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June 30, 2009

Power Management Principle for PCs and Laptops

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is implementing a consistent set of energy management settings across its technology assets in support of its green IT strategy and under the company's broader corporate sustainability initiative. ...
... "In support of the new Green IT initiative, power settings on all Fairmont workstations and laptops, which are centrally managed by the brand, will be set to automatically power down after one hour of inactivity. By adopting this power management principle, Fairmont expects to reduce its energy consumption by 2,692,683 KwH per year, resulting in a savings of 1,356 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of avoiding the burning of 3,155 barrels of oil annually. " ...
Via Fairmont Hotels & Resorts: Fairmont Announces Green IT Strategy:

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Exolation - New Insulation developed in Philadelphia for newly created End Row Homes

Newly Created "end unit" row homwPhiladelphia is a city of row houses ... unfortunately many are in blighted condition and when they are town down the newly  created "end units" are poorly insulated.  Cleaning up the blighted homes causes the other homeowners to have basically little or no insulation on a large surface of their home.

Exolation insulation

"In the interest of creating local green jobs, the city hopes to find a local manufacturer." " ... product consists of layers of insulating foam (for thermal protection), high-density foam (to absorb impact), fabric (to prevent penetration of sharp objects), and a latex-stucco finish.  ... produce it in 2-by-4-foot panels that will be affixed to a wall with a foaming adhesive."

" ... Philadelphia University's help was enlisted after the city determined that existing exterior-wrap products were too expensive and not sufficiently durable."

Via:  Philadelphia University  LINK

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June 29, 2009

New Jersey Ethanol from Algae

Garden State Ethanol plans to use algae to power its ethanol production in NJ. ...
... "A company is looking at property for a plant that would turn algae into ethanol to be used as fuel. " ...
Via NJ dot com: Woobine NJ algae plant

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Pervious Pavements - Helps Water Soak into the Grond and not Run Off

Pervious pavement solve the need for a hardscape surface that can also allow water to soak int the earth rather than flow into a storm sewer. Among the more costly means to handle water are catch basins and ponds to allow for a more controlled flow and absorption.Pervious Pavement

" ... a unique and effective means to address important environmental issues and support green, sustainable growth.... porous concrete is instrumental in recharging groundwater, reducing stormwater runoff, and meeting U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stormwater regulations. ... pervious concrete is among the Best Management Practices (BMPs) recommended by the EPA ...  for the management of stormwater runoff ..."

" ... Typically, between 15% and 25% voids are achieved ...  flow rates ... typically around 480 in./hr (0.34 cm/s, which is 5 gal/ft²/ min or 200 L/m²/min),... "


Via:  PerviousPavement  LINK

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June 28, 2009

Soy Foam Seats

FORD, LEAR USE SOY FOAM IN SEAT CUSHIONS: "With soy foam in seats on one million vehicles, Ford expects to decrease its use of petroleum oil by one million pounds and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by five million pounds annually. Use of soy foam in seats also delivers superior product performance, and supports American farmers. "

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June 26, 2009

Starbucks Sustainable Store Strategy

Starbucks updates its retail store strategy to incorporate strong sustainable design elements and will place emphasis on unique local characteristics at each location to accentuate the customer experience. ...
... "Derive 50 percent of the energy used in company-operated stores from renewable sources by 2010; Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making company-operated stores 25 percent more energy efficient by 2010; Achieve LEED certification for all new company-operated stores worldwide by late 2010; " ...
Via Starbucks: Store Experience Reinvention

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June 25, 2009

Microsoft Hohm - Energy Management

Microsoft Hohm

You can only manage what you can measure .. the old adage about management ... applies to energy usage as well.  A new Microsoft product, Microsoft Hohm, will allow individuals to monitor their energy usage and make changes based on recommendations to SAVE MONEY and ELECTRICITY. Microsoft Hohn

" ... Microsoft Hohm, a new online application that enables consumers to better understand their energy usage, get recommendations and start saving money. ... uses advanced analytics licensed from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy to provide consumers with personalized energy-saving recommendations. ... beta application is available at ...http://www.microsoft-hohm.com."

