April 11, 2012

Philadelphia Gets a Porous Green Street

The 800 block of Percy Street is Philadelphia’s first porous street.  The street allows water to be absorbed directly into the pavement and will reduce the amount of water directed to the storm sewers.

“ … potentially mitigate the impact of ice on city streets following winter storms. “ by allowing road salt to soak into the street and not get dumped into rivers and streams.

“ … eliminating stormwater runoff from the site. Porous asphalt is as structurally strong as conventional asphalt, … provides temporary storage for water as it slowly soaks into the ground. …”

Philadelphia’s long term goal is to have hundreds of miles of porous asphalts streets in the future.


Via: City of Philadelphia LINK

February 26, 2012

Drexel University's Biowall - Largest in the US / First for a US University

Drexel University’s biowall is huge - 22-foot wide and 80-foot tall.  The wall has 12 varieties of tropical plant that grow without soil.

Biowalls can improve indoor air quality and act as a biofilter.  “ … bacteria and fungi [in the roots] utilize harmful airborne pollutants as food, breaking down volatile organic compounds (VOCs) … “  The HVAC system draws air and therefor pollutants through the wall  and the resulting purified air is then distributed via the HVAC system.

Biowalls are efficient at cleaning pollutants from the air.  Biowalls “ … similar to … Drexel’s … are capable of removing 60-90% of pollutants with a single pass …. “


Via: Drexel University  LINK

January 26, 2012

Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pa.) Uses Viridity Energy’s Smart Grid Technology

Drexel University is deploying Viridity Energy’s VPower System™ to provide a real time view of power usage.  By better understanding real time usage and real time pricing they can buy power when costs are low / lower sand sell back when power is more expensive.  This is smart grid technology.

Drexel hopes to show how they can “ … manage its energy costs and environmental impact … will allow the University to purchase power at times of the day when demand is low and sell excess power back to the larger power grid.”

Drexel will look at how organizations can balance solar, wind and energy storage to save money and even become less impacted by grid disturbances / outages.

PECO, the local electricity generator, is working with Drexel to see how this might be applied more broadly across the region.



Via:  Drexel University  LINK

December 14, 2011

OnionFlats To Design New Net Zero Homes in East Falls, Philadelphia

Design firm OnionWorks was selected to design new net-zero energy homes on a site in Philadelphia’s East Falls neighborhood. 

Plans call for 120 + housing units and retail space with sustainability and low energy use part of the plans as well as proximity to mass transit.

“ … energy for … heating, cooling, light and home hot water will be generated on site, with green roofs and a solar panel array. … indoor bike storage … electric vehicle charging ports and spaces for Zip Cars.”

While not a sure thing plans call for construction to start in 2013 with completion in 2014.

Via:  NewsWorsks  LINK

September 04, 2011

GreenFest Philly - 2011

Greenfest Philly helps people learn how they can become more sustainable.  The event provides educational opportunities and resources to help people live green.

“ … showcases scores of exhibitors, providing a wealth of information and useful green products. … wishes to impart that being green is something we can all do.”

Greenfest Philly 2001 is coming soon – Saturday, September 10, 2011 and is at Headhouse Square (along 2nd St. between South St. and Pine St.) in Philadelphia, PA.

There are a number of “Green” vendors; check this link for full details and free electronics recycling from E Waste Experts; check their website for full details.


Via:  GreenFest Philly  LINK

April 24, 2011

Solar Powers Philadelphia Pollution Control Plant

Dynamic Solar installs 250kW solar system for the Philadelphia Water Department at its local pollution control facility.  …Philadelphia waste water treatment plant goes with solar power

…   “Dynamic Solar teamed with CETCO Contracting Services and Nucero Electric to design, engineer and install the 250kW ground mounted system.

The array is located at the Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant and is expected to generate approximately 330,000 kilowatt hours of solar electricity per year.”   …

Via Dynamic Solar: Philadelphia's Largest Solar System.

Philadelphia wastewater treatment (Link).

Philly solar power system installed at wastewater treatment facility

April 03, 2011

Save Some Green - Green Things Store in Philadelphia, Pa

Save Some Green Store in Philadelphia, Pa

Check out the  Save Some Green at 2005 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, Pa.v

"ALL of our products are better for the environment ... Recycled, Recyclable, Biodegradable, Compostable, ... Sustainable, ... Less-wasteful, Local – or a combination."

The store fixtures are reused or made from bamboo or recycled cardboard. 

" .... carry products which are reasonably priced ... "

They offer to recycle materials such as # 3 - # 7 plastics and even take food for composting !

Check out their website to learn more about what they do and what they offer LINK


Don't live in Philadelphia - see their Amazon store !

Via:  Save Some Green LINK

February 01, 2011

West Philly Hydrid X Team

is based at the Academy of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering at West Philadelphia High School.  …


January 01, 2011

Philly renewable energy choices

Electricity competition brings choice to Philadelphia energy consumers in the new year.  …

…   “You can even buy 100 percent renewable energy at a discount off Peco's price. “   …

Via Philadelphia Inquirer: Consumer Choice.


December 14, 2010

Philadelphia to Get Solar Farm

Phila Sustainability

Philadelphia wants to get 20 % of its electricity from renewable sources by 2015.

" ... Solar City Partnership will develop a strategy through which 2.3 MW of solar electricity will be generated within the city of Philadelphia by 2011 and 57.8 MW by 2021... "

The Solar City Partnership is a JV between the U.S. Department of Energy and the City of Philadelphia.  

Two Systems under consideration are ...

- a 900,000 kWh solar system at the Naval Yard.

- installations at city owned water treatment facilities (Philadelphia Water Department).


Via: Phila.Gov LINK

November 18, 2010

Philadelphia Eagles Solar Wind Energy Program

E-A-G-L-E-S … Eagles.  S-O-L-A-R … Solar.  W-I-N-D … Wind.  Philadelphia Eagles launch an integrated renewable energy program at the Lincoln Financial Field stadium with the help of Solar Blue.  …

…   “Solar Blue, based in Florida, is going to invest close to $30 million over the next year to build, install, maintain and operate this new power system that will include approximately 80 spiral-shaped wind turbines, 2,500 solar panels and an onsite dual-fuel cogeneration plant.

The power system is targeted to be ready to go for September, 2011.

