June 30, 2011

Fiber solar photovoltaic cells

Chinese physics student focuses his research on fiber based photovoltaics and is recognized by the China government.  …

…   “Yuan Li’s research focuses on fiber solar cells, a new kind of photovoltaics for which Wake Forest has received a patent this year.”   …

Via Wake Forest University: Solar Research.

June 13, 2011

Solar photovoltaic canopy designed into Decathlon house

Appalachian State students present their graduate research to North Carolina state politicians.  The Solar Homestead students share their experience with zero-energyThe Solar Homestead home design.  …

…   “The core house draws power from a photovoltaic canopy, supported by outbuilding modules or OMs, which are reminiscent of traditional lean-to sheds.”   …

Via Appalachian State University: Green building research project discussed.

May 11, 2011

Clean energy training program

ASU will lead a collaboration of academia and service companies to develop and deliver clean energy training programs targeted to various countries.

…   “The project will help to create curricula around the operation and maintenance of decentralized clean energy technologies, said Mitzi Montoya, vice provost and dean of the College of Technology and Innovation.”   …

Via Arizona State University: Clean Energy Training.

Clean energy training program to be developed by ASU

February 02, 2011

Princeton University Solar Field will deploy

thousands of panels to generate over five megawatts of power.  Its generating capacity will shift over five percent of Princeton’s power consumption to renewable energy.  …Princeton University will deploy solar farm

…   “Princeton University will become a leader in American higher education in solar energy when it installs a 5.3-megawatt solar collector field on 27 acres it owns in West Windsor Township.”   …

Via Princeton University: Solar Collector Field.

July 17, 2010

Solar experience supports academic career path

Candidates for the new Dean of the Sciences college bring technical experience that includes focus on society’s challenges, including renewable energy from the sun.  …

…   “Fisher also works to improve solar cell efficiency, develop composite nanomaterials and explore environmental applications for plasma chemistry.

Her group has been a world leader in contributing new understanding of chemical mechanisms … ”   …

Via Washington State University: College of Sciences Search for New Dean.

May 10, 2010

Ecotech Institute - Green Technical Educatio

Ecotech InstituteEcotech Institute offers a "green education" ... the first of its kind in the U.S.  Ecotech is based in Aurora Colorado.

Ecotech Institute -- the first and only college entirely focused on preparing graduates for careers in the "rapidly growing fields of renewable energy, sustainable design, and energy efficiency -- with practical, hands-on training designed to meet the demands of employers in the green economy."

" ... the college for renewable energy and sustainable design, prepares students for environment careers with practical, hands-on training. ... Instructors typically work in the energy management and green design fields. "

" ... nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ... a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Eduction."


Via: Ecotech Institute  LINK

February 23, 2010

Off-Grid Solar Saves Student Living College Expenses

Penn Stater Stephanie Adams shares insights on students quest for low cost college living, example: Ann Holley, lives in a tiny house that cost only $25,000 to build. ... home is powered by solar panels, made with reclaimed materials, has a composting toilet, a propane refrigerator ...

January 26, 2010

RecycleMania 2010 Started !

RecycleMania logo

RecycleMania 2010 started on Jan 17th, 2010 and ends March 10th, 2010.  In these 10 weeks participating schools compete to see who collects the largest quantity of recyclables PER CAPITA and in several other categories.

" ... record number of colleges and universities across the United States, Canada and as far away as Qatar, have begun collecting their recycling and trash weights as part of the first two weeks of trials ... "

" ... a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities.... ranked according to who collects the largest amount of recyclables per capita, the largest amount of total recyclables, the least amount of trash per capita, or ... highest recycling rate. ..."

Good luck to all and there really are no losers in this competition !