Via:  Microsoft  LINK
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Green Sears Tower Renovation Planned

Owners of the Sears Tower building in Chicago plan extensive green renovations to transform the energy profile of the building including operational efficiencies and power generation from rooftop solar photovoltaics and wind turbines. ... Via NY Times: Link
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Solar Rooftops to Take Off in California

Southern California Edison plan for solarization of large commercial rooftops throughout Southern California has been approved by the local Public Utilities Commission. The solar rooftop program will implement its generating capacity over the next five years with a target of five hundred megawatts. The geographically dispersed generating capacity can tie into local electrical distribution circuits. ...
... "During the fall of 2008, SCE completed the first of what eventually will be about 150 sites making up this program, a 600,000-square-foot Fontana, Calif. distribution warehouse roof. The rooftop now holds 33,700 advanced thin-film solar panels with a generating capacity of 2.4 megawatts of direct current power, known as DC power – the largest single rooftop solar photovoltaic array in California. SCE already has begun construction of its second installation atop a 458,000-square-foot industrial building in Chino, Calif. First Solar of Tempe, Ariz. was the winning bidder to supply panels for these first two installations. " ...
Via Southern California Edison: California Regulators Approve Solar Panel Installation Program

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HP Greener Servers

HP logo Not long ago data centers were concerned with maximum density and processing power.  But as electricity cost have risen and supply becoming a gating factor - the data center is changing .. 

" ... companies have become increasingly concerned over the state of the environment.... new generation of servers: machines that deliver more performance per watt adata centernd, perhaps to a lesser degree, are built in a more environmentally responsible manner. Hardware makers are stepping up to meet the challenge, "


" ... HP, ... a new line of ProLiant G6 servers that, claims the company, deliver twice the performance of the previous generation of ProLiant servers -- while using half the energy. ...  replacing servers purchased prior to 2006 with new HP ProLiant G6 servers, customers can slash their energy bills in half."

" ...HP is certainly not the only vendor touting the green credentials of its server hardware. ...  AMD and Intel are working furiously to make CPUs that are high on performance and low on energy consumption."

Via: Infoworld.com  Link

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June 24, 2009

Orange Solar Glocation Tent at Glastonbury

Orange pilots solar photovoltaic fabric and RFID technology in its solar concept tent at the Glastonbury festival in the UK. The tent can be located by its glow via text message or RFID tag. ... Solar photovoltaic tent glows when RFID is triggered
... "The Concept Tent’s solar shell uses this technology to full effect with three directional glides which can be moved throughout the day to maximise its solar efficiency, capturing the optimum amount of energy which can to be used throughout the tent in a variety of new and exciting ways. To avoid festival-goers ever losing their tent, the Concept Tent would be fitted with innovative glo-cation technology. Glo-cation works by enabling campers’ mobile phones to identify their tent using either an SMS message or automatic active RFID technology (a longer range version of that used in London Underground Oyster cards); both would trigger a distinctive glow in the tent helping identify it from a distance. " ...
Via Orange: Solar Concept Tent at Glastonbury

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June 23, 2009

Ecolife Products - Green Products for the home

Ecolife ProductsEcolife is a Canadian company that makes a line of earth friendly line of cleaners and biodegradable plastic bags.

Ecolife Products tagline is "Changing the world without changing the Earth". 

" ... we believe in making the world a better place ... by promoting biodegradable, compostable and other eco friendly products... "

" ... we care about the environment and our products are designed to work with no or little effect to the world around us.  ... an old native proverb about the earth we believe in.  It reads, " We did not inherit the Earth from our grandparents. We borrow it from our children"."