Solar Blue anticipates employing 200 local residents during the one-year design & installation period. Fifty of these jobs will be permanent operational positions.”   …

Via Philly Eagles: Environmental Initiative.

Eagles embrace renewable energy

November 11, 2010

LEED Green Housing in Phila, Pa offers Electric Car Chargers

Sheldon Crossing

Sheldon Crossing in Manayunk (Philadelphia) Pa offers the latest in GREEN LIVING.   In addition to being LEED certified they offer a Coulomb Technologies electric  car charging station.

" ... will earn a Platinum LEED certification ... homes will use less energy, water, and natural resources ... "  Features include " ... solar panels, vegetative green roofs, insulation, plumbing, HVAC, water purification and smart home automation ..."Coulomb Charing Station

The model home's Charging Station for electric vehicles is the first in the city of Philadelphia.  Picture >>>>>


Via:  Sheldon Crossing  LINK and Philadelphia Inquirer LINK

October 12, 2010

Philly SEPTA pilot brake power

SEPTA is working with Viridity to harness energy from brake systems that is stored in batteries and reused to power its trains.  …

…   “piloting a smart electrical grid technology that could cut its electricity bills by up to 40 percent and generate millions of dollars a year.”   …

Via MIT Technology Review: Subway Power Generation.

SEPTA smart grid pilots regenerative braking system

September 08, 2010

Viridity Energy and SEPTA to "Recycle" Subway Braking Energy

Viridity logo

SEPTA and Viridity Energy are working to reclaim and then reuse or resell the electricity generated by SEPTA subway and trolley cars. 

Much the same as a hybrid auto using regenerative braking to charge a battery - this system  sends the energy generated from braking subway cars back to the Subway power system for short term storage.  This turns the normally wasted energy into a resource.

Viridity Energy 's solution will " ... allow SEPTA to recycle the energy created from the regenerative braking ability of trains and trolleys ... ".  The braking energy will be stored in a large battery.

Benefits will include energy savings by storing the energy that can then be used to reduce SEPTA's draw from the GRID or even returned to the GRID for revenue during peaks use times.  It is projected that energy savings will result in over 1,200 tons of carbon emissions avoided per year and helping " ... balance electric generation and electric load on the PJM interconnection ..."


Via:  Viridity Energy  LINK

August 26, 2010

Philadelphia Now Recycles Plastics #1 - #7 !

Most municipalities accept #1 - PET and #2 - HDPE plastics for recycling.  Philadelphia now accepts #3 Recycle Now Philadelphia-#7 as well! This means #3 - Vinyl, #4 - LDPE, #5 - PP, #6 - PS and #7 - other / mixed. 

" ... Philadelphia has citywide single stream recycling. ... all recyclables can be put in the same container, including plastics and cardboard."  This makes it easier for residents and business as there is no more sorting into different containers at home.

There is even a section about debunking Phila Recycling Myths ... that gives the real info on recycling in the City.

Check out the web site for information you can use no matter where you live !


Via:  Recycle Now Philadelphia LINK

July 18, 2010

Braxton's Animal Works (Devon, PA) Goes Green with LED Lighting

Braxton's Devon, PA.Braxton's in Devon, PA (western suburbs of Philadelphia) is a 3rd generation family business.  We buy a lot of our dog stuff there ... one day I noticed a sign outside touting their "LSS LED bulbsgreen-ness" by installing LED lighting.

Their lighting solution came from LED Saving Solutions of Devon, PA..

After installing LED lighting their electric  bill went from over $750 / month to around $100 / month.  Projected lifetime savings are over $260,000 as well as eliminating 100,00 lbs of carbon emissions.


Via: LED Saving Solutions LINK

July 15, 2010

Philadelphia to Use LEDs in Traffic Lights logo

Philadelphia is becoming well known for  its green activities ... including solar powered compacting trash bins that can signal when they are full and need to be emptied.

They are also upgrading standard traffic signals with ones that contain LED light "bulbs".  LEDs are even more energy efficient and longer lasting than CFBs - and do not contain any mercury.

" ... funding through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG).  ... reducing energy use and costs, ... and furthering the City’s sustainability priorities."

"Replacing 85,000 traffic lights with new, low energy LED lights."

 Via: LINK

July 12, 2010

Philadelphia's Bourse Goes Solar !

The Philadelphia Bourse Philadelphia Bourse buildinghas gone Solar.  The old Bourse Building on Independence Mall East has solar panels from SolarDock of Wilmington, Delaware.  These roof panels are designed to not impact the integrity of the roof of the historic building.

Solar Panels on the Bourse building

" ... SolarDock system for mounting the panels without any penetration of the roof surface ... "

This allows mounting in locations where there is concern about leaks in the roof or a roof warranty that does not allow for through roof mounts.






Via:  Delaware Business Blog LINK

May 29, 2010

He Shoots, He Scores! Philly Flyers drive energy-efficiency

awareness for PECO as their sustained energy in the Stanley Cup Playoffs drives traffic to site.  …

… “They wanted to drive people to their website for a section it has on energy-efficiency tips,” he said. Their traffic to the site has quadrupled during the playoffs.”   …

Via Philadelphia Business Journal: Go Flyers!


PECO site: Smart Ideas.


Go Flyers!

May 21, 2010

Philadelphia Pa. Wins 3rd Annual Sustainable Community Award for a Large Community

PhiladelphiaMayor Michael Nutter has been promoting Philadelphia's green activities and now the city is being recognized by others as well.

"... U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC) and Siemens Corporation has presented the 3rd Annual Siemens Sustainable Community Award ... to the City of Philadelphia. ... recognizes Philadelphia’s outstanding efforts to achieve complementary economic, environmental and social goals, ..."

" ... Mayor Michael A. Nutter. ... encouraged by the momentum behind our sustainability efforts, ... look forward to aggressively continuing our work to promote market transformation in energy efficiency retrofitting and growing the green economy.”

"... training our workforce to install solar panels and cool roofs, and we’re putting Philadelphians to work weatherizing homes and installing green stormwater management infrastructure."

Via: City of Philadelphia LINK

May 17, 2010

Philadelphia Coolest Block Contest Winners Announced !

About a week ago I wrote about the cool roof project in Philadelphia [LINK].  The winning block was just announced ... the 1200 Block of Wolf Street.

