refract daylight throughout the store and light sensors ...  During periods of higher natural daylight, the system then dims or turns off the store lights when they aren’t needed, ..."

"... also features GE’s energy-saving light-emitting diode (LED) refrigerated case lighting. LEDs have a longer life span than fluorescent bulbs, produce less heat and use significantly less energy than typical grocery case lighting. ... motion sensor-driven LED lights have been installed in all freezer and medium-temperature refrigerated cases.  ... the lights in these cases automatically turn off, and quickly turn back on when a customer approaches."

" committed to selling products that sustain our resources and our environment. As part of this store’s grand opening events,...donation of 21,000 compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), Wal-Mart will aid the city’s campaign to distribute CFLs to low-income and senior citizen households in Kansas City, Mo. ..".

Via:  Wal*  Link

May 13, 2007

Walmart Mercury Reduction Move in CF LightBulbs

WalMart will lower the amount of mercury in the compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) sold in its stores, that will remove an average of 360 pounds of mercury per 100 million bulbs sold. ... Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb
... "To reduce the amount of mercury in its CFLs, WalMart worked closely with manufacturers GE, Royal Philips, Osram Sylvania and Lights of America. All four suppliers committed to achieving a greater reduction in mercury content than the 5 mg standard set by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) earlier this year. These suppliers will also adhere to clean production techniques that will minimize mercury pollution from factories manufacturing CFLs. " ...

Via WalMart Stores, Inc.: WalMart Announces Major Mercury Reduction in Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs


May 10, 2007

Did You Know - Factoid ...

compact flourescent bulbs


Here is an interesting factoid ...  car emmisions

Did you know that "If everyone who received this newspaper today switched one lightbulb in their house to a compact fluorescent light, it wouod be like eliminating the emissions of approximately 89,000 cars for one year".



Via:  Starbucks "ad" in the Sunday May 6, 2007 edition of the New York Times ...

Learn more at   Link



May 01, 2007

Eco Options ... Good for the Environment - Good for Yout

The Home Depot

The Home Depot has always carried products that were "earth friendly" such as Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFB). 

They have now introduced "Eco Options" branding to highlight those products that offer one or more benefits related to the environment.  

According to Home Depot, the Eco Options Brand " makes it easy for you to identify products that make a difference, one choice at a time."

Sustainable Forestry:  products "produced from responsibly managed forests"

Energy Efficient:  products "that use less energy, reducing the amount of electricity needed"

Healthy Home:  products "that improve the quality of the environment in & around your home"

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March 26, 2007

Australia Plans to Phase Out Incandescent Bulbs


Incandescent Bulb

"SYDNEY, Australia (AP)—The Australian government on Tuesday (20-Feb-07)  announced plans to phase out incandescent light bulbs ... Legislation to gradually restrict the sale of the old-style bulbs could reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions by 4 million tons by 2012 and cut household power bills by up to 66 percent, said Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull."

"Australia produced almost 565 million tons of greenhouse gases in 2004, official figures show."

"Under the Australian plan, bulbs that do not comply with energy efficiency targets would be gradually banned from sale. Exemptions may apply for special needs such as medical lighting and oven lights."Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

"Fluorescent bulbs are currently more expensive than incandescent bulbs, but use only about 20 percent of the power to produce the same amount of light and last longer, making them more competitive over time, advocates argue."



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March 23, 2007

Efforts Underway to End Use of Incandescent Bulbs


Are the incandescent bulbs days numbered?  Is it soon to be relegated to the history book?  Some seem to think this should be the case.

"The incandescent light bulb should go the way of outdated inventions like the coal-burning locomotive, says an energy coalition that advocates a widespread change to more energy efficient lights, compact fluorescent bulbs and light-emitting diodes."Compact Flourescent Bulb

"The ... Lighting Efficiency Coalition, which includes companies such as Philips Lighting, environmental groups such as the Earth Day Network, ... is pushing for a “sweeping transformation of the U.S. marketplace towards energy efficient lighting products by the year 2016,” said coalition member Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas."

"Incandescent bulbs currently consume 42 percent of the electricity generated in the United States, but only provide 12 percent of the country’s artificial light, said Bryan Dundan, a Philips Lighting vice president. ...Instead of incandescent lights, coalition members advocate implementing technologies already available today, such as compact fluorescent lights, halogen lights, and light emitting diodes (LEDs), which require less electricity to produce the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb.


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March 21, 2007

Compact Fluorescent Bulb Disposal

Compact Flourescent Bulbs 

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFB) have many positive qualities including:

- lower energy for a given light output
- long life

However, CFB are manufactured with a small amount of mercury and therefore need to be disposed of properly.  Improper disposal can result in ground and possibly water contamination from the mercury vapor in the bulbs.


"Most states do not have special requirements for the disposal of regular household mercury-containing fluorescent lamps (including compact fluorescents), although a few states and localities ban homeowners from disposing of such lamps in normal household trash."

"Many towns and cities offer recycling opportunities at local recycling centers or transfer stations. There may also be household hazardous waste collection days when fluorescent lamps are collected along with paints, pesticides, used motor oil, etc. Contact your local waste disposal officials for details. State requirements and recycling opportunities vary.

"For more information, including a list of companies that recycle lamps, visit"

"Please Note: Recycling companies at do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by GE or NEMA of the companies or their technologies. Persons contacting the listed companies should make their own investigations and determinations about the costs and appropriateness of the activities of the listed companies."


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February 20, 2007

Energy Efficiency: Australia Legislates Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Australian government legislates greenhouse gas reduction and energy efficiency through lightbulb replacement program. ... Australia selects the compact fluorescent lightbulb
... "In a world-first for a national government, households and commercial users will be pushed to use energy-efficient alternatives, such as compact fluorescent lights, which have been on the market in Australia for 10 years. " ...

Via The Australian: Light Bulb Legislation