Via:  Ecolife Products  Link

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Procter and Gamble Chempol MPS Achieves Green Chemistry Recognition for Lower VOC Alkyd Performance

Procter & Gamble Chemicals and Cook Composites and Polymers collaborated to commercialize Chempol MPS renewable alkyd resin replacement and have been recognized with a Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for this green chemical by the EPA. ...
... "Chempol MPS is an innovative, Sefose-based alkyd resin technology that enables formulation of paints and coatings with less than half the Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, of traditional, solvent-borne alkyd coatings. Sefose technology from P&G is prepared from natural, renewable feedstocks in a patented, solventless process. Chempol MPS alkyd resins are specially-formulated to perform like traditional, petroleum-based alkyd resins while delivering both an improved environmental profile and an enhanced consumer usage experience. " ...
Via Procter & Gamble: Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award

P&G technology is used to formultate the alkyd resin replacement. ... P&G Chemicals Sefose: "Sefose uses natural, renewable material (sugar and vegetable oil) as a sustainable solution versus petro-based alternatives. "

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June 22, 2009

Europe Solar Photovoltaic Adoption Acceleration

European solar study shows that photovoltaics could play larger role in the market share of energy sources. If adoption is accelerated, solar could become cost competitive in a majority of European markets. ...
... "* Europe needs to dramatically increase the share of PV to meet its 20/20/20 energy goals; * A 12% market share for PV in Europe is a demanding, but achievable and desirable objective; ... " ...
Via European Photovoltaic Industry Association: 2020

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June 21, 2009

Solar Plane Trip Planned

German leaders discuss solar plane project during China sustainability event. ...
... "The plane, covered in almost 12,000 photovoltaic cells, has a wingspan of 63.4 meters, or roughly that of Airbus A340, and only weighs 1,600 kg, equivalent to that of a motor car. " ...
Via China Daily: Solar-powered plane

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iGEN Lighting Controls

iGEN logo

One easy way to save energy and money is to turn off the lights when no one is around.  Older buildings often have lighting that can only control half or a quarter of a building's floor.  That is why so often you see all the lights on in a large section of an office building at night ... one person working and all the ligLightolier logohts on.


Lightolier's iGEN is one way to fix this problem ..." ..flexible lighting control solutions, whether you are connecting a few luminaires in a private office or hundreds in a building-wide system. ...building owners and architects seek effective digital lighting technology for intelligent buildings and green building design... iGEN delivers the means and the materials for sustainable, cost-efficient lighting practices ..."


Via:  iGEN / Lightolier  LINK

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June 20, 2009

Green Earth Cleaning - Green Dry Cleaning

 Green Earth Cleaning


Over the years dry cleaning has gained a non-environmentally friendly reputation ... mostly due to the petroleum based solvent "perc" which has possible heath effects and and the potential for ground water contamination.

Recently there have been several alternatives to using the industry standard "perc" including CO2 and less toxic solvents. 

Green Earth Cleaning " ...is the world's largest solution provider for environment friendly dry cleaning. ... is an environmentally safe dry ... with liquid silicone, a gentle solution made from one of the earth's safest and most abundant natural resources: silica, or sand. ... cleans as effectively as traditional dry cleaning without costing more to operate. ...it can actually improve the look and feel of fabrics."

" ... the cleaning system of choice for Marriott®, Hyatt®, Hilton®, the Montage® and the Four Seasons®,..."


>>> Find a Green Earth Cleaner in your area ... LINK


Via:  Green Earth Cleaning   Link










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Vashon Island Washington Solar Initiative Time Lapse

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Vashon Island: "Vashon-Maury is truly an Island. It can only be reached by a breathtakingly beautiful ferry ride. ... "

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June 19, 2009

CO2 to Fuel Process Improvements through Enzyme Bio-Catalysts

Carbon Sciences is working on an approach to convert recycled carbon dioxide emissions into low-hydrocarbon fuels, then ultimately to gasoline. The company has focused its energy on extending the functional life of the enzymes that catalyze the CO2 to fuel process. ...
... "We continue to increase the TTN of our CO2 to fuel process through a proprietary technology that encapsulates the enzymes in a protective shell. This protective shell significantly increases the activity and functional life of the enzymes. Our enzyme encapsulation technology gives us great confidence in the cost effectiveness of our CO2 to fuel process and moves us closer to commercial viability. " ...
Via Carbon Sciences: Biocatalyst Design