RetroFit PHILLY - Coolest Block Contest

The residents on this block showed tremendous enthusiasm and community spirit in their quest to become the 'Coolest'. Plus, every roof on the block is suitable for a 'cool roof' coating! 

"In the coming weeks, ... this block ... receive its prize-an energy audit and energy-efficient upgrades, such as insulation, air sealing and a 'cool roof'! And we'll celebrate with a block party in June!"

" ...  check out their winning essay!"

"Cool roofs reflect the sun's heat ... are about 50-80 degrees cooler than typical asphalt roofs and come in a variety of colors.  White is the "coolest" because it most efficiently reflects the sun's rays. "


Via:  RetroFit Philly LINK



May 16, 2010

Springside School Promotes Waste Reduction

Springside School's colors are blue and gold.  They are making blue + gold into GREEN.  A good life lesson in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Waste Free Wednesday Lunch InitiativeSpringside School logo


" ... The Sustainability Committee has decided to step up Springside's efforts to reduce the amount of trash that goes into landfills. Students are encouraged every day, but especially on Wednesdays, to compost, recycle, and eat as much of what they brought/bought to create as little waste as possible. In time, this will become something that naturally occurs every day!"

Via: Springside School LINK

Springside School: Largest Solar Installation in Philadelphia

Springside School's Solar RoofSpringside School - Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia has  the largest solar installation in the city of Philadelphia.  You can see the solar progress with the monitoring station ... the system has the capacity of 92.4 kSpringside  School logoW DC.

As of May 15th, 2010 the system has generated 21,201 kWH - equivalent to powering 2 homes for a year.

See  the current operation / historical data at LINK


 Via:  Springside School  LINK

May 15, 2010

Greater Philadelphia Green Business Program

Greater Phila Green Business Program

Real Estate developers are seeing the value in being able to offer sustainable green buildings.

"Aegis Property Group ... integrating energy and environmental leadership principals and practices into its development management services capabilities. ...Corporate commitment to LEED program. active leadership role ... in the Green Building Council ... continuing education in green principles and LEED ... Advocacy of green principles ... as appropriate in our client’s projects."

"Sustainable design, construction and operation ... is no longer a luxury - it is an absolute necessity."


Via:  AEGIS Property Group  LINK


May 11, 2010

White Roofs Help Keep Philadelphia Cool

white roof in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is out to become America's greenest city.  RetroFIT PHILLY is part of the plan to lead the nation's cities in "greenness".

" ... RetroFIT PHILLY "Coolest Block" contest ... with product and technology contributions from The Dow Chemical Company ... invites row home owners to enter to win energy-saving cool roof, air sealing and insulation upgrades for their entire block."

"... Greenworks Philadelphia  goal is to retrofit 15 percent of the city's row home roofs, and the 'Coolest Block' contest is jumpstarting this effort," said Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter...."

" ... White cool roofs, ... bounce off solar energy to prevent it from being absorbed into the roof and house in the summer. ... they reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the living space and bring the cost of cooling a home down by as much as 20 percent."

" ... cool roofs are a proven way to combat urban heat island effect. The roof's exterior is 50 – 80 degrees cooler on hot summer days, helping to lower high temperatures and improve air quality. ..."


Via: The Dow Chemical Company  LINK

May 07, 2010

Phillies Red goes Green at Citizen Bank Park

Phillies launched the Red Goes Green initiative to demonstrate its commitment to clean energy at professional sports venues and it works to improve awareness among sports fans at the games.  …

Phillies Red Goes Green at the game ...


Red Goes Green site.

Red Goes Green Team features volunteers from local colleges and community organizations who collect recyclable materials from the stands throughout each game. All Red Goes Green Team members wear green aprons so they are easily identified and an announcement is made pre-game to fans to look for the Green Team and take part in the Phillies' recycling efforts.

Go Phils!

May 01, 2010

Growing Organicly in Rooftop Garden in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (NYC)

Roof top Garden - Bklyn,  NYCBrooklyn may not be the first place you thing of when ROOFTOP gardens come to mind ... BUT Roof Top Farms grows pumpkins, peas and other produce - organically.

" ...The garden, 15 m above the GreenRooftop Farmspoint sidewalk, is like a peaceful oasis in an otherwise throbbing industrial district. ..."

" ... Rooftop Farms project started in 2008 ... About 90 tonnes of specially mixed soil from Philadelphia was spread on the roof in March 2009 ... The garden users receive organic waste for their patches from the restaurants who by some of the vegetables, enabling them to avoid the use of artificial fertilisers."


Other benefits include controlling water runoff and less water treatment needed as well as possible reduced heating / cooling loads on the buildings.


Via: Sustainable Cities  LINK

March 01, 2010

Green Computing at the Philadelphia Flower Show

February 14, 2010

Tobacco Biofuel Role

A number of gasoline alternatives are explored at the Chi Town Auto Show, with an interesting twist on biofuel with tobacco as feedstock. ...
... "Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia have found a way to boost biofuel production from tobacco leaves. If the research pans out, tobacco could prove extremely useful since it’s not a food crop. " ...
Via Medill Reports:

If the seeds and leaves generate oil, tobacco could have a role as a biofuel feedstock. ...

... "According to Vyacheslav Andrianov, Ph.D., assistant professor of Cancer Biology at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, tobacco can generate biofuel more efficiently than other agricultural crops. " ...
Via TJU: Engineered Tobacco Plants Have More Potential as a Biofuel

January 31, 2010

Up Close with Tesla Roadster Electric Vehicle at Philly Auto Show

Tesla Roadster sighting at the 2010 Philadelphia International Auto Show. ...

More Tesla Roadster pictures after the jump. ...

Continue reading "Up Close with Tesla Roadster Electric Vehicle at Philly Auto Show" »

December 05, 2009

Solar Manufacturing

Philladelphia solar manufacturing details are discussed by the mayor and governor.