Via: RecycleMania LINK


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October 02, 2009

Nanotech Research with Solar Efficiency Potential

University of Louisville, Purdue University and Honda Research Institute have collaborated to better understand the formulation, or recipe, for manufacturing carbon nanotubes and their results will be presented in the October 2 edition of Science. This research program was started and sustained with funding by Honda. The researchers have found that the yield of nanotubes with metallic conductivity property was increased significantly through precise control of gas levels in the presence of catalyst. ...
... "Honda researchers discovered they could control whether the carbon nanotubes become metallic or semiconducting by using either argon or helium as carrier gases during the process. Researchers at UofL used the technique to make large quantities of nanotubes and precisely measure whether they were metallic or semiconducting. Purdue researchers took high-resolution images with a transmission electron microscope to help determine why the process worked. Lead UofL researcher Gamini Sumanasekera, an associate professor of physics, said he hoped the findings will renew interest in the field. " ...
Via University of Louisville: Solar cell efficiency potential through nanotech research

July 09, 2009

Urine Power through Hydrogen

Ohio University researches fuel cells that could be powered from the hydrogen in urine. ...
... "Using a nickel-based electrode, the scientists can create large amounts of cheap hydrogen from urine ... " ...
Via Discovery News: Urine

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March 24, 2009

Improve Biomass Conversion

Baylor chemistry professor Kevin Chambliss discusses the university's research efforts to improve the conversion of biomass into ethanol. Current investigations are funded by grants from the USDA and NREL. ...
... "These compounds could have two potential roles in the whole biomass to bio-fuel conversion. One is they could be inhibitors to enzymes or microbes that ultimately help us get to ethanol. If we could identify them and subsequently understand their role in inhibition and you could get around it, you could improve efficiency. " ...
Via Baylor University: Bio-fuel Research

March 15, 2009

Blue Solar

Aussie solar panels absorb more of the spectrum to increase conversion efficiency. ...
... "The pilot program at the university will demonstrate new production techniques that allow traditional panels to catch more light from the blue end of the spectrum, the short wavelengths. " ...
Via Sydney Morning Herald: Solar panel captures more light

March 01, 2009

Concentrated Solar Research

Researchers at RPI are working on solar modules that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of solar power for buildings. ...
... "Materialab, based out of Rensselaer, is working on integrated concentrated solar modules that are expected to convert 30 percent of the sun’s light into electricity and another 50 percent into heat. " ...
Via Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Efficient energy research

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February 08, 2009

Energy Biz Leadership Forum

Energy Biz Leadership ForumThe Energy Biz Leadership Forum is March 8 - 10 in Washington DC.

" ... we stand on the precipice of a historic moment, with the ability to choose the "moon shot" of energy independence or to continue in a cycle of our own demise. ... To help you understand and survive these frightening times, EnergyBiz Magazine has teamed together with USA Today to prEnergy Biz Magazineoduce the EnergyBiz Leadership Forum."

" ... single most influential conference of 2009 focused specifically on the confluence of the energy and economic crises and its impact on your business. ... the first-of-its-kind gathering of the broad spectrum of professionals — industry executives, policy makers, regulators, consumers, and members of the financial community, along with thought leaders from outside the industry — that will help you understand where the industry is going today and tomorrow."


Via: Energy Biz Leadership Forum LINK

February 03, 2009

UCSD 1MW Solar Grove

UCSD solar grove is a living laboratory ...

December 15, 2008

Solar Photovoltaic Course Introduced

Northampton Community College, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, creates solar photovoltaics installation course for the Fall of 2009. ...
... "NCC will use the funds to create a course in solar PV installation and design. The course will be introduced in fall 2009 and will include, as its capstone, the design and installation of the solar panel array. " ...
Via Northampton Community College: Getting Off the Grid

December 09, 2008

Harvard Green Plan

Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences implements plan to reduce GHG emissions and become more sustainable. ...
... "Solar panels have been installed on the roofs of the Science Center and 3 Sacramento St., and at the Harvard Forest in Petersham, Mass. The forest’s extensive photovoltaic array actually feeds electricity back into the local grid when its output exceeds the forest’s energy needs. " ...
Via The Harvard University Gazette: Cut greenhouse gas emissions

November 02, 2008

University of Toledo Alternative Energy Leadership

October 18, 2008

Buckyball Nanocar

Buckyball wheels guide this nanocar. Rice University researchers are focusing on the development nano-scale objects. ...
... "The nanocar consists of a chassis and axles made of well-defined organic groups with pivoting suspension and freely rotating axles. The wheels are buckyballs, spheres of pure carbon containing 60 atoms apiece. " ...
Via Rice University: Nanocar with buckyball wheels