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Aviation Biofuel Performs Well

Boeing collaborates with industry and government to demonstrate the performance of bio-derived aviation jet fuels and to enable the transition for the industry. ...
... "In addition, the study showed the Bio-SPK fuel blends used in the test flight program met or exceeded all technical parameters for commercial jet aviation fuel. Those standards include freezing point, flash point, fuel density and viscosity, among others. The tests revealed that using the Bio-SPK fuel blends had no adverse effects on the engines or their components. They also showed that the fuels have greater energy content by mass than typical petroleum-derived jet fuel - which potentially could lower fuel consumption per mile. Renewable jet fuels from bio-derived sources are being considered because of their ability to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. " ...
Via Boeing: Biofuels Perform Effectively as Jet Fuel

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Nokia Prototype self charging phone in Development

Nokia proto type self charging phone

Imaging a cell phone that is self powering ... ?

Nokia has something in the works that might just achieve that goal though it is a ew years off and not likely to be scalable for largeer appliances ,,, but you never know whaqt advances in technology might bring ...

... "...a cell phone that recharges itself ... harvests ambient radio waves from the air, and turns that energy into usablNokia logoe power. Enough, at least, to keep a cell phone from running out of juice.

" ... ambient electromagnetic energy is never going to ... power your whole house or office, but it just might be enough to keep a cell phone alive ... enough to slowly recharge the cell phone battery while it's in standby mode, theoretically offering infinite power ..." 


Via:  Yahoo News  LINK

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June 17, 2009

Green Roofs Power Vegetable Consumption

Vegetable gardens are accelerating adoption of green roofs in urban settings. ...
... "New York State has subsidies both for roofs with succulents spread out over a thin layer of soil and for edible plants covering a smaller area. " ...
Via New York Times: Urban Farming

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Exelon's ComEd is a Major Green Fleet (cars, trucks, etc.)

 com ed logo

ComEd, a Exelon company has bought 50 Toyota Prius to add toExelon 2020 Seal its already substantial GREEN fleet of cars and trucks. 

" ...One of Nation's Largest Green Fleets ... save utility 6,500 gallons of gas in 2009, ...  including 10 Priuses that have been specially converted into electric plug-in hybrids. ..."
" ... Compared to an average subcompact, the Prius hybrid and plug-in electric version consume about 30 and 65 percent less fuel, respectively. ... reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60 metric tons."

" ... 63 percent of the ComEd fleet uses a fuel source other than 100 percent gasoline.... 1,774 trucks that use biodiesel fuel ...250 E85 flex-fuel vehicles ... 91 hybrid Ford Escape SUVs; one biodiesel-electric hybrid bucket truck; one liquid petroleum gas (LPG) bucket truck; and the 50 new Prius vehicles. ..."


Via:  Exelon  LINK

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June 16, 2009

Solar Energy Perspectives Show Public Support of Photovoltaics

Applied Materials shares the results of its solar energy survey on America's understanding of this technology. The general public wants a more aggressive adoption of energy generation from renewable sources, like solar. The survey found that Americans could be better educated on the use of solar farms to generate electricity, as a means to accelerate renewably-sourced generation and complement solar roof installation on homes and businesses. ...
... "The findings indicate that a majority of people surveyed believe in the potential of solar technology and want the U.S. government and utilities to do more to speed its adoption, although some have outdated views. " ...
Via Applied Materials: Summer Solstice Prompts Solar Emphasis

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e-Recycling of Califrornia

e-recycling of california

e-waste has been in  the news a lot --- there are enormous quantities of electronics buried in landfills ... and more to  follow as the US switches to all digital TV this week ... and the expected replacements of TVs follows ... and the junking of old TVs.

e-Recycling of California offers a better solution ... and unlike some of the horror stories you read of e-waste being handled unsafely .. they take the proper steps.