November 29, 2009

Yo Philly Solar Project

Philadelphia pursues stealth solar project to develop manufacturing site. ...
... "Greek solar-panel manufacturing company intends to build a production facility at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, a development that local officials hailed yesterday as an important step in positioning the city to be a key player in the emerging clean-energy economy. " ...
Via Philadelphia Inquirer: Solar-panel factory

October 23, 2009

Pennsylvania Hospital Green Trailblazing

EPA recognizes Philadelphia-area hospitals for their environmental leadership with a Trailblazer Award. The Pennsylvania Hospital recycles and integrates sustainable farming with healthy eating lifestyle program. ...
... "Pennsylvania Hospital is receiving the award for its extensive recycling program, as well as its healthy organic foods program. The hospital started a weekly farmers market in 2008 for patients, staff and the surrounding community. New in 2009, the hospital introduced the new locally-grown featured produce item in the cafeteria. The item is available for purchase Wednesdays at the market, then served in the cafeteria on Thursdays with the recipe posted so diners can prepare the same dish at home. " ...
Via EPA: Trailblazer Awards

Hospital farmers markets via Philadelphia Business Journal: "Pennsylvania and Jefferson hospitals are also in the second year of their farmers markets, which each set up with the help of the Women’s Health & Environmental Network. "

September 01, 2009

Penn Class of 2010 Graduates to Wear Gowns Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles

U of Penn logo

Penn's Class of 2010 will wear gowns made of recycled plastic bottles to graduation.  Each of the approx. 2,500 gowns are made the with the equivalent of 23 plastic bottles.

" ... GreenWeaver line of regalia by Oak Hall Cap & Gown, ... is Penn’s latest greening effort. ... adorn its Class of 2010 seniors in gowns and caps made of 100 percent, post-consumer recycled plastic bottles."

“Penn will begin this academic year announcing our Climate Action Plan, the long-range strategy to reduce our carbon footprint ... Part of that effort is to partner with vendors that promote eco-friendly options. "

" ... fabric will be spun from molten plastic pellets, ... average of 23 bottles needed to make each gown. Recycled plastic bottles are already used to make sweatshirts and other clothing, the company said, and the result is apparel virtually indistinguishable in color, feel or fit from traditional polyester material."

"For every gown purchased, Oak Hall said it will make a contribution to a campus environmental group. At Penn, the contributions will be designated for the University’s Green Fund."


Via:  University of Penn LINK

Great Valley (Chester County PA) School Buses use BioDiesel

Great Valley School District

The Great Valley School District (Chester County, PA) is the FIRST school district to switch to B20 biodiesel for its bus fleet.  B20 is a blend of 20% bio fuel and 80% diesel.

" ... assistance from The Energy Cooperative to make the transition to B20 and a state grant to pay for the added cost ... received a $28,340 Alternative Incentive Fuels Grant (AFIG) ... to pay for the incremental cost of using biodiesel ... estimates it will use approximately 130,000 gallons of B20 ..."

" ... AFIG grants ... administered by the Department of Environmental Protection, are intended to improve Pennsylvania’s air quality and to reduce dependency on foreign energy sources."  
"Biodiesel is a cleaner, biodegradable, and nontoxic alternative fuel .... can be used as a pure fuel (B100) or blended with petroleum such as in the popular B20 blend ..."
" ... B20 blend will reduce annual air pollution by approximately 1,919 pounds of carbon monoxide ... 173 pounds of particulate matter ... 227 pounds of hydrocarbons ... 119 pounds of sulfur dioxide ... and 435,267 pounds of carbon dioxide ..."

August 05, 2009

The HUB - GREEN Meeting and Event Centers in Philadelphia, PA.

The Hub logo

A current trend in office space for smaller companies or those looking for a remote presence is to rent by the day.  the HUB offers "GREEN Meeting and Event Centers" on an as needed basis.

" ... only privately-held LEED Silver Rated Meeting and Event Facility in the U.S. ...[LEED is] ... nationally accepted standard for certifying high-performance green interiors that are healthy, ... less costly to operate and maintain, and reduce environmental footprint ...achieved a LEED-CI Silver rating at its Cira Centre location ..."inside view

There are many GREEN design elements incorporated including use of recycled materials, reduced water usage, brownfield redevelopment, and use of local materials.

"... The Hub is 100% wind powered, ... aggressively recycles ... discontinued the use of plastic water bottles in all of its facilities  ... More than 15% of the new materials ... were recycled ... More than 20% of the materials ... are of local origin (manufactured within 500 miles of the location) ... constructed on a rehabilitated "brownfield" railyard ..."


Via:  the HUb  LINK

July 01, 2009

Zwahlen's Ice Cream Goes Green With SRS Energy's Sole Power Tile

Zwahlens Ice Cream and Chocholate

 Zwahlen's is a local (Audubon PA) ice cream and chocolate establishment that just so happens to have the first commercial use of SRS Energy's Sole Power Tile Roof.

I was driving past the store last evening when my son told me about the sign on the front that  said --- something along the lines "the best ice cream under the sun is now powered by the sun".  I needed to check this out ... SRS logo

" SRS Energy, ...installed ... the first building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofing product designed for curved roofing systems, ... the first commercial installation of the Sole Power Tile(TM) system  ..."

"T...a great example of how time-tested traditions and cutting-edge technology can meet to create something beautiful," said Marty Low, CEO of SRS Energy and owner of Zwahlen's. "

" ... designed to blend seamlessly with several styles of US Tile's clay tiles, providing energy without the use of traditional solar panels that can compromise a building's roofline and curb appeal. ... preserves Zwahlen's charming Swiss chalet look."

"SRS Energy recently introduced the Sole Power Tile(TM) system to the greater Philadelphia region at the PV America show, held at the Pennsylvania Convention center during the week of June 7, 2009."

SRS Energy's Sole Power Tile can generate 500 Watts per sq ft.


Via:  EarthTimes  LINK

Via:  SRS Energy  LINK

June 30, 2009

Exolation - New Insulation developed in Philadelphia for newly created End Row Homes

Newly Created "end unit" row homwPhiladelphia is a city of row houses ... unfortunately many are in blighted condition and when they are town down the newly  created "end units" are poorly insulated.  Cleaning up the blighted homes causes the other homeowners to have basically little or no insulation on a large surface of their home.

Exolation insulation

"In the interest of creating local green jobs, the city hopes to find a local manufacturer." " ... product consists of layers of insulating foam (for thermal protection), high-density foam (to absorb impact), fabric (to prevent penetration of sharp objects), and a latex-stucco finish.  ... produce it in 2-by-4-foot panels that will be affixed to a wall with a foaming adhesive."

