April 11, 2011

Google in Bechtel out as Brightsource solar project investor

Brightsource’s concentrated solar project gets financial boost from Google and theBrightsource Energy solar technology Department of Energy.  The company has a number of solar projects underway in California.  Brightsource technology consists of dual-mirror heliostats that follow the sun to increase energy production.  …

…   “Google stepped in as a new equity investor in the project, agreeing to provide $ 168 million.

And the project's construction contractor, Bechtel Corp., which was the first to commit equity in 2009, decided in the end to drop out as an equity investor.”   …

Via Nasdaq: Brightsource Project.

Brightsource CSP projects.

The three-plant Ivanpah Solar Complex will generate approximately 392 gross megawatts of electricity using the company's innovative, proprietary concentrating solar power CSP technology.

DOE Loan Guarantee for Brightsource in California.

September 23, 2009

Solar Thermal Expansion at Coyote Springs Nevada

BrightSource Energy will provide almost a thousand megawatts of renewable energy to Nevada and California from solar thermal generating stations on a site owned by the Coyote Springs Land Company in Nevada. This is an expanded land use agreement from a previously executed arrangement. The site will deploy BrightSource's technology, the Luz Power Tower, which integrates thousands of small mirrors, or heliostats, to aim sunlight at the tower producing high temperature steam to generate power via a turbine. ...
... "The size of the site has now expanded to include a twelve-square-mile area within the larger Coyote Springs development in Lincoln County. The site is located on private property near transmission lines and, as part of the broader development site, has already received environmental permits from the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife and various other federal, state and county agencies. The power generated from the Coyote Springs site could meet demand generated in the Coyote Springs development, southern Nevada, as well as deliver power to California. Located northeast of Las Vegas, the Coyote Springs development will also include several residential and commercial components. " ...
Via BrightSource Energy: Coyote Spring Solar Thermal Expansion (Release, PDF)

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September 09, 2007

Efficient Solar Power Plant

BrightSource energy uses its Luz DPT 550 technology to mass solar power into clusters that can Luz Heliostatproduce 100MW of power generation. ...
... "The small mirrors utilized in the Luz DPT 550 technology, known as heliostats, are much simpler to manufacture and less costly to install than the parabolic mirrors BrightSource Luz technologyused in solar troughs. Like a sunflower, the heliostats follow the sun in two dimensions, enabling them to achieve a much higher efficiency than other solar thermal technologies. Each heliostat is individually installed and controlled, resulting in greater flexibility in site configuration, and requiring much less site preparation. Luz DPT heliostats are organized into a solar field, known as a Solar Power Cluster (SPC), which consists of thousands of heliostats sharing a common power tower. " ...

Via BrightSource Energy: Luz DPT 550 technology

Heliostat tracks movement of sun by orienting a mirror during the day to reflect light into the solar receiver. 

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