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July 31, 2009

Cool White Roof

White roofs are modestly more expensive and have an appreciable impact on cooling costs in sunny climates. ...
... "Studies show that white roofs reduce air-conditioning costs by 20 percent or more in hot, sunny weather." ...
Via New York Times: White Roofs Cut Energy Costs

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New Belguim Brewing - Environmentally Friendly Brewers

 new belgium brewery logo

New Belgium Brewing is a green brewer ... read about some of their efforts and innovations in green brewing ... there are many many more on their web site.


Green building ... " ... using UV blocking windows, sun-tubes, and light shelves. .. evaporative coolers, we can condition our 55,000 square foot packaging hall with no compressors, using much less energy ... "

Green energy ... " ... methane produced by process water treatment is used to fuel a ... co-gen—which creates electricity and heat for the brewery. ... co-gen ... full-time, it can supply 15% of our electrical needs ... In 1999, New Belgium became the first wind-powered brewery ..."

Walk the Talk ... " .... members of 1% For The Planet ... through donations and fund-raisers, 1% of our revenue goes to environmental non-profits ...  encourage sustainable transportation, every employee gets a custom cruiser bike after one-year of employment."

Via:  New Belgium Brewing   LINK
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July 30, 2009

Minimize Your Off-Road Carbon Footprint with Zero DS Electric Motorcycle

The Zero DS supports your off-road experience with an electric powerpack that achieves a fifty mile range and recharges in under four hours. ...
... "Powered by the most advanced drive train in the industry, the Zero DS is a fully electric motorcycle that can handle any surface you can throw at it. Navigating obstacles and maintaining control is accomplished using a specially developed suspension system and a rugged wheel set. " ...
Via ZERO MOTORCYCLES: DS Electric Motorcycle

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Smart Grid - What it is Video

Everyone is talking about the smart grid and how it will improve our energy delivery system. Every wonder just what the smart grid is ... and is not? It has "smarts" and sensors ... but what is it? smart grid electric meter "

 ... data flowing to consumers will be eventually be near realtime ... amount of their bill to date and their rate ... will be alerted during peak power demand so they can cut back their consumption and save money ..."

" ... benefits ... consumers can manage their consumption and defer appliance use to off-peak hours for rebates ... grid is better for the environment and utilities save scads of money building and running fewer power plants ..."


Check out this video for more information ...





Via: Smart Planet LINK



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July 29, 2009

AOL's Green Toolbar - Green Tips !

AOL Green Toolbar setup screenAOL Green ToolbarAOL's downloadable green toolbar offers a series of tips that change every few seconds as well as the ability to get quick searches and fees from, several green blogs like Green Daily and Green Resources ... you can also add Green Tech from Engadget.

During the install process you have the ability to make a few system setups (or decline if you prefer) that will ... "... save $25-75 per year (up to 100 kilowatts) by adjusting your computer to quickly go to Standby mode ... use up to 15% less paper by simply printing more on each page ... For some older monitors, using a darker desktop wallpaper saves more energy than lighter colors ..."

On the far right of the bar is an area that shows a constantly changing list of tips and tip of the day.


Via:  AOL Green Toolbar Download Link

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Green Rubber™ - Rubber Recycling

Green Rubber logo

Green Rubber™ has invented a process that allows for recycling vulcanized rubber.  The de-vulcanization process is called De-Link and promises a way to recycle vulcanized rubber products such as tires.

Typically tires have been thrown in landfills where they collect water and breed mosquito and cause ground water contamination ... and if they catch fire can cause significant air and water pollution.

" ... vulcanization has historically been a non-reversible process ... has not been possible to re-use vulcanized rubber in the production of new rubber products.