" ... turnkey electronic waste recycling capabilities throughout California from transportation, container options, logistics, administration, and labor."



Via:  e-Recycling  LINK

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June 15, 2009

Energy-Inc. - Profitable Solution to a Zero Carbon Footprint



John O'Hurley ... of Seinfield fame as J. Peterman ... has co-founded Energy-Inc.   The Las Vegas, Nevada company has a variety of services and technologies for producing power from waste ...

>>> Their tagline is ... a profitable solution to a zero carbon footprint. 

>>> Their message is Waste to Energy rather than waste to landfills.


They design, build and manage waste to power systems. Rather than paying to dispose of waste you can turn it into power ... Listen to the video for more ... and see how they plan to make landfills obsolete. They guarantee performance and up to 100% financing ...


Via:: Energy-Inc. Link

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Taiwan Renewable Energy

Taiwan passes legislation that targets significant renewable energy generating capacity, that is expected to increase investment in solar photovoltaics and other approaches to sustainable power. ...
... "The new law will create pricing incentives for renewable energy developers, while simultaneously loosening regulations. " ...
Via Sustainable Business: Taiwan Energy Bill

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Wired Home in Chicago

Chicaog Wired Home

Wired Magazine has created their Smart Home  .. which is Green + Wired.  The design uses green materials and techniques along with tools to allow you to be GREEN with energy.

" ... high-design demonstration homes ... technologies we present aren't stuck in beta, but are available now. Trends driving the developments? Environmentally smart architecture, affordable automation systems, and real-time energy monitoring."

" ... use prefab construction ... automation systems we use are affordable, and upgradeable ... same access to energy data as the latest car dashboards, showing daily and weekly electricity and water consumption, as well as up-to-the-minute electricity pricing to help homeowners make smart decisions."

The Wired Home is open from March 19th, 2009 through January 3red, 2010.  If you are in Chicago and want to tour the home ... CLICK FOR DETAILS.

Via:  Wired  Link

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June 14, 2009

Solar Car Achievements

The University of Minnesota race team sets the standard for solar cars during recent competition. For the 2009 Formula Sun Grand Prix in Texas, the Gophers finished in first place with the Centaurus. ...
... "This was 94 more laps than the second-place finisher University of Kentucky. Northwestern University placed third. The University of Minnesota team also ran the fastest lap at two minutes and 20 seconds. Eleven solar car teams from across the country participated in the event this year. " ...
Via University of Minnesota: Solar car race

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June 13, 2009

Solar Photovoltaic Roof Panel Mounting Process

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Conserve Energy in New Jersey

Local government agency sponsors event to educate citizens on conserving energy and implementing green technologies. ...
... "first-ever Burlington County Energy Conservation Summit Tuesday, June 16th at the Palmyra Cove Nature Park Environmental Education Center. Speakers at the free event will explain energy-saving programs, grants available to fund program applications, and financing options to implement green initiatives. " ...
Via Courier-Post: Energy Conservation Summit

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June 11, 2009

Sustainable Packaging through BioPlastic Coke Bottle

Coca-Cola will introduce a plant-derived plastic bottle, called the PlantBottle, which is a blend of petroleum and bio-sourced materials. The new bottle is manufactured with a lower carbon footprint that traditional PET. ...
... "Traditional PET bottles are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource. The new bottle is made from a blend of petroleum-based materials and up to 30 percent plant-based materials. The PlantBottle is currently made through an innovative process that turns sugar cane and molasses, a by-product of sugar production, into a key component for PET plastic. Coca-Cola is also exploring the use of other plant materials for future generations of the PlantBottle. Coca-Cola North America will pilot the PlantBottle with Dasani and sparkling brands in select markets later this year and with vitaminwater in 2010. The innovative bottles will be identified through on-package messages and in-store point of sale displays. " ...
Via Coca-Cola: PlantBottle

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vegawatt - waste vegatable oil into a power source

 vegawatt - how it works diagram

Restaurants have always had to deal with waste oil - and usually had to pay to haul it away.   More recently it has been seen as a source of bio-diesel and thus less costly to dispose.  And because it does not need to be trucked away there are energy savings and emission reductions ...