" ... Philadelphia University's help was enlisted after the city determined that existing exterior-wrap products were too expensive and not sufficiently durable."

Via:  Philadelphia University  LINK

June 04, 2009

Platinum LEED homes in Manayunk (Philadelphia), Pa

Sheldon Crossing - Manayunk, Phila, Pa

Green living options are increasing in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia.  Manayunk is accessible to the R6 regional rail line to center city and is a very walkable village ...

Sheldon Crossing is a new Platinum LEED (to be certified) development ...

" ...16-unit carriage home development in Manayunk, PA, ... to meet and surpass green standards, which will earn us a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum level of certification. As we are redefining eco-conscious living, we have not lost sight of the importance of design. ..."

" ... less energy and resources consumed ... will result in significant savings for the homeowner as utility bills dwindle. ... Sheldon Crossing homes will use less energy, water, and natural resources. They create less waste, have less exposure to mold, mildew and other indoor toxins. ... features to highlight are PV solar panels, green roofs, Icynene insulation, high efficiency heaters, WaterSense plumbing fixtures, water purification, heat recovery ventilators, smart home technology, Energy Star appliances, windows and doors and much more. ..."


Via:  SheldonCrossing  LINK

May 18, 2009

Big Belly Solar Powered Trash Cans in Philadelphia

 Phila, Pa Mayor Nutter cutting the ribbon ...

I first saw the Big Belly at the Green Expo in Philadelphia in April [LINK].  The benefits seemed compelling ... solar power allows siting away from power sources, ability to compact trash 5:1 and it can be outfitted with a wireless connection to signal when full so trash / recycling trucks bypass containers that do not need to be emptied.

This morning [May 18th, 2009)] I saw several being installed along Market St East in center City Philadelphia.  ThBigBelly - 8th and Market St, Center City Philadelphiais photo is of a container on the SE corner of 8th and Market.

"BigBelly is the world's only solar-powered cordless compaction system. ... Increased capacity reduces collection trips and can cut related fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. ... has proven successful in urban streets, parks, colleges, arenas - and in all weather conditions."

" ... can hold 150 gallons of trash, ... gets 100% of its energy from the sun and uses less than 5 watt hours/day ..."

Philadelphia is scheduled to get approx. 500 Big Bellies!


Via:  BigBelly  LINK


May 13, 2009

801 Market St in Phila to be LEED Green

801 Marklet St, PhilaThe former Strawbridge and Clothier flagship department store in Philadelphia is being remodeled in a green way.  PA. REIT has posted window signs and made green dioramas in the store's street side display cases (most of the building has been closed for some time).

" ... bring together 16 state agencies in a former retail space, a 13-story historic building on Market Street, bringing renovations and modernizations throughout the space. ... the arrival of the state agencies will bring 750. employees to the Market East section of Center City, as the state consolidates agencies ... PREIT, which controls everything from the sub-basement to the sixth floor, will renovate vacant space to make room for retail on the first, second and third floors, while maintaining the historical aspects of the building and complying with LEED silver certification requirements."


Photos to follow ...


Via:  Phila Biz Journal  LINK



May 11, 2009

Phillies Go Green

Local students help collect recyclable materials at the Phillies games in Citizens Bank Park. ...

... "The Phillies are looking for friendly volunteers from local colleges and community organizations to join the Phillies Ballgirls and help collect recyclable materials from fans in the seating bowl throughout each game at Citizens Bank Park. " ...
Via Phillies: Red Goes Green

April 24, 2009

Comcast Philadelphia HQ is LEED Certified

Comcast Phila LEED BuildingComcast's HQ in Philadelphia is now LEED Gold certified ... and the tallest such building in the US.
LEED Gold logo
Read on for more  >>>

" ... received LEED Gold certification for the building's core and shell from the national organization. ... using 40 percent less water than a typical office building, with fixtures that save more than 3 million gallons of drinking water annually and waterless urinals in all restrooms that save 1.2 million gallons."

" ... a shaded plaza reduces the heat-island effect caused by pavement by 70 percent and ... low-E coating ... blocks 60 percent of heat while allowing in 70 percent of the sun's visible light, reducing energy used for air conditioning while using natural light to its fullest."

Via:  Philadelphia Business Journal  LINK

March 12, 2009

Go Green Expo - Philadelphia March 13 - 15, 2009

Philadelphia skylineThe Go Green Expo comes to Philadelphia, at the PA Convention Center in center city Philadelphia, this weekend ...hours are ...

Friday, March 13th • 10am - 5pm
Saturday, March 14th • 10am - 6pm
Sunday, March 15th • 10am - 5pm

GoGreenExpo logo"Go Green Expo, ... was conceived after a viewing of the film "An Inconvenient Truth." It prompted the question, "How can we make a difference?" ... will change not only the public's perception of environmentalism but also how events like this are produced and managed. ... Even the event itself is environmentally friendly utilizing a ZERO Carbon footprint approach ... Biodegradable trash bags, eco-friendly printing, table coverings, recycled signs, compostable sponsor banners and more. Event waste will be separated and sorted to ensure the least amount of refuse going to the landfills. Staff travel and a portion of every ticket that is purchased will be carbon offset."



See the Video by Ed Begley -- he is not at the Philadelphia show ... Via:  GoGreenExpo  Link

February 10, 2009

Philadelphia City Council Tries (AGAIN) to Ban Plastic Bags

plastic bags

For Philadelphians - the question of "paper or plastic" may no longer be a choice they have to - or can make.

From several news stories on the radio and in theplastic bag litter paper -- part of the argument was that the bags are everywhere, require extra labor to pick up and are clogging parts of the city water system / sewer system. Another is that animals can either get caught in them or ingest them.

For all their value - they can be a mess when on the loose as TRASH / LITTER. 

In February 2009 Philadelphia City Council  " ... re-introduced a bill that would ban the distribution of plastic grocery bags. ...  tried two years ago but retailers and chemicals companies successfully argued that the same results could be achieved through a recycling program and public education campaign."

" ... ... problem ... was never any follow through. ... Here's the wording from the 2007 plastic bag ban."


"Mandatory Use of Recyclable and Compostable Checkout Bags. 

   (a) No supermarket or pharmacy shall provide checkout bags other than:
     (i) recyclable paper bags;
     (ii) compostable plastic bags; and/or
     (iii) reusable bags."