"De-vulcanization is the reverse of the vulcanization process ... sulphur bonds are opened up and the chemical characteristics of the de-vulcanized material now resemble virgin rubber ...DeLink reactant is a proprietary and patented chemical mixture ... process is a mechano-chemical reaction in nature ... "


Via: Green Rubber™ LINK

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July 28, 2009

Green Product Selection through Biorenewable Carbon Index

Stepan uses a green index to enable customer product selection in its catalogs. ...
... "The BCI is a single value based on the percent carbon from a biorenewable resource. Biorenewable is defined by Stepan as originating from animal, plant or marine materials. The BCI value is based on the number of biorenewable carbons divided by the total number of carbons in an idealized molecule (as described on Stepan's product bulletins). All of products in the guide are made from biorenewable resources. " ...
Via Stepan Company: BCI

Stepan Biorenewable Carbon Index (PDF).

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Solar Roof Shingles

Bob Vila episode on solar photovoltaic roofing shingles. ...

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July 27, 2009

Berkeley California Solar Map

Berkeley, California Solar Map

Berkeley, California is into solar and wants to help residents and businesses make the move to solar.   To help they offer two tools ...

> One tool is a solar portal that allows property owners to look at their roof and determine both the solar potential and the cost. 

>A second tool provides financing paid by by taxes

" ... Solar Mapping ... estimate the solar potential of their rooftops and view existing solar installations. ... get an estimated size of a photovoltaic (PV) system that would fit ... obtain detailed information on tax rebates and choose from a listing of available installers ... map reflects elements such as rooftop structures, the slant of the roof, shading ... and ... azimuth of the sun for PV panel placement."

" ... Berkeley FIRST program, a solar finance program ... provides property owners an opportunity to borrow money ... and repay the financing through property tax bills."



 Via:  MatterNetwork LINK

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Liquid Fuel from Solar Energy and CO2 using Biotech Process

Joule Biotechnologies adds leadership talent as it prepares to commercialize a biotechnology process that uses solar energy to convert CO2 into liquid fuel, called Helioculture. The company's proprietary technology uses bio organisms and the photosynthesis process to transform CO2, using sunlight, into fuels. Joule Bio will work towards commercial scale production in the 2010 timeframe. ...
... "On the appointment of Bill Sims, as president and CEO: In addition to his proven leadership and record of operational excellence, Bill has direct experience bringing new technologies to market against long-established incumbents --- in Joule’s case, fossil fuels. We’re thrilled to see the company emerge and build a successful path to energy independence under his guidance. " ...
Via Joule Biotechnologies: Solar Startup

Joule Biotechnologies SolarConverter system: "is a revolutionary, integrated system for the end-to-end production of renewable SolarFuel and SolarChemical products. "

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July 26, 2009

San Diego Solar Map

San Diego Solar Map of Activity in the City.

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July 25, 2009

Vroom Vroom Vroom - Green Car Rental !

Vroon Vroom Vroom logo Want to travel Green?  Vroom, Vroom, Vroom is a car rental service that works with all the major rental aagencies and offers both lower prices and a carbon offset for your rental (based on the miles driven and carbon emissions of your rental car).  You can even get a green hotel as well!

" ... paying for all of the carbon offsets for all car rentals reserved through VroomVroomVroom.com. .. Help the environment by renting a car with VroomVroom Vroom.com. The average contribution to offset carbon emissions for each car rental is $3.32. ...be "environmentally responsible" and drive to a green hotel available in every price range in almost every city."

Via:  Vroom Vroom Vroom Link

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July 24, 2009

DARPA Extreme Solar

DARPA is requesting proposals for lightweight, portable solar capabilities. ...
... "The project dovetails with a number of other U.S. military projects involving or potentially involving solar that can withstand extreme conditions. " ...
Via Reuters: DARPA

