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January 31, 2010

Up Close with Tesla Roadster Electric Vehicle at Philly Auto Show

Tesla Roadster sighting at the 2010 Philadelphia International Auto Show. ...

More Tesla Roadster pictures after the jump. ...

If you can't afford the car, you may be able to own a few shares of the company after its stock is publicly traded. ...

Tesla Motors files for an initial public offering: "has filed a registration statement on Form S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a proposed initial public offering of its common stock. Tesla Motors designs, manufactures and sells high-performance fully electric vehicles and advanced electric vehicle powertrain components. The number of shares to be offered and the price range for the offering have not yet been determined. "

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Osmosis - Possible Route to Power Generation

Statkraft OsmosisNorway's Statkraft is looking at osmosis as a possible energy source.  Currently the output is minimal but it may be the way of the future.

" ... Norway's Statkraft says that its new, first-of-Statkraft Osmoisisits-kind osmotic power plant could be producing as much energy as a small wind farm by 2015, ... when the process of osmosis takes place ... the pressure is apparently enough to drive a power generating turbine ... enough of those you have a power plant. A bit of effort, to be sure, but the process doesn't emit any greenhouse gases, is completely renewable, and it doesn't depend on the wind or the sun being out."

Via: Engadget LINK

Statkraft Osmoisis
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January 27, 2010

Scientific Serendipity Leads to Solar Photovoltaics

Serendipity had a hand in the discovery of solar photovoltaics. Passionate play in solar and renewable energy research can help us achieve continuing innovations. ...
... "One of the scientists involved in the research of silicon-based semiconductors accidentally left a sample of silicon doped with impurities in the sunlight. What a surprise it was when he noticed an electric signal coming out of the detector that the sample was connected to. " ...
Via UCSF Synapse: Science

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Portable Geothermal Power Units from UTC

Mobile Goethermal Unit


"Pratt & Whitney Power Systems ... recently demonstrated a mobile geothermal power generation unit at the 2009 Geothermal Energy Expo in Reno, Nev. ... PureCycle® technology allows customers to relocate valuable energy generating capability from one geothermal or waste heat resource to another as circumstances dictate. ..."

" ... system can generate electricity from various heat sources with temperatures between 190 and 325 degrees Fahrenheit ...."

" ... new feature is the self-contained cooling system that uses resource water to replenish the cooling tower water, thus eliminating the need for a separate fresh water source ... demonstrates how low temperature geothermal technology that can diversify the nation’s energy supply with base load renewable energy while creating jobs and economic benefits."


Via:  United Technologies Corp.  LINK


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January 26, 2010

Intel Solar Campus Implementations Use Roof and Ground Mount Photovoltaic Panels

Intel will implement solar generation at a number of its campuses across the country. Each installation will generate significant power through roof-, and in one case, ground- mounted solar panels. ...
... "Intel's new solar installations are planned to be completed over the next 7 months. Each project would currently rank as one of the 10 largest solar installations in its respective region if activated today. For example, the panels planned for Intel's Chandler and Ocotillo campuses in Arizona would each currently be the fifth largest in SRP service territory or the second largest when combined, according to the utility company. All of the solar panels will be installed on the roofs of Intel's facilities, with the major exception of the largest installation, an approximately 1-megawatt solar field in Folsom, Calif. The Folsom installation will span nearly six acres of land on campus, which would make it one of the largest non-utility ground-mounts in California at the time of this release. All of the installations will use the power generated at their respective site, making them an efficient source of electricity with savings on grid delivery losses. " ...
Via Intel: New Solar Installations

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RecycleMania 2010 Started !

RecycleMania logo

RecycleMania 2010 started on Jan 17th, 2010 and ends March 10th, 2010.  In these 10 weeks participating schools compete to see who collects the largest quantity of recyclables PER CAPITA and in several other categories.

" ... record number of colleges and universities across the United States, Canada and as far away as Qatar, have begun collecting their recycling and trash weights as part of the first two weeks of trials ... "

" ... a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities.... ranked according to who collects the largest amount of recyclables per capita, the largest amount of total recyclables, the least amount of trash per capita, or ... highest recycling rate. ..."

Good luck to all and there really are no losers in this competition !


Via: RecycleMania LINK



For a link to participating schools CLICK

In my local area Temple University, Villanova University and West Chester University are participating.