What is your take?

>>> Do you use / prefer plastic bags?

>>> Do you recycle / reuse plastic bags?



February 08, 2009

Philadelphia Recycling

Philadelphia RecyclingIn order to increase participation in city wide recycling - Philadelphia has fine tuned their recycling program ... to make it weekly and coincide with regular trash pick up ... no more wondering when the recyclables go out to the curb ...

"... as of January 5th, you can now recycle every week on the same day as trash day. It's easier, more convenient, and good for the whole city - spread the word!... "

Why?  " ... For you - It feels good to be part of a city-wide effort...and it's contagious! ... For your city - Recycling creates jobs, earns money for neighborhood programs, and brings a greater sense of pride to our city. ... For your environment - Recycling conserves natural resources, so our whole planet can stay healthier for generations to come...."


Via:  Link

February 07, 2009

Pennsylvania's No Truck Idling Rule

OOIDA logo

PA has enacted a law to reduce truck idling - with the intent t o reduce pollution.

" ... intended to reduce unnecessary idling of large trucks throughout the state. ... It takes effect Feb. 9, 2009. ... Idling rules already are in place in Allegheny County and the city of Philadelphia."

" ... bill – SB295 – that imposes idling limits statewide. Diesel-powered vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds will be limited to idling for no more than five minutes per hour. Violators would face fines between $150 and $300.trucks idling"

There are exemptions - for now - for temperatures " ... lower than 40 degrees or higher than 75 degrees. ...temperature exemption expires May 1, 2010. ... expected that idle reduction technology will be more widely available. [then]."

" ... restrictions will not apply to trucks that exhibit a label "issued by the California Air Resources Board" that shows the vehicle's engine meets the optional NOx idling emission standard."

Via: Owner Operator Independent Driver Assn LINK

January 03, 2009

PECO's First Green Building - West Chester, PA.

PECO logoAs part of their 2020 Low Carbon Roadmap .... PECO opened their first "green" building in West Chester (Chester County) Pa. 

" ... $2 million, 8-month project to open PECO's first 'green building' at the company's service site in West Chester, Chester County. ... expected to use about 20 percent less energy and 40 percent less water. ... the use of reflective roofing materials; low flow water devices; recycled construction materials, ... energy efficient lighting, ... and more .."



December 28, 2008

PECO Green Roof in Center Citry Phila, Pa.

PECO logo

PECO is installing a green roof at it's Phila HQ location at 23rd and Market Sts.  The planned 45000 sq. foot roof will " ... reduce the summertime temperature of a dark roof by 60 to 80 degrees, saves on heating and cooling costs, and grows without conventional soil..."

" ... green roof development ... is part of the company’s recently-announced comprehensive environmental initiative with a range of programs over the next several years.



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December 27, 2008

First Green Dental Office on the East Coaast - in PA

Here is the first I have read about Green Dentistry ... an established practice (over 50 years) in Aston, Pa that is Green Dentistry ... renovating to become GREEN.

" ...Dental Health Care Associates ... undergoing a major renovation ... and will soon become the first LEED certified "green" dental office on the East coast."

"... measures are being taken to create a state-of-the-art facility that will meet or exceed the Gold certification standards for LEED  ... buildings. ... renovations include, but are not limited to:tooth and toothbrush

    " ... recycled building materials ... Geothermal HVAC ... Solar and wind-powered energy ... No-VOC cabinetry, carpets, flooring, and paints ... rainwater collection tank ... Water-free landscaping ..."

Via:  Link

December 26, 2008

PECO - Green Skyline Message Board at 23rd & Market Sts, in Phila

PECO logoPECO is changing the lighting system at its skyline tower message board at 23rd and Markets Sts.  The Message Board is well known to those in Philadelphia.  They are replacing the current lighting system with longer life energy saving LEDs ...

" ... new, energy efficient LED lighting system with color and graphic capability. ... expected to be unveiled mid-summer 2009.  PECO Bldg at 23rd and Market Sts, Phila

" ... displaying community messages ...  since July 4, 1976. ... the original Crown Lights electronic messaging board consists of a total of 2,600 individual bulbs. ... ... is 38 feet high, 148 feet long along the North and South ... and 71 feet long along the East and West side."

" ... will utilize the latest in LED lighting technology, ... is expected to use 20 percent less energy and provide several thousand dollars of additional savings in bulb replacement costs. ..."


December 07, 2008

Philadelphia's Solar Powered Chrismas Tree Lights

solar powered Chrostmas Tree Lights" ... Christmas tree at 3rd and Poplar Streets in Northern Liberties [Philadelphia, Pa] is 40-feet-tall, and it's lit by solar panels ..."

" ... sponsored by the Northern Liberties Business Owners Association,... a nice twist for the neighborhood especially being a neighborhood developed by artists and folks that really focus on alternative methods ... after they're done with it, it will be chipped and used as mulch ..."



December 05, 2008

Philadelphia Prison Installs Solar Panels for Hot Water

Riverside Correctional Facility - Philadelphia
The Riverside Correctional Facility, part of the Philadelphia Prison System "... hopes to save money - and the environment - by using solar panels to provide hot water ...project will save about $1.1Phila Prison System logo million and 1 million pounds of carbon emissions over the anticipated 25-year life of the system."

" ... solar-powered system ... replaces traditional oil- and gas-fired water heaters. ... prison system and the mayor's Office of Sustainability provided about $665,000 for the project.


Via: CentreDaily.Com Link

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November 18, 2008

Ulilities Provide Lower Cost Energy Saving Kits

Energy Saving Kit
PECO logoMany utilities are offering coupons with their bills for lower cost energy savings kits.  One from PECO (servers Philadelphia and region) with electricity and Natural Gas (ex-Philadelphia) includes 3 CFB, Energy Tips wheel, faucet aerators, and other goodies.






November 05, 2008

GREEN Living in Philadelphia's Western Suburbs

Pembroke North logoNewly opened condominiums in the Western Suburbs of Philadelphia combine energy efficiency, LEED design standards, a green roof and is within easy walking distance of 2 tLEED for Homesrain stations.

" ... highly efficient energy and mechanical systems meet stringent environmental certification requirements ... making Pembroke North the first multi-family residential buildings to be registered for LEED-certification in the Philadelphia area ...". 

