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January 31, 2011

Solar tower power plant in Mohave desert

will track sun to convert thermal energy into steam, powering turbines to create electricity.  …Siemens power plant

…   “Siemens will now also supply two steam turbines each rated at 133 MW and two generators for Ivanpah Units 2 and 3. The SST-900 turbine is ideally suited for deployment in solar thermal power plants.

This turbine is known for its fast startup and shutdown capability, and the fact that it can very flexibly track the respective operating conditions of solar thermal power plants. Steam reheat enhances the efficiency of the turbine and thus of the entire power plant.

Solar tower technology enables the bundling of sunlight by sun-tracking mirrors, which is directly reflected onto a receiver at the top of a tower where steam is produced to drive a steam turbine that will ultimately generate electricity.”   …

Via Siemens: Control System Project, Press Release.

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January 30, 2011

Fiat 500 displayed

at the Philadelphia Auto Show in the Chrysler section on the main floor.

Fiat car.

The 500 is expected to achieve excellent fuel economy in the mid-thirties, in miles per gallon.

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Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) Technology - Low Energy Displays

Prym logo

Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology uses significantly less energy than other large format displays.

"... Unlike traditional technology that wastes light with filters and layers, LPD uses a patented Laser Engine to convert low-power, solid-state lasers into pure light. "

" ... Fundamentally different from LED or LCD-based display technology ... the industry’s smallest environmental footprint. ..." 


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The Smartcar exhibit was popular

at the Philadelphia Auto Show.

Smart Car

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IST Energy - Waste to Electricity Systems

IST Energy logo

There can be a lot of "energy" hidden in waste materials and land-filling is not a good solution ... it takes up limited landfill space and can be expensive ... waste minimization or W2E is often a better choice.

A turn-key W2E systems can be just the thing you need ... IST Energy trash to electricity process

IST Energy manufactures systems that can convert trash to energy (electricity and heat).  The integrated systems can turn  " ... paper, wood, plastic, agriculture waste, and food into electricity and heat."

" ... transformation ... within a self-contained, modular environment designed for ease of operation and maintenance."


Via:  IST Energy  LINK

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Chevy Volt charging up


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January 29, 2011

Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle


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January 28, 2011

Sustainability mindset and business model shift

through Cradle to Cradle concept where waste is reduced.  …

…   “fundamental reimagining of design and the industrial process that seeks to move beyond eco-efficiency -- the reduction of waste and valuable raw materials -- to eco-effectiveness”   …

Via Fast Company: Davos Thinks Cradle to Cradle.


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January 27, 2011

Energy doctor targets waste and inefficiency

Students act as doctors to diagnose and solve energy waste to reduce consumption and conserve power across the campus, targeting a net zero footprint.  …

…   “The House Energy Doctor program, started in 1986, is a course where graduate architecture students prescribe how buildings can save more energy. This semester, the UA Office of Sustainability suggested the students target the UA campus.”   …

Via University of Arizona: Energy Use.

House energy doctor brochure (PDF).

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January 26, 2011

Solar reactor concentrates light to produce hydrogen fuel

Thermochemical reaction produces hydrogen from water and carbon dioxide.  This process could be commercialized if paired with the carbon emissions from an existing1482-smh_wcc_with_reactor_use-smaller_medium[1] power plant.  …

…   “The researchers designed and built a two-foot-tall prototype reactor that has a quartz window and a cavity that absorbs concentrated sunlight.

The concentrator works like the magnifying glass you used as a kid to focus the sun's rays, says Haile. 

At the heart of the reactor is a cylindrical lining of ceria.

Ceria—a metal oxide that is commonly embedded in the walls of self-cleaning ovens …”   …

Via Cal Tech: Solar Reaction Press Release.

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Mexico green building integrates affordability and sustainability

Mexico deploys sustainability strategy into its government housing program.  …Mexico green building

…   “CONAVI's National Housing Program includes the regulation and standardization of green-housing modifications and norms to maintain high-quality, environmentally sustainable housing options.”   …

Via Knowledge @ Wharton: Sustainable Housing.