Via: RecycleMania LINK


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January 25, 2010

Duke Energy Solar Power through Acquisition

Duke Energy acquires the fourteen megawatt Blue Wing Solar Project from juwi solar Inc. The solar installation has a 30-year power purchase agreement to sell its output and renewable energy credits to CPS Energy. ...
... "Blue Wing will be the first commercial solar power project Duke Energy will own and operate. Duke Energy Carolinas, part of the company’s regulated business, is installing solar panels on select business and residential customers’ rooftops as part of a $50 million program. " ...
Via Duke Power: First Commercial Solar Power Project

Duke Energy Solar Plans: "Although Duke Energy plans to wholly own the Blue Wing project, the company continues to look for opportunities to jointly develop commercial solar power projects in the U.S. with China-based ENN Group, pursuant to an agreement signed in October 2009. "

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Newport, Tennessee Housing Authority: Green Admin Building

Newport Housing Authority Building

Green buildings and designs are being found all across the country ... the Housing Authority Administration building in Newport, Tennessee is green.  Read about the many green features and technologies used.

" ... 8,585 square foot administration building ... Design included multiple "green" features: photovaltaic solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling, premium insulation package, Energy Star windows and lighting, low flow faucets and toilets and low impact site design. Project cost was $1,000,000.00."


Via:  McGraw-Hill Construction Community   LINK

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January 24, 2010

Visionaire - Green Living in Battery Park City, NYC.

The Visionaire, NYC

There is a new Green building in NYC - at the southern tip of Manhattan in Battery Park City.  Read about the Visionaire - it is one very green building - though a very expensive place to live with pricing startling at just under $700,000 and going to a little over $6 million.

" ...  the Visionaire ... a testing ground for urban green architecture."

"... All building fixtures reduce use of potable water, and a blackwater treatment system means that all toilet water in the building is recycled, treated wastewater. Stormwater collection reserves irrigate the green roofs, which cover 70 percent of the roof surface ... a natural gas-powered microturbine on the structure’s roof harnesses its own waste energy to heat water."

" ... saves an estimated 42 percent in energy costs against a base-line average. This is largely the result of efficient building systems and the building envelope ... goal was achieved through exhaustive attention to detail ... "

According to an article on the Jan 24th, 2010 Philadelphia Inquirer the building is LEED Platinum Certified.


Via:  Greensource  LINK


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2010 Solar Breakout

Significant solar capacity will come on-stream in 2010. States with solar potential will begin to reap the benefits of power from photovoltaics. ...
... "Among states, California is expected to maintain first place, and New Jersey is likely to come in second, with Florida making a strong showing for the first time. " ...
Via New York Times: Solar Power

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January 23, 2010

Tesla Electric Vehicle Clean Energy Future

Department of Energy Secretary Chu announces a construction loan for Tesla Motors, enabling the company to build its assembly and power-train manufacturing facilities in California. The Energy Secretary sees this investment as establishing the nascent US electric vehicle industry. ...
... "This is an investment in our clean energy future that will create jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, said Secretary Chu. It will help build a customer base and begin laying the foundation for American leadership in the growing electric vehicles industry. This is part of a sustained effort to develop and commercialize technologies that will be broadly deployed throughout the American auto industry. Tesla’s planned Model S will consume no gasoline and will not produce any tailpipe emissions. " ...
Via Dept of Energy: 465 Million Dollar Loan to Tesla Motors

The Department of Energy was appropriated $7.5 billion by Congress to support up to $25 billion in loans to companies making cars and components in US factories that increase fuel economy at least 25 percent above 2005 fuel economy levels.

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See How Food Choices Impact Your Carbon Footprint

This video shows interactively the carbon footrprint of two food choices - a cheesburger and a chicen sandwich. Knowing this which would you choose?



Via: SmartPlanet LINK

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Biodegradable Bubble Wrap

I came across the EnviroBubble wrap while looking for packing supplies on the U-Haul web site.  It looked interesting so I researched some and have an interesting post ...Sancell logo

"Sancell’s ... EnviroBubble is the worlds first totally degradable bubble wrap incorporates EPI’s TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastic Additives) ... Since its release in May 2005, Sancell’s EnviroBubble product has become an industry leader ... strengthening its reputation as the most effective, versatile, cost effective and environmentally friendly product available today ... a controlled shelf life of a minimum of 12 months as the TDPA additives are added at a controlled rate to monitor and control the useable life of the product and allowing the bags to degrade at a specific rate."