Green roof on parking garage" ... buildings have heating and cooling systems that employ heat pumps connected to extensive underground thermal pipe systems for tremendous energy efficiency. ..."

"LEED FEATURES ... High-Efficiency Window Glass ... Well-Insulated Roof and Exterior Walls ... Natural Light and Views ... Geothermal Heating and Air-Conditioning ... Tankless Hot Water Heaters ... "

Nearby Radnor Middle School also has a green roof ... that's 2 green roofs (at least0 in Radnor, Pa!

Via: Pembroke North  Link

October 08, 2008

Villanova University Builds "Wetlands"

Vilanova University "wetlands" Villanova University "created" a new wetlands area from a retention basin.  "... existing stormwater detention basin on Villanova University property has been converted into an extended detention wetland BMP (Center for Watershed Protection 1996)  ... wetland treats runoff from a 41 acre site that includes approximately 16 acres of impervious surface, ..."

" ... site has been instrumented to collect flow and level data, as well as conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and temperature measurements.  ... An educational sign has been installed to enhance the learning experience. ..."


Via: Villanova University Link

September 22, 2008

Exelon Using Boidiesel and Hybrids

Exelon Logo
Exelon, a major energy supplier in the northeast and in Philadelphia (via PECO), has committed to using Biodiesel and Hybrids.  

Read on for more  >>>

"Exelon continues to be a major voluntary user of B20 biodiesel  ... the main source of fuel for more than 2,500 of the company's  vehicles—or 65 percent of its fleet. ... Exelon uses in excess of 2 million gallons per year. ... In 2005, Exelon purchased 50 Ford Escape Hybrids, the first production hybrid sport-utility vehicle (SUV).  ... about 25 percent of the company’s overall SUV fleet. ... expects to procure 50 hybrid SUVs and 10 compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) vehicles each year and to use biodiesel for all diesel vehicles by the end of 2006."

Via:  Link

September 10, 2008

GreenFest Philly - 2008

GreenFest PhillyI missed this one and would have like to check it out. What really caught my eye was a photo in the local newspaper (Phila Inquirer, Monday Sept 8th) that showed a person dressed as a "bag monster" covered in 700 plastic bags - the number the average person uses per year!

"GreenFest Philly is a one-day street fair FREE to the public.  Over 200 exhibitors and 20,000 people are expected  ... features vegetarian food, sneaker recycling, live music & entertainment, kids activities, bicycle valet, yoga, local produce, organic pastry contest, composting and recycling, ... theme is water quality so grab your reusable water containers and fill up at our no-waste drinking water stations."


Via:  GreenFest Philly   Link


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July 14, 2008


FryOdiesel logo

fryOdiesel takes a waste produict - one that restauratns and other inductries have to PAY TO get ride of and turns it in to a profitable fuels ... reducing wates and turning trash into cash.

"PFoD has developed patent-pending technology for the production of high quality diesel fuel from fats, oils, and greases. ... produce ASTM-grade biodiesel from sewer trap grease and other waste greases."
" ...fats, oils, and grease in the wastewater system is a costly problem ... causi
fryOdiesel pilot plantng sewer backups and resulting in millions of dollars of fines and billions of dollars of forced infrastructure upgrades."

"PFoD solves the problem of grease in the sewers by providing a beneficial reuse of what is now a costly pollutant."

fryOdiesel is based in Philadelphia, Pa.

Via:  fryOdiesel   Link

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May 01, 2008

Philadelphia Phillies Go Green !!

Phillies Logo


"Officals from Major League Baseball, the ... (EPA), the ... (NRDC), Green-e Energy and WindStreet Energy, ... joined the Phillies in announcing a major initiative at Citizens Bank Park to aid in the efforts for a cleaner environment."

" To offset the carbon footprint created ... the Phillies have purchased 20 million kilowatt-hours of Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). According to the EPA, this is the largest single purchase of 100% renewable energy in professional sports and is equivalent to the planting of 100,000 trees."

"The Phillies are the first Major League Baseball team to join the EPA's Green Power Partnership (GPP) program, ... According to the EPA, the team is the third largest Green Power Partner in Philadelphia and seventh largest Green Power Partner in Pennsylvania."Citizen's Bank Ballpark


Via:  Link 

April 30, 2008

Solar Energy Facility at Philadelphia, Pa. Navy Yard Site

Exelon Logo"Exelon Generation Company, LLC, has signed a 20-year power purchase agreement with Epuron LLC, the U.S. subsidiary of one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies, to buy energy produced at a new solar energy facility located at the Philadelphia Navy Yard."Epuron logo

" ... solar power project is expected to produce roughly one megawatt of power, or enough energy for 200 homes, by the first quarter of 2009."

Epuron Photovoltaic cellsExelon and Epuron have collaborated together before ... " ... In August 2007, the pair—in conjunction with Waste Management Inc.—announced the construction of the nation’s fourth largest solar photovoltaic (PV) generation project, ... at the WMI site in Fairless Hills.  ... approximately 17,000 panels to capture the sun’s rays and convert them into three megawatts of electricity, or enough power for 2,400 homes."

Via:  Exelon  Link

April 29, 2008

Green Roof at Schuykill Valley Nature Center (greater Phila, Pa)

RoofScapesSchuylkill Valley Nature Center (Phila area, PA)
Roofscapes, Inc. is " ... an engineering firm dedicated to developing the most elegant and efficient performance-based green roofs. ..."  Roofscapes is in Germantown, Pa (greater Philadelphia, Pa).

Schuykill Valley Nature Center roofOne of Roofscapes "green roofs" is at the Schuykill Valley Nature Center - just outside of Phyioladelphia PA.  The roof is not irrigated and covers 2,000 sq ft.

" ... 2” thick ...vegetated cover was selected to complement the other sustainable development technologies in this project. ... was required to be very thin ... Runoff from the green roof is channeled into the rain garden below on the ground. ..."



Via:  Roofscapes  Link

April 22, 2008

Fencing Academy of Philadelphia, Pa - Green Roof


The Fencing Academy of Phildelphia has a " ...3000 square foot green rooftop ... of perennial sedum varieties ... installed ...  in the spring of 1998.  ... was a retrofit design with the performance objective being the restoration of the pre-development hydrology for the 2-year return-frequency storm."