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January 25, 2011

Sprint Recycling Program - Helping to Reducing e-Waste

Every HOUR 16,000 cell phones are thrown away.  Sprint wants to keeps these out of landfills and has programs that make it easy for everyone to recycle (and not contribute to to e-waste) your cell phone and related accessories

Check out these 2 videos for more information on Sprint’s recycling programs …







Via:  Sprint and You Tube

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Naked Juice’s 100% Post Consumer Recycled PET (rPET)

Check out this You Tube video from Naked Juice talking about their reNEWabottle – made from 100% post consumer recycled PET (rPET).

Made with recycled plastic and fully recyclable … helping to reduce energy and reduce landfill waste.



Via:  Naked Juice LINK

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January 24, 2011

Naked® Juice: First Nationally Dstributed Brand w/ 100% post-consumer recycled PET (rPET) bottle

Naked Juice logo

Naked® Juice is the first nationally distributed brand to have a" ...100% post-consumer recycled PET (rPET) bottle..."

The new bottles are called the "Naked reNEWabottle" ... and in addition to being made with recycled material are 100% recyclable PET (codes as #1).

The amount of virgin plastic replaced with the 32-oz bottle is 1 millions lbs / yr and when used across the product line will amount to 8.1 million lbs / yr.

Via:  Naked Juice  LINK

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The value of nature

integrated into the business model through collaboration.  …

…   “The global organizations will work together to apply scientific knowledge and experience to examine how Dow’s operations rely on and affect nature. The aim of the collaboration is to advance the incorporation of the value of nature into business, and to take action to protect the earth’s natural systems and the services they provide people, for the benefit of business and society.

One of the major objectives of this collaboration is to share all tools, lessons learned and results publicly and through peer-review so that other companies, scientists and interested parties can test and apply them.”   …

Via Yahoo News: Nature Conservancy Collaboration with Dow, Press Release.

The value of nature

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Bio-adaptive materials compost cars, gadgets

New epoch requires new science to sustain the planet.  …

…   “We need bio-adaptive technologies to render waste a thing of the past, among them compostable cars and gadgets.”   …

Via Yale Univ, environment 360: New epoch.

Compostable cars

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January 23, 2011

NYC Green Building Collaboration

will test new technology applications in real world scenarios, centralize the results, and facilitate on-going conversations among the participants.  …

…   “First, it will provide companies with opportunities in buildings to test their innovations in operational buildings, which will help them improve their products as well as collect data on their performance, both keys to marketing their products. In exchange, participating building owners would be eligible to employ the technologies at discounted rates.

Second, it will develop an information and data clearinghouse to track building technology costs, benefits, and lessons learned from deployments underway throughout the City.

Third, it will host stakeholder discussions with private sector and academic institutions on green building entrepreneurship, financing and City-specific challenges.”   …

Via IBM: New York City Technology Innovation Center, Press Release.

New York City

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Cleantech Innovation

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January 22, 2011

Sprint eco-criteria Standard for Cell Greener Phones

Sprint eco-criteria logo

Sprint is developing a standard for green phones called eco-criteria.  Manufacturers who meet the standards will be able to use the eco-criteria symbol on the phone … scoring “points” for both Sprint and the manufacturer with the green community.

This is a natural extension of their other ongoing “green” initiatives.

The standard sets categories and as total point level required to be green.  The categories are “Reduction of Environmentally Sensitive Materials (ROH), Energy Management, Lifecycle Management, Sustainable Packaging, Eco-Friendly Applications and Innovation.

Points are awared for " ...  RoHS Compliance, low levels of PVC, BFRs, Phthalates, Beryllium ... Energy Star qualification ... High recyclability rate, recycling envelop included in box, standardized connector, recycled plastic or renewably sourced plastic content  ..."

There are 115 available points and 70 or more are required for the eco-criteria logo.

Via:  Sprint LINK

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January 21, 2011

Beach Garbage Hotel - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Action

Beach Garbage Hotel - Madrid

A "hotel" in Madrid has been built completely from waste materials.

Showing both what can be done to re-purpose items and potentially how dirty beaches are the "... walls of the Beach Garbage Hotel ... made of materials found in landfills, the beaches and even flea markets ..."

" ... created the Beach Garbage Hotel because the oceaBeach Garbage Hotel entrancens of our planet are the biggest garbage dump ... 30-40% of the objects used for the hotel were found on the beaches of Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain ..."