" ... Sancell have now introduced EnviroProtecta Bags – the worlds first totally degradable padded mailer bags."

Via: Sancell LINK

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January 22, 2010

Tennessee Solar Manufacturing

Confluence Solar will manufacture silicon for solar photovoltaics application in Clinton, Tennessee. ...
... "The facility will produce premium quality mono-crystal silicon ingots for photovoltaic solar power generation. The company’s HiCz brand products increase the efficiency of solar cells by 15% or more, helping manufacturers of solar panels generate electricity more efficiently at a cost equivalent to or better than can be done using multi-crystal silicon ingot. " ...
Via Phil Bredesen, Tennessee Governor: $200 Million Solar Manufacturing Facility

Solar plant launch video.

Discussion of silicon solar cell materials via EERE: Single Crystal Silicon: "To create silicon in a single-crystal state, we must first melt high-purity silicon. We then cause it to reform or solidify very slowly in contact with a single crystal seed. "

Confluence Solar, Inc., a manufacturer of high quality single crystal silicon for the solar photovoltaic industry.

Anderson County, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce.

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January 21, 2010

Early Stage Solar Technology Investment

Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory makes investment in emerging solar energy technology to accelerate its commercialization. Semprius, in Durham, North Carolina will receive a multi-million dollar grant. ...
... "Semprius will focus efforts toward a massively parallel, microcell-based CPV receiver. This approach combines the benefits of unique-to-solar manufacturing techniques with the performance and operational benefits of microcell concentrating photovoltaics. " ...
Via National Renewable Energy Laboratory: $12 Million Funding for Early Stage Solar Technologies

Semprius, concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) modules: "The core of Semprius technology is micro-transfer printing. "

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Fuel Cell to Power Connecticut Science Center

UTC Fuel Cell

"A 200kW UTC Power fuel cell ... at the new Connecticut Science Center in Hartford ... will generate 100 percent of the electricity demanded by the facility on an annual basis once operational ... will be the first such facility to generate most of its own energy on-site with ultra clean, quiet fuel cell power."United Technologies Logo


" ... reduce the burden on the New England power grid and its impact on the environment ... will prevent the release of more than 270 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually by using the Model 200 PureCell® system rather than relying on a traditional fossil-fuel-burning powerplant ... one of the first fuel cell installations in the state to employ net metering, a process by which surplus power from the fuel cell is fed to the utility grid at night when the facility’s power demand is less."


Via: United Technologies Corp. LINK

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January 20, 2010

US Composting Council Conference: Jan 24 - 27, 2010 in Orlando, Florida

US Composting CouncilThe 18th Annual Conference ... is the premier event of the Composting and Organics Recycling industries, providing industry professionals with educational, networking, and career advancement opportunities."

" ... the Wyndham Resort in Orlando, Florida, will attract the largest group of composting and organics professionals in the country to participate in a comprehensive program of workshops, training courses, and educational and technical sessions designed specifically to provide you with the information needed to solve your composting challenges."

" ... Compost increase the health of our soils, grow healthier plants, counteract the production of greenhouse gases, and reduce the pollution of our rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands ... Annual conference provides training and education on a wide variety of topics, such as facility operations, selling compost, handling difficult odors and other environmental issues at facilities, and effecting positive public policy change."

Via:  US Composting Council  LINK

" ... SUpports many programs, including the Seal of Testing Assurance (STA), the Test Methods for the Examination of Composting and Compost (TMECC), the Compost Analysis Proficiency Program (CAP), International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) and the Biodegradable Logo project."


Via:  US Composting Council  LINK

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January 19, 2010

Nano-Particle Solar Cell Ink

Solar cell printing process, through inks, targets the reduction of manufacturing costs. ...
... "The nanoparticle inks that we are making could ultimately be printed onto nearly any substrate, using low-cost roll-to-roll processes — manufacturing a solar cell would be like printing a newspaper. " ...
Via Univ of Texas at Austin : Solar ink

Printed Solar Cells: "Brian Korgel, a University of Texas at Austin chemical engineer, is hoping to cut costs to one-tenth of their current price by replacing the standard manufacturing process for solar cells"

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Iceland's LEED GOLD Data Center

Iceland Data Center

" ... data center developer Verne Global ... announced it is constructing the first international data center in Iceland ... converting a former NATO command center into a data center."

" ... designed to take full advantage of Iceland's infrastructure and environment ... the data center, whose total footprint is about 430,600 square feet, will be designed around LEED Gold standards ... will deploy innovative practices of HVAC and adaptive reuse of the world-class facilities already in place."