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July 23, 2009

Philips Lumiblade OLED Light Sheets

Philips is offering its Lumiblade OLED light sheets to customers in kit form to spur innovative uses of this efficient form of lighting. ...
... "SSL lighting provides illumination that is more energy efficient, longer-lasting and more sustainable. It also opens exciting new doors to how we can use, integrate and ‘play’ with light in our homes, cars, shops and cities. A key structural difference is that OLEDs are created using organic semiconductors (such as those that make up organic solar cells), while LEDs are built in crystals from an inorganic material. OLEDs, on the other hand, are extremely flat panels that evenly emit light over the complete surface. The illumination they produce is “calm”, more glowing and diffuse, and non-glaring. The thin, flat nature of OLEDs also makes it possible to use and integrate light OLED lighting works by passing electricity through one or more incredibly thin layers of organic semiconductors. As this layer returns to its original, stable, non-excited state, the energy flows evenly through the organic film, causing it to emit light. Using different materials in the organic films makes it possible for the OLEDs to emit different colored light. " ...

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July 22, 2009

Solar Thin Film Measurement

Nanometrics launches metrology tool that integrates into thin film solar manufacturing to control and manage film thickness preventing process upsets. ...
... "The latest in Nanometrics’ Trajectory product line, the TSM is designed to rapidly measure the thickness of various thin films in order to enable fast feedback and excursion prevention in the manufacture of all types of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells, and further expands Nanometrics’ metrology system footprint into the segment of rough and textured PV film layers. " ...
Via Nanometrics: Metrology System for Solar PV Applications

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July 21, 2009

Solar and Thermal Combine to Lower Utility Bills

Troy, New York resident makes solar and solar thermal systems pay off. ...
... "Now, with both systems in place, there are about five months in the year when he only pays 10 dollars for electricity from a conventional power plant ... " ...
Via Scienceline: Solar thermal energy

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July 20, 2009

Hotel Solar

NH Hotels explores solar options with support from Isofoton. ...
... "Isofoton specializes in solar thermal and solar photovoltaic installations and will guide NH Hoteles in the best methods to implement solar power. " ...
Via Electric UK: Solar Hotel Chain

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Ace Hardware to Sell Honeywell Home Wind Turbines

Home Wind Turbine

Ace Hardware is teaming up with Honeywell to sell a home sized wind turbine.

" ... Honeywell Wind Turbine is a gearless, "free wheeling'' turbine that generates power from the blade tips ... By practically eliminating mechanical resistance and drag ... creates significant power (2000 kWh/yr) operating in a greater range of wind speeds (2-45 mph) than traditional wind turbines. The highest output, lowest cost per kWh installed turbine ever made. ..." Home Energy Package

"installed cost is approximately 1/3 of the cost of traditional turbines with a lower installed cost per kWh than any turbine on the market. Adding to the value are federal and state rebates covering anywhere from 30% to 100% of the overall cost."

Check out this video for more information ....:



Via: Earthtronics  LINK

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Zeba - Agriculture Water Saving Technologies

Zeba logoZeba has developed an interesting product that can help conserve water.  A white granule is mixed with the soil and it holds 500 x weight in water.  When it rains it absorbs thZeba water cyclee extra water and releases it slowly over time.  This lets farmers take advantage of rain by having more soaked up near the plant and released when needed - rather than run off into streams.

" ... superabsorbent polymer based on natural cornstarch, making it biodegradable, nontoxic and odorless. ...  a water-insoluble, net-like matrix in the form of a hydrogel that holds and releases water for use by plants as needed.

" ...  able to absorb more than 500 times their original weight. ... slowly releases just the right amount of encapsulated moisture in response to plant root suction. T... process is repeated hundreds of times over a growing season or more before Zeba loses effectiveness.