Now with vegawatt - it can be turned into an on-site power source. 


" ...about the size of a refrigerator, ... hooks up through one electrical cable to the electric system. There is also a hot water feed and return system. ... industrial compression-ignition engine produces heat and hot water for use directly by the restaurant. ..."

 "... goal is to capture the most energy possible from the oil that a foodservice location produces. Typically we produce 10% to 25% of the electricity needed by a restaurant. "

Some of the benefits ... "Produce Renewable Energy Certificates (REC's), ... Produce Carbon Credits, ... Reduce the CO2 emissions ..."




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June 10, 2009

Google Power Meter Energy

Google makes progress with first wave of power meter partners in the utility space and has initiated a software partnership that integrates the smart power meters into customer consumption trends. ...
... "Google PowerMeter is only available to a limited group of customers, but we plan to expand our roll out later this year. Our utility partners are leading the charge to make the electricity grid smarter and we look forward to working with them and others. " ...
Via Google: PowerMeter partners

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June 09, 2009

India Solar Mission

India has established a vision for solar power leadership. It has delivered investments in solar generation capacity in the short term and has set long and mid-term targets to catalyze the country towards the objectives. ...
... "India's renewable energy ministry has declared a new program designed to expand solar power generating projects up to a maximum capacity of 50MW. " ...
Via Gerson Lehrman Group: India Solar Power

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Dow Captures Solar Power with DOWTHERM

sloar panels There are multiple approaches to using solar to create power ... one option is PV (photovoltaic) where panels convert sunlight directly to DC current ... another is CSP (concentrated solar power).

CSP is a form of solar power that uses mirrors to focus the suns rays on panels ... these panels have a heat transfer fluid in them that then is used to generate steam which drives a trubine to produce electricity.

>>> Basically a nuclear type approach with solar replacing the nuclear energy source.

" ... mirrors to reflect and concentrate sunlight onto receivers ... DOWTHERM™ ... heat transfer fluids collect the heat ... converts water to steam, which in turn drives turbines to make electricity.  ... DOWTHERM™ A, has the high temperature stability required to collect, transport, and store that solar generated heat."

" ... Dow ... commitment and leadership in energy efficiency ...  Over the last 14 years, Dow's efforts to conserve power globally have resulted in saving more than 1,600 trillion BTU's of energy and prevented the release of about 86 million metric tons of carbon dioxide."


Via:  Dow Chemical Company  LINK

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June 08, 2009

Alternative Propellant Slows Global Warming

Honeywell's new HFO-1234ze propellant has been formulated into European aerosol cleaner products by MicroCare. ...
... "HFO-1234ze is non flammable according to European Union standards, has zero ozone-depletion potential and a GWP of six. In some aerosol applications, HFO-1234ze serves as a direct replacement for HFC-134a, which has a GWP of approximately 1,300. GWP is a measure of a gas’s contribution to global warming. It is a relative scale that compares the gas in question to carbon dioxide, which has a GWP of one. " ...
Via Honeywell: Propellant for Aerosol Cleaners in Europe

HFO-1234ze Propellant MSDS (PDF).

Listing of Global Warming Potential for Ozone-Depleting Substances (PDF).

Global Warming Potential Definition.