" ... will benefit from the large amount of free cooling available in Iceland, as well as its renewable energy sources and constant power rates."

" ... Verne Global is breaking new ground in using Iceland's natural green resources to mitigate both increasing emissions and rising energy costs."


Via:  Web Host Industry Review  LINK

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January 18, 2010

Dupont Solar Photovoltaic Expansion in Circleville Ohio Facility Increases Film Capacity

DuPont increases capacity of its Tedlar film for solar photovoltaic backsheets. The expanded capacity leverages manufacturing assets at its Circleville, Ohio manufacturing site. ...
... "The film line expansion will be located at the DuPont Circleville, Ohio, facility using existing and retrofitted assets. This expansion provides Tedlar oriented film capacity to support global demand of over 10 gigawatts (GW) of photovoltaic module production. The investment will deliver DuPont technology to help meet increasing needs for energy and environmental sustainability. This reflects the company’s recently announced commitment to focus on meeting four emerging global trends, one of which is decreasing dependence on fossil fuels. Film production is scheduled to start up in September 2011. " ...
Via DuPont: PVF Film Expansion for Durable Photovoltaic Modules

Dupont expands solar film capacity based on its market position and growth forecasts. ...

Backsheet Materials for Photovoltaic: "DuPont Tedlar PVF film has been viewed as the industry leader for providing durable, weather-resistant backsheets for photovoltaic modules. "

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Dedham Mass Whole Foods Powered by Fuel Cell

Dedham Mass Whole Foods

Fuel cells are making there way to a food store near you - if you live in Dedham, Mass.

" ... newest and largest Whole Foods Market in New England ... in Dedham, MA. ... the first store in Massachusetts to generate on-site power with fuel cell technology (one of the cleanest forms of energy)! 90% of our power will be generated by this fuel cell - this is sometUnited Technologies logohing that we are very proud of."

" ... powered by a 400-kilowatt UTC Power fuel cell and a rooftop solar installation that will generate most of the store’s power and all of its hot water needs ..."


Via:  Whole Foods LINK  and United Technologies LINK

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January 17, 2010

Walmart Solar Rooftops

Walmart solar power pilots could lead to wider adoption across the enterprise. Target Stores is also progressing with solar roof installations and other energy efficiency enablers. ...
... "The WalMart at 4210 East Highland Ave. is one of three locations recently retrofitted with solar panels. ... The system generates about 900,000 kilowatts per year, or about 30 percent of the stores total energy usage ... " ...
Via San Bernardino County Sun: Wal-Mart solar panels

Walmart Solar Energy Pilot in Puerto Rico: "Under a solar power services agreement with Walmart, SunEdison will finance, own, build and operate the photovoltaic solar energy systems, which deliver long-term, low-risk returns to project financiers. Construction on the first 895kW rooftop system at Walmart Supercenter Caguas is scheduled to begin before the end of 2009. "

Walmart's solar roof pilots include these five locations: Sam’s Club Rexville: 795kW; Sam’s Club Ponce: 936.44kW; Walmart Super Center Ponce Baramaya: 1239.84kW; Walmart Super Center Manati: 854.44kW; Walmart Super Center Caguas: 895.44kW;

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Intertape Polymer Group - Green Packaging and Lili

Intertape Polymer Group

In a recent package from amazon I noticed that the packaging was a little different.  Until this package the plastic air filled wrap was made of #2 recyclable plastic.  This was made of #4, recyclable and Biodegradable.   The manufacturer is Intertape Polymer Group ... read on for more ... Intertape Polymer Group logo

" ... our corporate commitment ... on reducing waste and any harmful environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process or footprint ... we can’t eliminate all activities that affect the environment ... we can focus on the activities that can reduce our environmental impact ..."

"Lili ... is a commitment shared by the leaders and employees of Intertape to continually look for opportunities to lower our environmental impact so sustainability is within reach.  We invite you to do the same."

" ... try this suggestion for lowering your impact ...  Lower your energy consumption and save money by replacing bulky computer monitors with a flat panel monitor.  They use 1/3 of the electricity which is the equivalent to the savings of leaving a 50W bulb burning for one year. "


Via:  Intertape Polymer Group  LINK

iCushior Air Pillow

"The oxo-biodegradable air pillow film contains an additive that initiates chemical breakdown of the polymer chains much more quickly and completely than a standard film when in the presence of oxygen and heat or UV light ... the molecular components can be consumed by micro-organisms ... biodegradation leaves only water, carbon dioxide, biomass and small quantities of minerals that will be assimilated into the ecosystem."

