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Solar Cell Technology Winner

DOE's National Renewable Energy Lab is recognized for commercialization of its high-efficiency solar cell design. ...
... "The Inverted Metamorphic Multijunction (IMM) Solar Cell was named a winner of the 2009 Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer by the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer. The original IMM cell was invented by Mark Wanlass of NREL’s Concentrating Photovoltaics (CPV) Group. The design established a solar cell efficiency of 37.9% under concentrated light equal to 10 suns in 2005. In 2008, a modified version of the IMM design set a new record of 40.8% efficiency under 326 suns at NREL. " ...
Via National Renewable Energy Lab: Solar Cell Wins Federal Tech Prize

Emcore IMM Solar Design: "IMM design is comprised of a novel combination of compound semiconductors that enables a superior response to the solar spectrum as compared to conventional multi-junction architecture. Due to its unique design, the IMM cell is approximately one fifteenth the thickness of the conventional multi-junction solar cell and will enable a new class of extremely lightweight, high-efficiency, and flexible solar arrays for space applications. "

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