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Oregon's Newbury Volcano Potential Geothermal Power Source

A dormant volcano in Oregon, the Newbury,  is the pilot site for exploring volcanoes as a route to geothermal energy.  Receiving approval from “ … The U.S. Bureau of Land Management …  Alta Rock Energy, will drill … wells ...” to power turbines and generate power.

The footprint of the wells is extremely small given the energy potential.  The site is basically a drill pad and “… occupies … five acres, and all of the equipment will be on that pad …”  Geothermal is a constant source of power unlike wind and solar which are not always available around the clock – so no back up power source is needed.

Newbury is targeted to produce “ …  about 2,000 megawatts of electricity, basically enough power for a city of one million people.”

While somewhat similar to the process used to “frack” for oil there is no hydrocarbons burned so there are no emissions.

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