"... one of the advantages of oxo-biodegradable films is the ease of recycling through mainstream recycling services.  Unfortunately, not all products make it to recycling or even waste receptacles resulting in litter.  An oxo-biodegradable air pillow that is discarded into the environment is much more likely to undergo the biodegradation process."


Via:  Intertape Polymer Group  LINK

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January 16, 2010

Solar Photovoltaic Power at the Movies

Solar Roof at Livermore Movie Theater.

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January 15, 2010

Fluxxlab Looks at Harnessing the Energy in Revolving Doors

fluxxlab logo

Fluxxlab has an idea to harness the "energy" in revolving doors. Already an energy saver compared to traditional doors in office buildings ... these could generate significsant power in large building with hundreds of workers.

" ... work to date has been focused on sustainable energy harvesting, specifically in the form of converting small amounts of human energy into electricity ..."Revolution Door

"... Revolution Door is a modified revolving ... a redesigned central core replacing that of any existing or new revolving door, a mechanical/electrical system that harnesses human energy and redistributes electricity to an output, and an output device that maps the harnessed energy ... the Revolution Door will directly communicate a single person's contribution to an energy cycle possible through the metabolic relationship between people, technology, and architecture."


 Via:  Fluxxlab  LINK

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January 14, 2010

Google Applies for Energy License

Google logoIn addition to being know for its green efforts (solar panels and highly efficient servers) Google is possibly entering ther power business by applying for a license to buy and sell wholesale power.

"... are other non-utilities already in the power business. Usually other firms with similar heavy power needs.  ... Google Energy subsidiary was formed in late 2009 ... putting it into a stronger position to balance Google’s energy needs with its goal to promote the use of alternative energy for electricity generation ... it will shop for the best sources of renewable energy to run its operations ... stated goal is to become carbon-neutral."


Via:  ZDNet  LINK

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January 13, 2010

Solar Cell Backsheet Materials

Industry players look to address solar challenges through the material sciences. Dupont, Henkel, Mitsubishi and emerging startups are solving durability and resilience requirements in the solar cell backsheet. ...
... "Extreme hydrolysis is a particular problem, and the adhesives especially need to exhibit enormous resilience. UV resistance is also paramount as the backsheet must not be allowed to yellow. " ...
Via Design News: Photovoltaic Effectiveness

Bio Solar: "Its proprietary line of BioBacksheets, made from renewable plant sources rather than petroleum, meets or exceeds the characteristics of various testing and performance standards for the PV industry and are expected to cost significantly less than current petroleum-based films. "

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GreenPack: Green and Biodegradable Packaging and Tableware Products

greenpack logo


"Green Pack is an importer and wholesaler specializing in environmentally sustainable products.  We supply biodegradable and compostable tableware and packaging, and a fantastic new range of non-toxic, petrochemical free wax crayons and paper twine." 

"Our product range includes: Areca palm leaf plates, sugarcane fibre (bagasse) tableware, GM-free starch cutlery, plantation timber cutlery, PLA Bioplastic cups and containers, PLA coated coffee cups, paper straws, recycled napkins and lots more..." 

"Green Pack caters for a wide range of customers. From wholesalers, hospitality, general business users to schools, hospitals, airlines and the general public. We also specialise in green event supply from the small private event to the supply of large organised public events."

Via: greenpack LINK


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January 12, 2010

Ferro Solar Cell Sealing Research Project

Ohio Department of Development awards research grant to Ferro Electronic Materials to support the development of advanced sealing systems for solar cells that exhibit greater durability in the field. Ferro will explore adaptation of its glass frit sealant material to sealing thin-film solar at lower manufacturing temperatures. ...
... "In this project, Ferro will engineer a vitreous frit system to provide reliable air-tight and water-tight seals for second- and third-generation thin-film solar cells. Ferro will collaborate with the Edison Welding Institute, StrateNexus Technologies, and The Ohio State University, all of Columbus, Ohio, in developing, testing and commercializing this new technology. If successful, the new sealing materials will enable Ferro to solve a significant problem with second- and third-generation thin-film solar cells. As with all solar cells, thin-film cells require a hermetic seal to operate reliably for their expected lifetimes of 20-plus years. This can be a problem because most current thin-film solar cell modules are designed to be sealed with organic sealants that typically lose their hermeticity in time, especially if exposed to sunlight containing UV radiation. " ...
Via Ferro Electronic Materials: Low-Temperature Sealing Methods for Thin-Film Solar Cells

Ohio focuses investment on its nascent solar industry. ...