" ... cornstarch based material is biodegradazble"


Via:  Zeba LINK

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July 19, 2009

Utility Integration with Algae Farms to Produce Biofuel from Waste CO2

National Renewable Energy Laboratory research program looks at strains of algae for best biofuel production. The research recommends development of algae strains through genetic engineering to produce high solar conversion rates. ...
... "Algal biodiesel is one of the only avenues available for high-volume re-use of CO2 generated in power plants. It is a technology that marries the potential need for carbon disposal in the electric utility industry with the need for clean-burning alternatives to petroleum in the transportation sector. " ...
Via NREL: Aquatic Species Program, Biodiesel from Algae (PDF)

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July 18, 2009

Austin Energy Inspections

There's are new sheriff in town, the energy inspector. ...
... "Mr. Umphress is a particular kind of inspector, an energy auditor, and Austin, with one of the toughest building codes in the country, requires an energy inspection before a building can be occupied. " ...
Via New York Times: Home Building Rules

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Sahara Solar Park

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July 17, 2009

ATT LED Logo Saves Energy

AT&T replaces its lighted signs with LED lighting, saving energy while running a rebranding campaign. ...
... "The new lighting is expected to save more than 5.8 million kilowatt hours of electricity a year, which is equivalent to planting more than 950 acres of trees. Importantly, it demonstrates the kind of impact that replacing high-voltage neon and less-efficient florescent lighting with LEDs can have when rolled out on a large, commercial scale. " ...
Via GE: AT&T uses LEDs

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July 16, 2009

Walmart Sustainability Index for Efficient Products

Walmart goes public with its move to challenge the market for sustainable products. The product sustainability transformation will occur in three phases: broad supplier surveys on sustainability with focus areas on energy and climate; material efficiency; natural resources, and; people and community. A global database of the survey results will be created in collaboration with academia and be made available as an open-source of information. The effort will culminate in a product index that will enable consumers to make sustainable choices while shopping. ...

Mike Duke, President and CEO of Walmart comments at the Sustainability Milestone Meeting:
... "As I look back at our progress over the past few years, I think the most difficult challenge has been to measure the sustainability of our products. It’s in this area where I believe we can truly accelerate and broaden our efforts in sustainability… with a more elegant, research-driven approach. " ...
Via WalMart Stores: Sustainability Meeting

Walmart is targeting the creation of a product sustainability index that will be open to all consumers. ...

Walmart's Sustainability Index (PDF). In order to achieve the indes, it needs data from its global suppliers. ...

Walmart supplier sustainability questionnaire (PDF). Suppliers must develop an understanding on the environmental footprint of their products. ...

WalMart eco-ratings: "Suppliers measure the environmental cost of making their products so Wal-Mart can calculate and post an eco-rating for each item. " Walmart will use its market influence to drive positive change for consumers. ...

Company sustainability slides (PDF).

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Solar Electric Measurement

The earth's tilt in its axis of rotation results in longer days, ie: more sunlight, for six months for each hemisphere, north and south. In the middle latitudes, the sun is overhead of countries, like the US, so even more solar energy is received in the summer months. With summer in the northern hemisphere, now is the time to maximize the amount of solar energy (kilowatt-hour) generated per square area of photovoltaic panels. ...
... "Scientists measure the amount of sunlight falling on specific locations at different times of the year. They then estimate the amount of sunlight falling on regions at the same latitude with similar climates. Measurements of solar energy are typically expressed as total radiation on a horizontal surface, or as total radiation on a surface tracking the sun. Radiation data for solar electric (photovoltaic) systems are often represented as kilowatt-hours per square meter (kWh/m2). " ...
Via Energy Savers: Solar Radiation

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July 15, 2009

Walmart Product EcoRatings Planned

Walmart plans to collaborate with supplier partners to create eco ratings for products in order to enable customers to make green choices. ...
... "The next phase involves creating a database and metrics for sustainability, Golden said, and the third is to translate that information into a ratings system consumers can understand. " ...
Via Associated Press: WalMart eco-ratings

