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Green polymer chemistry breakthrough improves recycling of plastic

Organic catalysts are used to create biodegradable molecules that can be recycled more effectively. IBM and Stanford discuss green chemistry breakthrough on YouTube. http://bit.ly/dB3m98

  • IBM scientists collaborate to find sustainable plastics: "this chemistry breakthrough around sustainable plastics represents another example of how we are expanding beyond our traditional boundaries" http://bit.ly/b48ogb
  • Organocatalysis for Polymer Synthesis via ACS: "highlight the opportunities and challenges in the use of organic molecules as catalysts or initiators for polymerization reactions." http://bit.ly/cjhbvu
  • IBM Green Chemistry practitioner: "Jim Hedrick, a researcher at IBM’s Research facility in San Jose, CA, works on new formulas that could make it easier to recycle the 13 billion plastic bottles disposed of each year globally." http://bit.ly/cuKpbg

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