Third Frontier of Ohio's Photovoltaic Investment Program: "The goal of the Ohio Third Frontier Photovoltaic Program (PVP) is to accelerate the development and growth of the photovoltaics industry in Ohio by direct financial support to organizations seeking to: investigate near-term specific commercial objectives with respect to products, processes, or services; "

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January 11, 2010

Intelligent Home Energy Management

Intel presents energy management innovation as a proof of concept. ...
... "Intel Home Dashboard Concept enables users to manage energy use, reduce costs, pay their bill and earn rewards. Family members can access the energy manager at any time for an at-a-glance view of utility rates, usage and billing. Users can set monthly energy targets and learn how to reach them, discover where energy is used and take control. " ...
Via Intel: Intelligent Home Energy Management Proof of Concept (PDF)

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Colorado Energy Efficiency Education Outreach

Colorado State offers educational seminars to the public at local events. On Saturday, January 16, energy efficiency will be the topic. ...
... "Rusty Collins, Jefferson County Extension director, hosting a program titled, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy presented by CSU Extension, and featuring keynote speaker Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture, John Stulp. There will also be two speakers discussing energy efficiency and solar power. " ...
Via Colorado State University: Seminars

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Big Green Purse

Big Green Purse

Big Green Purse believes the way to drive environmentally friendly products is to spend on them ... and use dollars to vote in the marketplace.

" ... we believe that the fastest, easiest, most direct route to a clean and healthy environment is to shift our spending to environmentally-safe, socially responsible products and services."

" ... Big Green Purse ... our focus on women because women spend $.85 of every dollar in the marketplace. That's a lot of power packed in a purse...... used in a way that can't be ignored. ... encouraging A MILLION WOMEN to shift at least $1,000 of money they already spend for an initial $1 billion Big Green Purse impact. ..."

" ... saves you time. ... found products that are really green (not just "green washed") at prices you can afford ... pinpointed goods that are not only green but "fair trade," meaning people are paid a fair wage for their work and no child labor is involved."

Via:  Big Green Purse  LINK

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January 10, 2010

Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing

President Obama invests in clean energy business growth and job creation through $2.3 billion of Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credits. This investment positions the United States to regain leadership positions in green technologies globally. The competition for the tax credits was intense as the program was significantly oversubscribed with cleantech manufacturing projects. ...
... "The investment tax credits, worth up to thirty percent of each planned project, will leverage private capital for a total investment of nearly $7.7 billion in high-tech manufacturing in the United States. One hundred eighty three projects in 43 states will create tens of thousands of high quality clean energy jobs and the domestic manufacturing of advanced clean energy technologies including solar, wind and efficiency and energy management technologies. " ...
Via The Whitehouse: 183 projects, 43 states, Clean Energy

Sample cleantech project:

Clean-Tech Manufacturing: "Solar Energy: PPG Industries, Inc. will produce a double anti-reflective coating for glass to make solar cells more efficient. At their Louisiana facility, PPG will produce a special tire tread component that reduces rolling resistance and improves fuel economy. Before the solar industry had begun, PPG pioneered the first low-iron glass that has been used in solar cells and on countless solar installations over the past two decades. Today, this credit will help to expand the manufacture of one of the critical components of glass solar cells, the transparent conductive oxide (TCO) coatings of the glass, without which the cells cannot function. "
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Google's Energy Efficient Computing and Sustainability

Google Sustainable Operations

Google has been at the forefront of energy efficiency quite some time.  Read on to learn more about Google current initiatives.

They also have lots of data and metrics to compare their energy use per Google search to other activities.

" ... Data centers ... account for most of Google’s energy needs ... take our energy use seriously and, from the very beginning, Google has focused on designing systems that use as little energy as possible ... operating what we believe to be the world's most efficient data centers."

" ... Google-designed data centers use about half the energy of a typical data center ... energy used per Google search is very small ... currently use about 1kJ (0.0003 kWh) of energy to answer the average query ... roughly .2g of CO2 ... often take the place of more carbon- and time-intensive activities, such as driving a car to a library or spending hours navigating shopping malls."