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July 14, 2009

Synthetic Genomics and Exxon Mobil Team to Produce Algae Derived Biofuels

Synthetic Genomics Inc and ExxonMobil Research and Engineering team up to explore and commercialize the use of photosynthetic algae for biofuel production. SGI is working to scale up a continuous process for algae-produced biofuel. ...
... "As part of the multi-faceted agreement, SGI will receive milestone payments for achievements in developing biofuel products. Total funding for SGI in research and development activities and milestone payments could amount to more than $300 million with the potential for additional income from licensing to third parties. Photosynthetic algae, which include microalgae (single celled algae) and cyanobacteria (most commonly known as blue-green algae) are organisms that are very efficient at utilizing the energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into cellular oils (lipids) and even some types of long-chain hydrocarbons that can be further processed into fuels and chemicals. " ...
Via Synthetic Genomics: Multi-Year Agreement to Develop Next Generation Biofuels Using Photosynthetic Algae

Exxon Mobil is developing a portfolio of sustainability projects. ...

Exxon Mobil's Sherri K. Stuewer on Rising to the sustainability challenge: "We also believe that it is critically important — and ultimately most effective — to invest in research for fundamentally new technologies that will be efficient in reducing emissions for the future. We have an active portfolio of research now on a wide range of future technologies ... "

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July 13, 2009

Desertec Industrial Initiative DII Solar Thermal Power Network

Twelve European companies join together to collaborate on the DESERTEC Industrial Initiative (DII), which will create a solar thermal power plant network in the deserts of North Africa targeting the power to satisfy fifteen percent of Europe’s electricity requirements. ...
... "The DESERTEC concept, developed by the TREC Initiative of the Club of Rome, describes the perspectives of a sustainable power supply for all regions of the world with access to the energy potential of deserts. " ...
Via DESERTEC Foundation: Industrial Initiative

DII participants: ABB, ABENGOA Solar, Cevital, Deutsche Bank, E.ON, HSH Nordbank, MAN Solar Millennium, Munich Re, M+W Zander, RWE, SCHOTT Solar, SIEMENS.

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Possible New Route to Plastic via Cellulose

Scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory may have a new process to produce plastic from plant fibers (cellulose). ...   convert glucose directly in high yields to a primary building block for fuel and polyesters," ... ... called HMF, which stands for hydroxymethylfurfural. It is a chemical derived from carbohydrates such as glucose and fructose and is viewed as a promising surrogate for petroleum-based chemicals."
PNNL logo
" ... announced a simple process that turns cellulose (plant fibers) into plastic. ... still quite a ways off from commercial application, it shows promise as a way of creating alternative plastics
... "

Via: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory LINK
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July 12, 2009

Washington State Solar Reserve Project

Teanaway project is planned for a four hundred acre site near Cle Elum, Washington and will generate a significant amount of power from solar panels. ...
... "The Teanaway Solar Reserve is the largest photovoltaic solar project ever proposed for the Northwest. Once completed, it will be tied to the utility grid and generate up to 75 megawatts of clean, renewable energy ... " ...
Via Teanaway Solar: Reserve

View Larger Map

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July 10, 2009

India Green Building

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Algenol Biofuels - Direct to Ethanol Technology

algenolbiofuels logoMost of the bio fuel processes are require significant amounts of petroleum energy (i.e. to grow the basic crop like corn) or to power the process.  Algenol is totally different ... it does not compete in a food vs/ biofuel stock like corn.

"...introducing its DIRECT TO ETHANOL™ technology ... an innovative algae to ethanol compaAlgenol process flowny ... advanced 3rd generation biofuels technology producing ethanol from algae through a process powered by the sun ... industrial-scale, low-cost ethanol using algae, sunlight, CO2, and seawater.... does not use food, farmland, or fresh water."

Some of the advantages of the Algenol process are"  ...  [can] use desert land and marginal land ... make fresh water from seawater during the process. ... an energy balance over 8 : 1 (energy output : fossil fuel input) ...".