Fencing Academy of Philadelphia PA Vegetated roof cover" ... reached a mature stage of development, creating a meadow-like setting of perennial Sedum varieties ...  selected to withstand the range of seasonal conditions typical of the Mid-Atlantic region without then need for irrigation or regular maintenance. ..."

" ... cover is only 3.4” thick, including the drain layer, and weighs less than 5 lb/sf when dry, with a maximum saturated weight of under 17 lb/sf. ..."


Via:  LIP Urban Design  Link

April 21, 2008

Friends School in Philadelphia, Pa to use Goethermal Energy

Friends Center - Phila., PA.

Friends Select, an independent Quaker school in center city Philadelphia, Pa, is constructing a thermal energy system,.

Drilling holes " ... 1,500 feet below the sidewalk ... in search of energy savings."

" ... will use the ambient temperature of the ground, about 50 degrees, to heat and cool the Quaker-run office complex."

" ... costing $1.3 million, ... will help eliminate the center's emissions of greenhouse gases and cut its energy costs by an estimated 46 percent. The payback period: six to eight years."

Freied Select has other "green" application ... " ... a green makeover that includes solar panels, a vegetated roof, and rainwater holding tanks to flush the toilets."

Via:   Link

March 12, 2008

Swap Your Stuff ... Reduce Your Junk .... Keep Landfill From Filling Up


We all have heard the phrase "one man's junk is another's ...". 

One way to "recycle" is to reuse and one way to reuse is to swap your stuff rather than throw it in the landfill.

The Chester County (PA) Refuse Authority has an online swap page where people can list stuff they are willing to part with ... and what they will take in return ...

" ... - the online place where people meet to get rid of their things of value.... Help one another to recycle and save precious space in our landfill. The environment thanks you. Don't throw it away, give it away!"


Via:  SECCRA Link


March 11, 2008

Obama Speaks in PA About Green Energy @ Wind Turbine Plant

Gamesa Logo March 11, 2008 - FAIRLESS HILLS, Pa. -Presidential Candidate Obama spoke at the US site of Spanish Wind Turbine Company Gamesa.

Obama Signs a Turbine Blade

" ... spoke in a cavernous facility that ... is home to an arm of the Spanish company Gamesa, which makes giant turbines that generate electricity ... "


Wind Turbines"Obama repeated his call to spend $150 billion over 10 years to create "a green energy sector." He said it would "create up to 5 million new jobs, including jobs in Pennsylvania.""


"We should be building windmills all across the country,... " 


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March 07, 2008

Green Building Ideas and Design Studio in Philadelphia, Pa


Want to go green and not sure how to start?  Kpeco wind powerednow a lot and just want some ideas?

Check out GREENABLE.

" ... is Philadelphia's premier resource for interior and exterior green building products and services for residential & commercial projects."

"... a can of paint, a green roof installation, or an entire residential or commercial design project, Greenable does it all. ... located in Old City on Market Street between Front and 2nd."

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February 29, 2008

SEPTA Purchases Hybrid Buses

SEPTA logo

At their September 2007 board meeting SEPTA (South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority)  " ... approved the purchase of 400 new diesel-electric hybrid ... buses ... Adding ... to the 32 diesel-electric hybrid buses already in the Authority’s fleet will make SEPTA ... one of the largest public transit hybrid bus fleets in the country.  ... SEPTA’s efforts to build and maintain one of the greenest, most energy-efficient large-city public transportation systems in the nation."SEPTA and GREEN buses

"... first pilot bus is scheduled for delivery in March 2008 and the first production bus in July 2008. ..."

"... Hybrid buses on average are 29% more fuel efficient ...  and can reduce carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions by 80% and 38% respectively..."


Via:   Link




February 22, 2008

Drexel University Smart Home

Drexel University - Smart House

Drexel University's Smart House "... is a student-led, ... project to construct an urban home to serve as a "living laboratory" [to] ... conduct research and develop designs in the areas of environment, energy, interaction, health, and lifestyle with the ultimate goal of improving quality of life in the urban residential setting."

Drexel Logo

" ... toward the goal of creating a building that functions like a home and serves as a laboratory ... will provide an exemplary model and testing environment of an improved approach to home life while specifically improving the lives of the individuals inhabiting the house."

The sSmart House will focus research on 5 Areas:

  • "Environment ... decrease the environmental footprint ...implement sustainable and environmentally friendly products"
  • "Energy ... investigate alternative energy sources, such as solar and geothermal, ... ultimate goal is to generate all energy on site.
  • "Interaction ... addressing the way in which people interact with technology ... to create an intelligent and aware living environment. "
  • "Health ... Indoor air quality ... will be incorporated into the Smart House. "
  • "Lifestyle ... increase the efficiency of our day-to-day living. ... more efficient living and work spaces..."


Via:  Drexel University SmartHouse  Link

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February 21, 2008

Drexel University to Celebrate Earth Day 2008

Drexel University CanDI LogoDrexle Logo

Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pa) is getting students, alumni and others involved in Earth Day 2008.

In addition to sponsoring a work project in Philadelphia's Fairmont Park they are hosting a "day before event" to learn about "Earth Day and Green Sustainability."

Drexel University Earth Day ... Sat March 12th Rain or Shine.
>>> Details  Link

Via:  Drexel University    Link

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November 26, 2007

Chemical Company Adds Environmentally Advanced Green Roof

Rohm and Haas Logo

Rohm and Haas (NYSE: ROH), a Philadelphia, Pa based global chemical company, is updating the roof on their corporate HQ building.  The roof is approx 40,000 sq. feet and and is being coated with a polymer to reduce the heat impact of the roof.  Reflective Roofing Material Being Applied

" ... summer cooling offsets any heat gain by a black roof in winter more than tenfold, ... project will be completed by the end of October and will include monitoring devices that will ... track energy savings.

" ... Philadelphia is currently seeking to increase standards for new and replacement roofs ... new Rohm and Haas roof coating exceeds the current state regulations and would meet the proposed city regulations, should they be adopted."

“... using this roof coating technology, we reduce the indoor air temperature as well as the urban heat island effect, reducing energy costs ..."


For a High Res pic of the Reflective Roofing Material being applied ... Link

Via:  Rohm and   Link

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