" ... commitment to sustainability goes beyond just electricity and carbon ... two Google facilities currently run on 100% recycled water, and by 2010 we expect recycled water to provide 80% of our total data center water consumption ... share our own data center best practices and are encouraging our industry peers to do the same ..."

" ... if all data centers operated at the same efficiency as ours, the U.S. alone would save enough electricity to power every household within the city limits of Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C."


Via:  Google  LINK



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January 09, 2010

China Solar Power Scale

ClimateWorks: "ClimateWorks is a globally distributed network of philanthropic, technical, and policy advocacy organizations ... "

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West Paw Design - Green Pet Supplies

West Paw Design logoPuppy Toys have gone GREEN.

We recently got a puppy and have noticed there are lots of GREEN puppy (and cat) things to be had ...

" ... In an age of disposability, these products stand the test of time. ... Utilizing eco friendly materials, such as reclaimed cotton, organic cotton, eco fabric and stuffing made with IntelliLoft™ recycled fibers, reyclable Zogoflex, and recycled fabric that can be recycled again ... "

Earth Friendly logo

" ... developed a manufacturing process that minimizes waste (currently as low as 2.4%!) ... our state-of-the-art building ... was constructed using the latest developments in energy efficient design in 2001 ... building expansion in 2009 and 2010 ... reclaiming 30,000 lbs of concrete."

" ... Reclaimed and reused old boxes are utilized to store finished goods rather than plastic manufacturing totes ... also incorporate recycled material in our shipping boxes."

Via:  West Paw Design  LINK

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January 08, 2010

Solar Energy Patents

Patent index shows acceleration in solar energy patents, driving technology innovation in this cleantech industry space. ...
... "Solar patents in the last quarter tracked approached the level of wind patents, which have been in second place to fuel cell patents ... " ...

Clean Energy Patent Index.

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January 06, 2010

Staples Solar Roof in Maryland

Staples installs solar photovoltaic power on the roof of its Hanover, Maryland facility with help from SunEdison. ...
... "largest single rooftop solar power installation in Maryland at Staples' 200,200 square foot fulfillment center in Hanover. The 1.01 megawatt solar installation covers nearly 175,000 square feet of roof space, larger than three football fields. The environmental savings associated with the system will offset more than 43 million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) over 20 years, equivalent to removing CO2 produced by more than 4,200 automobiles driving 12,000 miles per year. The zero-emission, silent photovoltaic system will generate approximately 1.2 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year, and 21 million kWh during the initial 20 years of the project. " ...
Via Staples: Maryland's Largest Single Rooftop Solar Power Installation

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January 05, 2010

Solar Photovoltaic Silicon Manufacturing Transformation

1366 Technologies will focus its research efforts on the solar manufacturing process, targeting efficient path to photovoltaic cells. ...
... "The Boston company's approach would decrease the total installed cost of a solar power system by half. It would also decrease the amount of expensive silicon material needed to make solar cells by a factor of more than three ... " ...
Via New York Times: Achilles Heel of Photovoltaics

Via 1366 Technologies: ARPA-E Funding: "1366 Technologies was selected for their Direct Wafer technology that forms high-efficiency monocrystalline-equivalent silicon wafers directly from molten silicon, with the potential to slash the cost of PV installations by half. "

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January 04, 2010

Saturation Solar Scenario for California Rooftops

Californians debate the value of isolated solar power farms versus leveraging distributed local rooftops with solar panels, which are closer to the power need. Of couse, the idea of solar roofs undermine the power utility business model. ...
... "California should cover every available rooftop with photovoltaic solar panels, especially commercial buildings. The panels can be installed quickly, unlike large solar power plants ... " ...
Via San Francisco Chronicle: Small-scale solar

The California Solar Initiative: "The California Solar Initiative offers financial incentives for solar installations based on the expected performance of a given solar installation. The expected performance is derived from the size of the solar array, and also takes into consideration the angle and location of the system installation. "

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January 03, 2010

Solar Research Investments

South Dakota State University makes facilities investment to sustain solar research momentum. The university will build a new cleanroom which will be enabling research activities by the end of 2010. ...
... "SDSU's 3,000-square-foot cleanroom will be be used chiefly for research with some use for the instruction of graduate students. " ...
Via Brookings Register: SDSU Cleanroom

Solar Cell Research at South Dakota State Univ: "There are currently two areas of solar cell research being conducted at SDSU; nano-crystalline silicon-based solar cells and photonic band gap structure to trap light in solar cells. "

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January 02, 2010

Nissan LEAF - Electric Car

Nissan Leafd

Nissan has announced the Nissan Leaf - a zero emission electric car that is designed for "the mass market".  In addition to the car, Nissan is working with partners to develop the required infrastructure to support an a all electric car.  The LEAF is expected to be priced similar to other family sedans.