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June 07, 2009

Solar Power Giga Deal

Pacific Gas and Electric expands its relationship with BrightSource Energy with purchase agreement that total 1,310 megawatts (MW) of solar thermal power, that can serve over a half million homes. ...
... "The first of these solar power plants, sized at 110 MW and located in Ivanpah, Calif., is contracted to begin operation in 2012. BrightSource will build and place in commercial operation each of its plants as quickly as permitting and infrastructure allow. All seven projects are expected to produce 3,666 gigawatt-hours of power each year, equal to the annual consumption of about 530,000 average homes. " ...
Via Pacific Gas & Electric: Record Solar Power Deal

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

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June 05, 2009

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Innovative Electric Vehicle Accelerates to Market

Mitsubishi Motors will bring its i-MiEV new-generation electric vehicle, or EV, to market in 2009. It is expected to deliver over 150 km of driving on a single charge. The charging mechanism is flexible to accomodate recharging the battery at home or at distributed quick charging stations. ...
... "The i-MiEV represents the crystallization of some 40 years of electric vehicle development at Mitsubishi Motors. The company is presenting the production i-MiEV as the ultimate eco-car, a solution to the various challenges the automobile faces today including environmental pollution, global warming and the depletion of petroleum-based energy supplies. The company will continue its extensive collaboration with both private and public sectors in Japan and overseas in developing infrastructure to promote ownership of EVs. " ...
Via Mitsubishi Motors: Electric Vehicle i-MiEV

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San Francisco - Emissions by Zip Code ...

San Francisco greenhouse emissions by ZIP Code
San Francisco has developed a mapping system that can show, by ZIP CODE, greenhouse gases and track it to the source ...  I follows the time honored management maxim  - you cannot manage what you cannot measure ... so they are using this to reduce overall GHG emissions ...

" ... Urban EcoMap. ... tracks ... carbon emissions by zip code, and even breaks down the information to the source of the greenhouse gases: transportation, energy use or waste. .. goal ... to reveal San Francisco residents' bad habits and lower the City's emissions back to 20% below their 1990 levels (as per the Kyoto Protocol). ... a great case study for local action providing a global impact. "




Via:  WholeTravel blog  LINK

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June 04, 2009

Biofuel Chemical Process Improvement Leads to Chemistry Student Recognition by ACS

University of Wisconsin chemistry grad student, Joseph Binder, will be recognized by the American Chemical Society with the Kenneth G. Hancock Memorial Award in Green Chemistry this month in Washington, D.C. ...
... "Binder came up with a two-step chemical process to turn raw biomass into the promising biofuel 2,5-dimethylfuran (DMF). To make it work, Binder developed a unique solvent system with an extraordinary capacity to dissolve cellulose. The solvent system is considered green because it's a nonhazardous alternative to existing solvents. " ...
Via University of Wisconsin-Madison: Graduate student recognition

Kenneth G Hancock Memorial Award: "honors outstanding student contributions to furthering the goals of green chemistry through research or education. "

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Platinum LEED homes in Manayunk (Philadelphia), Pa

Sheldon Crossing - Manayunk, Phila, Pa

Green living options are increasing in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia.  Manayunk is accessible to the R6 regional rail line to center city and is a very walkable village ...

Sheldon Crossing is a new Platinum LEED (to be certified) development ...

" ...16-unit carriage home development in Manayunk, PA, ... to meet and surpass green standards, which will earn us a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum level of certification. As we are redefining eco-conscious living, we have not lost sight of the importance of design. ..."

" ... less energy and resources consumed ... will result in significant savings for the homeowner as utility bills dwindle. ... Sheldon Crossing homes will use less energy, water, and natural resources. They create less waste, have less exposure to mold, mildew and other indoor toxins. ... features to highlight are PV solar panels, green roofs, Icynene insulation, high efficiency heaters, WaterSense plumbing fixtures, water purification, heat recovery ventilators, smart home technology, Energy Star appliances, windows and doors and much more. ..."


Via:  SheldonCrossing  LINK

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June 03, 2009

The Carbon You Could Be Saving With ...

The Green IT Calculator.

