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GE and Arista Partner on Renewable Energy

Arista designs and makes renewable energy systems and has partnered with GE to use their Durathon™Battery for their “Power on Demand” offering.

Power on Demand system uses renewable energy (wind, solar, …) and storage devices to keep that energy available for peak use.  Power on Demand can reduce energy costs by smoothing the demand for grid power and using stored power at peak times when energy charges are highest.

"“ … a custom-designed battery storage system and proprietary real-time demand monitoring technology. … releasing stored power only during peak demand periods, thereby reducing peak demand charges, … and lowering commercial electricity costs.”

GE’s Durathon Batteries are both smaller and lighter than traditional batteries, can last up to 20 years and are recyclable.

For more info on GE’s Durathon Batteries see geenergystorage.com.


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