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March 31, 2012

Enlightened - Intelligent Energy Saving Lighting


ENLIGHTED is an advanced lighting technology company.  It’s lighting solutions advance lighting and energy savings to the next level.

They position themselves as offering the 4th generation of lighting management.

- 1st generation is no user feedback
- 2nd generation is occupancy and daylight detection
- 3rd generation is zones with central control).

See graphic for a detailed view of the 4 generations of lighting control  LINK

Using “ … an autonomous sensor and control system … deploys an addressable sensor and controller at every fixture in the building…”  The sensors collect data in real time for presence / occupancy, temperature and ambient light to develop a profile for how each light fixture needs to operate."”


Via:  Enlighted, Inc.  LINK

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March 28, 2012

3D Solar Photovoltaic Configuration Increases Power Output

MIT research investigates solar panel configurations for greater power generation, with angled, stacked design, like an accordion, being the most effective, even on cloudy days.  …MIT solar accordion configuration

…   “The accordion-style arrays also work better because they receive solar energy from all angles rather than in just one direction.”   …

Via Digital Trends: 3D Solar Design.

MIT research findings.

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March 27, 2012

Panasonic Technology for Hybrid Car Carrier


Panasonic along with Mitsui O.S.K Lines, Ltd. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are working on technologies to reduce CO2 emissions from ocean going ships.

The test platform is the “EMERALD ACE”.  The ship will be fitted with “ … solar panels (160kW planned) and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (approximately 2.2MWh planned) … “

The solar panels charge batteries that provide power when in the harbor – in place of diesel generators reducing CO2 emissions.  The batteries are used as ballast and do not impact the carrying capacity of the ship.


Via: Panasonic  LINK

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March 25, 2012

Panasonic’s PETEC (Panasonic Eco Technology Center

Panasonic’s PETEC is looking at  ways to achieve “Zero Waste Recycling” by developing process that can reuse materials from products that are at the end of their life – rather than send them to a landfill.

One interesting example is recycling old CRT type TVs … as old analog style TVs are replaced with newer digital TVs there is the opportunity to recycle this large amount of glass and other valuable raw materials.  The glass is turned into fibers that are used to make insulation panels for new refrigerators.

PETEC looks at ways to more efficiently recover materials as well as work with manufacturing teams to make products easier to recycle.  “ … knowledge gained at the actual recycling site is shared … and this knowledge acts as feedback to design new products.”


Via:  Panasonic  LINK

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March 20, 2012

ROI on Renewable Energy Projects Improving

As pricing for renewable energy infrastructure decreases, the return on investment for projects is increasing, driving a shift in investments.  Market competition is lowering the installed cost of solar energy systems while improving the viability of proposed projects.  …

…   “Clean Edge, which tracks developments in the clean-energy markets, estimates that the cost to install photovoltaic solar systems will drop by almost two-thirds with the next decade.”   …

Via Forbes: Renewable Energy Projects.

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March 10, 2012

SheaHomes and SolarCity Partner on ZERO Energy Homes

ShaeZero logo

SheaHomes and SolarCity are partnering to bring consumers the “No Electric Bill” home.

“ … expected to be one of the largest net-zero electric home projects in the U.S. when completed. …”

SheaXero homes have these green features … solar power, energy efficient windows, Energy Star appliances,CFL bulks, blown in wall insulation, programmable thermostats, motion sensors for lights, insulated garage doors and more.

“SheaXero is a state-of-the-art package that combines a sleek, low profile solar power system with over 30 groundbreaking green features to completely eliminate your electric bill …”

The “No electric Bill” homes are expected to be available in SheaHome communicites in the states of Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and Washington.

Via:  SheaZero  LINK and SolarCity LINK

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March 06, 2012

GE Brillion Whole Home Sensor

GE is working to enable the intelligent home energy network using smart sensors deployed throughout the house.  The objective is to provide feedback to consumers on their electricity consumption and create a positive reinforcement loop for their personal GE GeoSpring hot water heaterenergy-efficiency efforts.  ..

…   “Whole-Home Sensor: The new Whole-Home Sensor, an integral part of home-energy solutions, is being used in several utility test pilots, including test homes in Warner Robins, Ga., as part of Flint Energies' recently announced pilot project.

It will be available broadly in the second quarter of this year.  The sensor sends consumption data from large 240-volt applications, such as a panel box or pool pump, to the home's Nucleus energy manager, which then communicates that data to a consumer's existing smartphones or personal computers -- helping them make smarter energy choices. 

Knowledge of whole-home energy consumption provides consumers with insights into their electricity costs before the bill arrives;”   …GE whole home sensor

Via GE: Release.

Flint Energies Pilot Project: Ten volunteer households in Warner Robins, Georgia, will receive GE’s full suite of Brillion-enabled appliances, a programmable thermostat and Nucleus energy manager, as well as GE’s new Whole-Home Sensor, which enables consumers to receive real-time energy data without a smart meter.

These smart grid-enabled solutions are equipped with intelligent features to reduce energy consumption – or electrical load – based on peak-time rebate signals from the utility.


nucleus energy manager by GE

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March 05, 2012

Build the solar portfolio

GE scales its portfolio of solar project investments, doubling its financial commitment from the start of 2011 as costs have become more compelling.  …GE solar investing doubles in one year

…   “Solar farms have become an attractive investment because innovation and technology efficiency have lowered costs and allowed operators build large-scale projects.”   …

Via GE: Solar Bulls.

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March 04, 2012

Spherical solar cell design boosts conversion efficiency

The Sphelar cell design by Kyosemi uses its shape and size, in the range of a few millimeters, tosphelar-solar-cell harness more light for converting to energy.  Sphelar comes in a number of configurations, including an array, cases, and domes.   …

…   “energy conversion capabilities are far more efficient than flat panel designs …”   …

Via Gizmodo: Spherical Solar Cells.

Kyosemi Corporation operates as an R&D-oriented company committed to assisting the progress of leading-edge industries with optoelectronic technology since its establishment in 1980.

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