The temporary "hotel" closes soon (Jan 23rd) so book soon if interested!


Via:  Huffington Post LINK

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Romania wind farms deploy GE turbine technology

GE will supply wind turbine technology for renewable energy projects in Romanian wind farms.  …GE Wind Turbine Technology

…   “Developing wind farms is a cornerstone of Romania’s effort to reach its renewable energy commitment to the European Union.

The target is to have 24 percent of its energy produced from renewable resources by 2020.

Romania recently enhanced its renewable energy legislation, extending green certificates issued for renewables projects from 2015 to 2017 and increasing other financial incentives for wind energy developers. “   …

Via GE: Turbine Technology, Press Release.

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January 18, 2011

Solar skills integrated knowledge

Solar education is about balancing the detailed technical skills with knowledge of the market and a foundation in the business.  …

…   “As the industry expands, there will be increasing need for focused skills - but for now the solar market is small enough that employees must be able to integrate knowledge about several aspects of the business.”   …

Via Arizona State Univ: Solar Skill Assessment.

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January 17, 2011

Reverse innovation driving global cleantech competition

The U.S. is acting as the innovation incubator for clean technologies while China provides the commercialization and scalability challenges for green products.  …

…   “Adriaens defines clean technology as a process or business model that targets better use of natural resources, accelerates efficiency, or reduces emissions, such as a zero-emissions car.”   …

Via University of Michigan, Ross School of Business: Clean Technology Trends.

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January 12, 2011

The beauty of geothermal power

is captured in this photo set.  …

…   “early morning shot of a geothermal power plant … “   …

Via Camera Dojo: Photo Project.

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January 11, 2011

US Army Evaluating Solar Tents

US Army solar (PV) Powered tent

The Army and its operations are energy intensive.  Getting energy to remote or war ravaged areas is both expensive and dangerous.

The Army is looking into tents that incorporate PV solar panels that can be used to charge batteries and small electronics like computers.  In addition to not having to bring in fuel they can travel lighter by not needing a generator (or a smaller one).

Using " ... Flexible Photovoltaics (PV), ... convert light energy into electricity ... ideal for charging up batteries, making sure your (communications), night vision goggles and computers are powered ..."

The key is technology that makes PV "panels" flexible so they are lightweight and foldable / packable.  While still in the testing phase they may be deployed soon.


Via:  US Army LINK

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January 10, 2011

Bird compatible biofuel grasses

could serve dual purpose.  …

…   “Native perennial grasses might provide an opportunity to produce biomass in ways that are compatible with the conservation of biodiversity … ”   …

Via Futurity: Grasses.

Biofuel from grasses

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Geothermal powers manufacturing HVAC

technology as Ariens designs sustainability into its facility projects.  …Ariens geothermal HVAC design

…   “The geothermal system will be the second installation of its kind at an Ariens Co. facility. A new geothermal system was recently installed at the Ariens plant in Auburn, Neb.”   …

Via Appleton Post Crescent: Facility Project.

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New energy economy

is the focus for Colorado State’s policy center.  CSU has been a champion of renewable energy research with successful commercialization.  …Governor Bill Ritter

…   “Abound Solar, a manufacturer of low-cost, thin-film photovoltaic solar panels and one of Colorado State University's most successful spinoff companies, has helped create hundreds of new jobs in Colorado since its founding in 2007.”   …

Via Colorado State University: Gov. Bill Ritter heads up center.

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January 07, 2011

Tesla Model S engineering perspective

Tesla Vehicle Engineering - Part 1 from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

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Green crude from algae

requires separation and final conversion.  …

…   “The final step in processing separates the glycerol from the mixture and leaves a biodiesel that's ready to be used as fuel.”   …

Via How Stuff Works: Algae Biofuel.

Biofuel from Algae

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January 06, 2011

Cracker Barrel to Install EV charging Stations at 24 Tennessee Restaurants

One key infrastructure item slowing the acceptance of pure electric vehicles is a lack if EV charging stations.  Cracker Barrel is helping to build out the infrastructure using locations along highways

Cracker Barrel Restaurants will install EV chargers from ECOtality at 24 locations in Tennessee.  Many of the locations are identified … see map below.

