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Solar tower power plant in Mohave desert

will track sun to convert thermal energy into steam, powering turbines to create electricity.  …Siemens power plant

…   “Siemens will now also supply two steam turbines each rated at 133 MW and two generators for Ivanpah Units 2 and 3. The SST-900 turbine is ideally suited for deployment in solar thermal power plants.

This turbine is known for its fast startup and shutdown capability, and the fact that it can very flexibly track the respective operating conditions of solar thermal power plants. Steam reheat enhances the efficiency of the turbine and thus of the entire power plant.

Solar tower technology enables the bundling of sunlight by sun-tracking mirrors, which is directly reflected onto a receiver at the top of a tower where steam is produced to drive a steam turbine that will ultimately generate electricity.”   …

Via Siemens: Control System Project, Press Release.

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