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U.S. Wants to Go Green with White Roofs, White Roads and Light Colored Cars

whote roofs in Bermuda One possible way to save energy is to paint your roof white ... or some other light color.  This would keep buildings cooler and lessen the need for air conditioning.  Same for roads and other dark surfaces ... which would reflect heat back into space instead of warming the earth.  Concrete could be used instead of painting road a lighter color ...

" ... solution to climate change could be as simple as a big bucket of whitewash, ... Steven Chu believes that painting the world's roofs, roads and pavements white would keep buildings cooler as temperatures rise and cut the need for air conditioning."

"... the U.S. Secretary of Energy and a Nobel prize-winning scientist, said the low-tech solution would be as effective at reducing global warming as taking all the world's cars off the road for 11 years."


Via:  DailyMail  LINK

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June 02, 2009

Energy Efficiency IT Product Premium

Symantec's Green IT study findings show that initiatives are widespread and are balanced between sustainability and cost-driven efforts. Efficient IT products are differentiated in the market. ...
... "IT is willing to pay a premium for energy efficient products. Two-thirds of respondents said they would pay at least 10 percent more, while 41 percent are willing to pay at least 20 percent more. Additionally, 89 percent of respondents said IT product efficiency is either important or very important. " ...
Via Symantec: Green IT Practices

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Nebraska Senator pushes for Biogas Legislation

Nebraska cowsNebraska Senator Ben Nelson has introduced legislation to produce energy from bio-waste.  Nebraska has the potential to make great use of this given the large number of cattle in the state ...using what is today a waste products to generate power serves to reduce waste disposal costs, help keep water sources clean and reduce consumption of oil ... as animal waste is likely to be a renewable fuel source for t he near if not long term.

"... already have the technology to break down these wastes to create biogas but it needs encouragement from the federal government to become a commercially-viable alternative to natural gas.  ... would benefit rural communities and the environment while lessening our dependence on fossil fuels ...We shouldn't waste the waste; we should promote biogas development."Nebraska Senator Ben NelsonNebraska on US map

" ... produced through technologies such as anaerobic digestion (AD) that can convert animal wastes and other agricultural or organic wastes into at least 50% methane (the principal ingredient of natural gas).  Biogas can be used as is on the farm or co-located with another facility such as an ethanol plant, or as a renewable substitute for natural gas, propane or other fossil fuels. "

"... would encourage greater production of biogas for energy purposes by providing ... a tax credit of $4.27 for every million British thermal units (mmBtu) of biogas produced. This could mean more jobs and a boon for rural communities. ... offers environmental benefits such as a reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions of both carbon dioxide and methane and improved water quality through better manure management."


Via:  BenNelson.senate.gov  LINK


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June 01, 2009

Improve Cellulose Breakdown for Biofuels

Penn State Agricultural Science professor, Jeffrey Catchmark, will lead a new Center for Lignocellulose research to more fully understand how cellulose is assembled and, ultimately, broken down in an biologically or chemically efficient manner. ...
... "The Center for Lignocellulose Structure and Formation will be one of few places where research is truly focused on unraveling the secrets of lignocellulose. We believe we can answer the basic questions that to date no one has been able to answer, Catchmark explained. " ...
Via Penn State University: Mysteries of plant cellulose

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Arizona State U - - Global Institute of Sustainability

ASU - Global Institute of Sustainability Logo

" ... evolved from over 30 years of environmental research conducted by the Center for Environmental Studies at Arizona State University (ASU).... conducts research, education, and problem-solving related to sustainability, with a special focus on urban environments. ... initiates and nurtures work on issues of sustainability across ...  ASU, and collaborates with other academic institutions, governments, businesses and industries, and community groups locally, nationally, and globally."

"Greater Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing urban environments in the US, ...  is a preeminent laboratory for solving problems that face urban areas ... strive to discover new knowledge and develop new solutions for our own region, we also provide models and solutions that can work in Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, and Beijing."


Via:  Arizona State University  LINK

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