Via:  Algenol Biofuels  Link



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July 09, 2009

Urine Power through Hydrogen

Ohio University researches fuel cells that could be powered from the hydrogen in urine. ...
... "Using a nickel-based electrode, the scientists can create large amounts of cheap hydrogen from urine ... " ...
Via Discovery News: Urine

Dr Botte's Research Interests: "Dr. Botte and members of her research group are working on projects in the areas of electrochemical engineering, power sources and fuel cells ... "

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Solon Solar Power Plant in California

SOLON will build the solar power pilot plant for PG&E as part of its photovoltaic program in California. The pilot project will lead to the development of another 250 megawatts of mid-sized solar plants over the next five years. ...
... "PG&E awarded the SOLON Corporation a contract to produce photovoltaic modules and build a 2 MW power plant, which is planned to be completed in December 2009, in a multi-stage bidding process involving several top North American solar companies. The power plant is a pilot project for PG&E aimed at enabling the utility to develop more photovoltaic power plants in the future. As part of its solar energy initiative, PG&E plans to use photovoltaic power to deliver more than 1,000 gigawatt hours of electricity each year by 2015. " ...

Portrait of Solon: "SOLON SE is one of the largest solar module manufacturers in Europe and a leading supplier of photovoltaic systems for large-scale solar power plants. The SOLON Group has subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and the U.S. "

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Novel Type of "non Turbine" Wind Power

ho it works

Here is an interesting non turbine wind power generator.  I saw the idea for this in the TerraPass Blog; another one of the Blogs I follow.

See the link below for a video with the details ... basically the vibrating film causes a magnet to move between coils ... which is effective in light breezes ...

Windbelt Video

" ... Shawn Frayne, a 28-year-old inventor ... saw the need for small-scale wind power to juice LED lamps and radios in the homes of the poor. ...took a new tack, ... Frayne's device, ... is a taut membrane fitted with a pair of magnets that oscillate between metal coils. Prototypes have generated 40 milliwatts in 10-mph slivers of wind, making his device 10 to 30 times as efficient as the best microturbines. ..."


Via:  Popular Mechanics  LINK

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July 08, 2009

Raleigh NC Solar Array Project Approved

Raleigh City Council approves a 1.3 megawatt solar photovoltaic array project that will be implemented at the Neuse River Wastewater Treatment Plant through the collaboration of partners: Progress Energy Carolinas, Southern Energy, and NxGen Power. ...
... "The project will be the first utility-scale solar power project located on local government property in the state. This is the fifth and largest solar array project announced by Progress Energy Carolinas, bringing the total amount of solar-generated electricity scheduled to be purchased by the company to more than 5 megawatts. " ...
Via City of Raleigh: Solar Array Project Agreement Reached

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Biospherecorp Biodegradable / Compostable Produce Containers

 http://www.biosphereindustries.com/images/header_rev005.png logo

 Yesterday I found packaged green peppers in what looked like a paper tray rather than #6 PS foam trays.  The product is labeled 100 compostable and 100% biodegradabPPM100 compostable trayle and is made by Biospherecorp. 

Compostable and biodegradable beats PS foam!  Made from starch that is used as it is and not converted to plastic first ...

" ...Biosphere® Industries joined forces with Sealed Air Corporation, ... as a joint venture partner to bring a new class of sustainable biodegradable packaging products to market. ... Renew-a-Pak® and Blueware™ product lines are  ... ultra earth friendly starch based packaging systems.  ... do not convert starch into plastic, but bake it, similar to the process of making bread, waffles or ice cream cones. ... manufacture rigid packaging products that perform unlike anything else on earth."

" ... made primarily of starches such as tapioca and potatoes and a smaller percentage of grass fibers making them not only biodegradable, but Earth friendly ... Custom engineered packaging shapes and sizes may be infused with signature colors and custom aromas."

" ... Renew-a-Pak's product line is readily naturally compostable and garbage disposal safe.  ... biodegrade completely in 40 days outdoors ... or 10 days in a commercial compost environment while enjoying an indoor shelf life of many years ..."


