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San Francisco Solar Project

San Francisco, in partnership with Recurrent Energy, is poised to implement significant solar energy generation (approx 5 MW) at its Sunset Reservoir. San Fran's Board of Supervisors has approved the project after considering variations of the contract. The project had strong sponsorship from Mayor Gavin Newsom. ...
... "The City of San Francisco is currently planning a five megawatt solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the City’s largest reservoir, located at 24th and Ortega Streets in the Sunset district. " ...
Via Recurrent Energy: San Francisco Sunset Reservoir Solar Installation

The project must be reviewed and approved by the city's Board of Supervisors ... San Francisco Board of Supervisors vote on solar power project: "Ordinance approving a 25-Year Power Purchase Agreement and Site Lease Agreement with RE-SFCITY1, LP (Recurrent), a wholly owned subsidiary of Recurrent Energy, to finance, construct, own, operate, and maintain a solar photovoltaic power plant on the rooftop of the North Storage Basin Reservoir and certain adjacent land on the Sunset Reservoir property ... "

Via Red, Green, and Blue: San Francisco OKs Municipal Solar Project: "Newsom, who sponsored the legislation, added that the project would more than triple San Francisco’s solar energy production ... "

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