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Florida Smart Grid Modernization Investment

Floridians will benefit from an investment in the electrical grid that will see the installation of a significant number of smart meters and substation monitors, bringing intelligence to the grid. ...
... "a $200 million grant will go to Energy Smart Florida for the installation of 2.6 million smart meters in homes and the installation of advanced monitoring systems in grid substations. " ...
Via Florida Department of Financial Services: FEDERAL FUNDING FOR FLORIDA

Via The White House: President Obama Invests in the Smart Energy Grid: "The Administration is funding several grid modernization projects across the country that will significantly reduce the amount of power that is wasted from the time it is produced at a power plant to the time it gets to your house. By deploying digital monitoring devices and increasing grid automation, these awards will increase the efficiency, reliability and security of the system, and will help link up renewable energy resources with the electric grid. "


  • Talquin Electric Cooperative: Install a smart meter network system for 56,000 residential and commercial customers in a mainly rural, four-county service area in North Florida. Also integrate an outage management system and geographic information as part of the Smart Grid.
  • Florida Power & Light Company: Energy Smart Florida is a comprehensive project to advance implementation of the Smart Grid, including installing over 2.6 million smart meters, 9,000 intelligent distribution devices, 45 phasors, and advanced monitoring equipment in over 270 substations. By incorporating intelligence into the transmission, distribution and customer systems, the utility will be able to anticipate and respond to grid disturbances, empower customers through alternative rate programs, and enable the integration of renewable and on-site energy sources.
  • City of Leesburg, Florida: Enable new energy efficiency and conservation programs to all 23,000 electric consumers through deployment of smart meter networks, energy management for municipal buildings, integrated distributed generation, and new substation power transformer with enhanced monitoring and control. Key consumer initiatives include time differentiated rates and demand response options for reducing peak load.

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