Via:  biosphereindustries  LINK

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July 07, 2009

Thin Film Solar Protection

DuPont and the U.S. Department of Energy will collaborate on a solar research program that will develop innovations to protect thin-film solar photovoltaics. ...
... "The three-year program is designed to accelerate commercialization of an ultra-thin protective film -- more than 3,000 times thinner than a human hair -- that prevents moisture from degrading the performance of thin-film PV modules, a key challenge in the past. " ...
Via Dupont: Thin Film Solar Research with DOE

DuPont offers Photovoltaic Solutions: "That's why we continue to provide some of the world's most innovative materials for solar cells and modules. "

Flexible Solar Power via Science Daily: "The encapsulation process and the ultra-barrier film - called Barix Encapsulation and Barix Barrier Film, respectively - are already proven and effective moisture barriers. "

Dupont products are aimed at the sustainability market. ...

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Microsoft Hohm - Energy Management - UPDATE

 Microsoft hohm logol

In an earlier post of this blog (June 25th,m 2009) I wrote about Microsoft hohm, a new beta software application that would help homeowners better understand their energy usage and give suggestions to save money.

Yesterday I got the link inviting me to try it ... here are some of the details ... 

 hohm is a web application that develops a detailed "picture" of your home and its energy use using a very detailed series of questions.  Questions cover ... the direction the front of your home faces ... and includes details about all major systems  and about the number of windows and square footage of widows on each side of the house.  See graphic to the right for pictures of the categories of questions.Miscrosof hohm graphic

As you fill out the questionnaire a series of "FYI / Did you knows?"   appear to increase your Energy IQ.

After filling out 75% of the questions I was able to get a list of "best ways to spend

50, 100, and 500 dollars".

So far I found hohm easy to use and informative ... and the initial Q & A took about 20 minutes.

More details as the "experiment" continues !



Via:  Microsoft hohm  LINK






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July 06, 2009

Solar Anti-Reflective Coating Research Grant from DOE for Xerocoat Application Development

The United States Department of Energy will invest a three million dollar grant with XeroCoat to develop anti-reflective coating applications for solar photovoltaic assemblies. The development of anti-reflectives for thin-film solar can continue to improve its cost position. This grant was part of the DOE's Photovoltaic Supply Chain and Cross-Cutting technology program which targets investment in innovative solutions, especially disruptive technologies, to solar energy challenges. ...
... "XeroCoat is targeting a coating method for thin film modules that will exceed thin film industry cost targets and further lower the cost of solar energy. Upon successful completion of this development work, XeroCoat’s customers will be able to cost-effectively apply its high performance AR coatings to all solar technologies, increasing energy output and making solar energy more affordable. " ...
Via XeroCoat: DOE Grant for Solar Coating Development (PDF)

Background on XeroCoat Anti-Reflective Coating: "XeroCoat is a pioneering start-up company that designs and manufactures high performing anti-reflective coatings for solar energy systems. The company is located in Redwood City, California. "

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July 05, 2009

Skyheat Solar Insights

Off-the-grid perspective offered by Richard Komp ...

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July 03, 2009

Shift to Low Carbon Technology in UK

The Carbon Trust's recent analysis recommends that the UK change its neutral technology policies and emphasize investments in wind and wave technologies to position the country as a global leader in generation and clean tech. ...
... "He called for Britain to make smart investments through greater technology prioritisation and to move away from technology neutrality. This new approach, outlined in a new report, means public support will be focused on emerging low carbon technologies and industries that will have the maximum impact on cutting carbon and generating UK economic benefit. " ...
Via Carbon Trust: Clean Tech Priorities

The Carbon Trust" is an independent company set up in 2001 by Government in response to the threat of climate change, to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy by working with organisations to reduce carbon emissions and develop commercial low carbon technologies. "

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NYC Carbon Counter - Real Time Carbon Counts

NYC Carbon Counter

You cannot manage what you cannot measure ... everyone is hearing about the increasing carbon / greenhouse emissions .. but just how big a number is it?  How fast is it growing?

