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US Air Force Test Bio-Jet Fuel in A10C

Bio fuel is being looked at for cars and commercial jets ... now the USAF is looking to see if J8 jet fuel can be supplemented or even replaced by bio-jet fuel.

"... Air Force consumes 2.4 billion gallons of jet fuel each year ... 40th Flight Test Squadron is on a mission to change that.  ... climbing into the cockpits of jets filled, in part, with alternative fuels."A-1o jet

" ... A-10C Thunderbolt II took off from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida powered by Hydrotreated Renewable Jet (HRJ) and JP-8 (Jet Propellant 8, the military standard and kerosene-based). ... mission is being considered a success: a fighter jet can fly on a synthetic fuel blend."

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