“ … will become a major participant in The EV Project, an initiative to increase the adoption of electric vehicles by creating a solid charging infrastructure across the country. ….”

Dines and shoppers can get “ … an 80% charge … in just under a half hour at … locations which will have the DC Fast Charging stations. …”:

Plans are to start installation in the spring of ‘11 and be complete in several months.  Check the Cracker Barrel web site for updates.



Via:  Cracker Barrel  LINK

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January 05, 2011

IBM transistor energy efficiency

may eliminate battery usage for some devices.  IBM emerging technology innovations are poised to revolutionize the power requirements of electronic devices in the next five years.  …

…   “By rethinking the basic building block of electronic devices, the transistor, IBM is aiming to reduce the amount of energy per transistor to less than 0.5 volts.

With energy demands this low, we might be able to lose the battery altogether in some devices like mobile phones or e-readers. 

The result would be battery-free electronic devices that can be charged using a technique called energy scavenging. 

Some wrist watches use this today – they require no winding and charge based on the movement of your arm. 

The same concept could be used to charge mobile phones. for example – just shake and dial.”   …

Via IBM: Transistor Innovation.

IBM transistor research

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January 04, 2011

Verizon energy management in New Jersey

Home energy management system is being commercialized by Verizon.  It keeps you connected to your home’s energy use allowing you to optimize your building power consumption. 

The service has entered the trial phase and is expected to be available in the first half of 2011.  Verizon customers will be able to lock doors remotely; see what's going on at home via networked cameras; and set, adjust and control lights, smart thermostats and appliances -- all by using a smartphone.  …

…   “Verizon will be demonstrating its new connected home service, complete with energy management, which the telco is piloting in New Jersey starting this month.”   …

Via Reuters: CES Green Tech Highllights.


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January 03, 2011

Motorola Citrus is One Green Phone

Motorola Citrus(TM) The Motorola Citrus is one green cell phone.  Showing that consumers want green items the phone advertises an “eco-friendly design that is carbon free and made in part with 25% recycled plastic”  If you want / need a cell phone why not look for one that allows you to consider the individuals impact on the environment.

“ carbon free through a partnership with carbonfund.org; eco-friendly packaging” are also noted.

Less waste in packaging, lower toxic materials add up to a more environmentally friendly product.


Via:  Motorola  LINK

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Solar powers cinema

Intimate cinema in UK harnesses sun power to energize its movie customers.
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Snyder's of Hanover's solar Farm

Snyders of Hanover logo

Snyder's of Hanover (PA) announced construction of the largest solar energy system in PA in October 2010.  Covering 26 acres across from their corporate HQ (in Hanover, PA) the "farm" will have more than 15,000 panels.

" ...reduce greenhouse gas emissions in excess of 230 msolar farm logoillion pounds of carbon dioxide over a 25 year period. ...energy created ... equals more than 111 million miles not driven by a medium sized car ... 11 million trees would need to be planted to equal the same level of carbon dioxide reduction."

Hanover is not new to green efforts and already has initiatives that include compostable packaging.

View the Webcam image ... LINK


Via:  Snyders of Hanover  LINK

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January 02, 2011

Alchemy Goods - Recycling anfd Upcycling

Alchemy Goods logo

Alchemy's mission "is top turn useless into useful"  They reuse / recycle / up-cycle inner tubes and seat belts to make wallets, belts,  bottle openers and messenger bags. 

They partner with REI and Trek to take back and recycle inner tubes.  You can even take your used inner tubes to REI or more on hte Alchemy logoa Trek store for recycling.

Each product has a small number to the left of and above the Alchemy Goods logo.  That number indicates the % b y weight of up-cycled material in the product.

" ... Alchemy Goods bags are, ... recycled. ... we hope you’ll also appreciate our effort to work with recycled materials. Purchase Alchemy bags knowing that you’ve helped limit the consumption of Earth’s natural resources. ..."


Via:  Alchemy Goods LINK

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January 01, 2011

Philly renewable energy choices

Electricity competition brings choice to Philadelphia energy consumers in the new year.  …

…   “You can even buy 100 percent renewable energy at a discount off Peco's price. “   …

Via Philadelphia Inquirer: Consumer Choice.


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