" ...  Nissan LEAF zero-emission, all-electric car ... five-passenger, five-door, gasoline-free car ..."

"Nissan is the only automaker committed to making all-eZero Emission logolectric vehicles available to the mass market on a global scale. ... has partnered on the development of an electric-vehicle infrastructure through partnerships in the State of Tennessee, the State of Oregon, Sonoma County, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, Washington D.C., Seattle, Raleigh, and Vancouver. Additionalpartnerships will be announced in the near future."

Via:  Nissan  LINK

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Prince Charles Runs His Aston Martin on BioEthanol

Prince Charles in his Aston Martin

" ... Prince Charles, the U.K.'s version of Al Gore, has taken another step in a green direction: his 1970 Aston Martin DB6 has been converted to run entirely on bioethanol ... fuel ... made from a white wine produced near the prince's Highgrove Estate, itself a showcase for organic farming ..."

" ... goal of reducing emissions from his planes, trains, and automobiles 25% by 2018 ... European Union limits annual wine production, so any leftovers from England's current vintage can be converted to bioethanol by Green Fuels Ltd.... company has previously provided bioethanol to power the royal train. The prince's other vehicles, which include a smattering of Jaguars, a Range Rover, and an Audi, have been converted to run on bioethanol made from cooking oil...."

Via: RiverWired LINK


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January 01, 2010

Green Fuels Ltd.

FeulPodGreen Fuels Ltd makes it possible to produce your own biodiesel ... with one of their FuelPod products ...

They are the " ... world leading biodiesel equipment supplier, ... design and manufacture ... affordable biodiesel processing equipment ... for small-scale, domestic usage - right up to commercial production.  ... currently more than 6,500 Green Fuels and Green Fuels America processors world wide. Between them they produce more than 350 million litres of biodiesel every year"

"If you want ... ‘green’ biodiesel, but don’t want to produce it yourself, you can buy high quality fuel from one of our Green Fuels approved dealers nationwide ...you will always save money compared with standard garage fuels ... "

"Biodiesel is a clean-burning biofuel produced from domestic renewable resources such as used cooking oil, oil seed crops such as rapeseed, or unused vegetable oil. It is biodegradeable, non-toxic and carbon neutral ... has 80% lower emissions than mineral diesel, it dramatically reduces pollution. It is inexpensive and easy to produce at home and is safe to use in any diesel vehicle without any modifications to your engine."

" ... two models in the Fuelpod range by Green Fuels - the safest way to produce high quality biodiesel at home. Both are supplied as complete systems and have minimal operating costs, with exceptionally low electricity consumption."

Via: Green Fuels Ltd. LINK


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Solar Stimulus in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick launches new rebates to accelerate the state towards its goal of 250 MW of solar energy installed by 2017. The rebates will be complemented with a new renewable energy credit market for solar. ...
... "Commonwealth Solar II and Commonwealth Solar Stimulus will begin accepting rebate applications from residents and businesses seeking help financing their solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The new rebate programs will benefit from a two-pronged funding scheme. Funding for Commonwealth Solar II, providing rebates for small residential and commercial photovoltaic (PV) systems (5 kilowatts or less), will come from $1 million per quarter in existing funds from the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust. Now, as part of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (CEC), the Trust is financed through a small renewable energy charge on utility ratepayers' monthly bills. " ...
Via Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs: Commonwealth Solar rebate program

The state has made commendable progress with their solar stimulus. ...

Massachusetts Solar Progress Dashboard (PDF).

Solar credit marketplace will be established ...

Commonwealth Solar Rebate Program: "These new rebates are specifically targeted to complement and support the introduction of the new Solar Credit market in Massachusetts in January 2010 ... "

Via Massachusetts Clean Energy Center: Next Phase of Solar Power Enablers: "The Clean Energy Center, through the Renewable Energy Trust, looks forward to putting this new pool of funding to work providing rebates for solar projects that will get us to Governor Patrick’s goal of 250 MW of solar energy – enough to power at least 37,500 homes – by 2017 ... "

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