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Ford EcoBoost Engine Tech Deployment

Ford EcoBoost engine will be deployed to more models and will be optimized to improve fuel efficiency. ...
... "in the future it will further improve the economy and power of EcoBoost engines by using more efficient turbochargers and fine-tuning the precision of the direct-injection fuel system. " ...
Via New York Times, Wheels Blog: Ford EcoBoost Engine

The ecoBoost engine improves fuel economy through optimization techniques. ...

FORD ECOBOOST ENGINE TECHNOLOGY: "EcoBoost’s combination of direct injection and turbocharging mitigates the traditional disadvantages of downsizing and boosting 4- and 6-cylinder engines, giving customers both superior performance as well as fuel economy. With direct injection, fuel is injected into each cylinder of an engine in small, precise amounts. Compared to conventional port injection, direct injection produces a cooler, denser charge, delivering higher fuel economy and performance. "

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