To get a real time view take a look at the 10 character - 70 foot "meter" in New York's Times Sq on the Deutsch Banks billboard.

" ...displays the amount of equivalent greenhouse gas emissions in terms of carbon in the atmosphere, and is constantly updated based on measurements from NASA, NOAA, and supporting research from MIT. ... the number is a reflection of all greenhouse gas emissions (methane, nitrous oxide, etc.) by their impact equivalencies in carbon. It even accounts for dips and rises in the amount of carbon in the atmosphere due to seasonal changes so not to appear to be slowing down certain times of the year.

"Before ... the information was only updated every five years. ... displaying the count in real time "allows people to begin to engage in the debate around the issue." ... the counter creates a sense of urgency, a call to action, and is intended to spur action to take the steps necessary in saving our planet."

Track the carbon count in real time on your PC ... download the Carbon Counter widget ... LINK


Via:  SustainLane  LINK


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July 02, 2009

Fat Spaniel - Monitor Solar PV Systems in Real Time

Fat Spaniel logo

Fat Spaniel Technologies provides real time monitoring of your solar PV system.  Read their case studies of Jay Leno's car garage and SF International Airport.  

Track your actual generation / performance and see ... "... display total power generated by ... day, week, month, or year ... local irradiance, cell temperature, and ambient temperature ... avoided greenhouse gases (CO2, NOx and Sox) over the lifetime ..."

It can be used to proactively guide behavior changes ... " Generate Energy Fat Spaniel Insight Manager screenSavings Via Behavior Modification ..." ... Educate ... by publishing real-time and historical data ... Cut electricity usage up to 10% by changing habits of building occupants ..."

 " ... Fat Spaniel provides ... an industrial-grade, Software-as-a-Service renewable energy plant management system that enables plant operators to: ... Manage renewable energy plants in real-time ... Communicate and interact with mobile personnel ... Generate revenue utilizing back-end services for regulatory agency reporting, renewable energy certificate (REC) registration, and environmental reporting"


Via: Fat Spaniel Technologies LINK

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July 01, 2009

Solar Array Powers University of New Mexico Energy Needs

The University of New Mexico at Taos is investing in a significant solar array, occupying three and one half acres, to take advantage of the abundant sunshine and satisfy the school's electrical power requirements. ...
... "When completed next month, the three and one half acre solar array, containing more than 2,700 photovoltaic panels, will generate 500 KW of power, more than enough to serve power needs of the UNM-Taos campus. Any additional power will go into the grid. " ...
Via University of New Mexico at Taos: Energy Independence

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Zwahlen's Ice Cream Goes Green With SRS Energy's Sole Power Tile

Zwahlens Ice Cream and Chocholate

 Zwahlen's is a local (Audubon PA) ice cream and chocolate establishment that just so happens to have the first commercial use of SRS Energy's Sole Power Tile Roof.

I was driving past the store last evening when my son told me about the sign on the front that  said --- something along the lines "the best ice cream under the sun is now powered by the sun".  I needed to check this out ... SRS logo

" SRS Energy, ...installed ... the first building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofing product designed for curved roofing systems, ... the first commercial installation of the Sole Power Tile(TM) system  ..."

"T...a great example of how time-tested traditions and cutting-edge technology can meet to create something beautiful," said Marty Low, CEO of SRS Energy and owner of Zwahlen's. "

" ... designed to blend seamlessly with several styles of US Tile's clay tiles, providing energy without the use of traditional solar panels that can compromise a building's roofline and curb appeal. ... preserves Zwahlen's charming Swiss chalet look."

"SRS Energy recently introduced the Sole Power Tile(TM) system to the greater Philadelphia region at the PV America show, held at the Pennsylvania Convention center during the week of June 7, 2009."

SRS Energy's Sole Power Tile can generate 500 Watts per sq ft.


Via:  EarthTimes  LINK

Via:  SRS Energy  LINK

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