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Zeba - Agriculture Water Saving Technologies

Zeba logoZeba has developed an interesting product that can help conserve water.  A white granule is mixed with the soil and it holds 500 x weight in water.  When it rains it absorbs thZeba water cyclee extra water and releases it slowly over time.  This lets farmers take advantage of rain by having more soaked up near the plant and released when needed - rather than run off into streams.

" ... superabsorbent polymer based on natural cornstarch, making it biodegradable, nontoxic and odorless. ...  a water-insoluble, net-like matrix in the form of a hydrogel that holds and releases water for use by plants as needed.

" ...  able to absorb more than 500 times their original weight. ... slowly releases just the right amount of encapsulated moisture in response to plant root suction. T... process is repeated hundreds of times over a growing season or more before Zeba loses effectiveness.

" ... cornstarch based material is biodegradazble"


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