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Bioenergy mapping tools enable opportunity analysis

DOE’s NREL creates BioEnergy Atlas that features two bioenergy analysis and mapping tools for visualizing bioenergy data on maps to understand biomass Biomass mapping using the Atlas feedstocks, biopower and biofuels potential, production and distribution.  …

…   “Users of the tools can select and apply a multitude of geographic data layers including a variety of biomass feedstocks, existing biofuels, biopower and traditional power plants, alternative and traditional fueling stations and energy use statistics.

The BioPower updated functionalities include query, analysis and state view. 

The query function allows users to access data behind the map and to select and download data from a selected region or single point on the map.

The analysis function offers common conversion factors that allow users to determine the potential biopower or biofuels production for selected feedstocks in a specific area.”   …

Via National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Biomass Atlas.

The Bioenergy Atlas Tools.

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