April 30, 2008

Green Engineering Coursework Growing

Johns Hopkins Univ has introduced a number of courses to satisfy the interest in gaining knowledge about green technology. ...
... "The course addressed energy sources that provide alternatives to fossil fuels. The instruction also focused on the technology basis of alternative energy methods and their practicality, potential for widespread use and economic effectiveness. The class covered energy technologies such as photovoltaics, solar thermal, wind energy, geothermal and thermal gradient sources, biomass and synthetic fuels, hydroelectric, wave and tidal energy, and nuclear energy. " ...
Via Johns Hopkins University: Green Engineering Grows in Classrooms

April 09, 2008

Alternative Energy Engineering Internships

Attention, chemical engineers! ... University of Delaware secures funding for a number of internships that will be focused on research opportunities in alternative energy and energy reduction technologies. ...
... "UD's Department of Chemical Engineering and the Center for Catalytic Science and Technology will administer the three-year, $300,000 NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) grant, which will enable 10 exemplary students per year in chemical engineering to work with UD researchers on such projects as the design of new fuel cells, to the engineering of novel nanomaterial coatings to reduce the drag on ships in water. " ...
Via University of Delaware: Internships offered

February 11, 2008

College and Universities Aligned for Climate Commitment

Recognizing their unique role in teaching future leaders, scientists, and policy makers ... The American College and University Presidents Climate Committee has set our criteria to help institutions of higher learning become carbon neutral. A framework is provided as well as actions to take along the way ...  

"The American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment...  to address global warming  ...neutralize greenhouse gas emissions, and to accelerate the research and educational efforts ..."

"... the Presidents Climate Commitment provides a framework and support for America’s colleges and universities to go climate neutral. ... recognizes the unique responsibility ... in training the people who will develop the social, economic and technological solutions to reverse global warming.

Efforts involve: 

  • "... an emissions inventory"
  • "... setting a target date and interim milestones for becoming climate neutral."
  • "Taking immediate steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ..."
  • "Integrating sustainability into the curriculum ..."
  • "Making ...reports publicly available."

Via:  American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment   Link 

December 28, 2007

Solar Business Incubation at Univ of Toledo

University of Toledo is incubating a number of early-stage businesses in the alternative energy space with a concentration in solar photovoltaics. ...
... "The Clean and Alternative Energy Incubator is the next step in this commitment, giving university spin-off businesses and alternative energy companies who want to collaborate with the university a place to nurture and grow into stable, expanding businesses ... " ...
Via University of Toledo: Business Incubator

November 11, 2007

Solar Thomas Edison Synthesizes Photo Active Nano Particles

Berkeley chemical engineer is researching photo-active compounds on the nano-scale. A number of Berkeley researchers are focusing on solar photovoltaic technologies and are collaborating in weekly ideation sessions in an "idea lab". Other students are looking for ways to drive adoption of photovoltaics and alternative energy in the marketplace. ...
... "Wadia spends many daylight hours in a chemistry lab, synthesizing super-small nanoparticles in a three-necked flask apparatus a technique so simple, he claims, that anyone who feels comfortable in a kitchen could do it then coating his solution on a glass substrate and analyzing his new device for photocurrent. " ...

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June 14, 2007

Challenge X Sustainable Mobility Video

Video of student Challenge X to modify crossover SUV for energy efficiency and improved performance. ...

May 19, 2007

Renewable Energy Education

Renewable energy degree announced. ...
... "Illinois State University’s Board of Trustees approved a new bachelor’s degree in renewable energy, which will include a technical sequence and an economics and public policy sequence. The degree is a multi-disciplinary undergraduate major that provides a broad overview of renewable energy industries. Renewable energy is a fast-growing industry that will call for many new workers in the future. The degree will be administered by the Department of Technology ... " ...

Via Illinois State University: New Renewable Energy Degree