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Green Power Express Transmission Grid

ITC Holdings has developed a power transmission network, dubbed the Green Power Express, which will support the movement of 12,000 megawatts of renewable energy from wind power in the Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa. ...
... "This project will be an integral component to ITC's efforts to create a high-voltage backbone that can meet America's renewable energy goals and eliminate costly inefficiencies in the grid. The Green Power Express transmission project will traverse portions of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana and will ultimately include approximately 3,000 miles of extra high-voltage (765kV) transmission. The entire project is currently estimated to cost approximately $10 to 12 billion. Portions of the Green Power Express fall within the service territory of ITC Midwest, an ITC subsidiary. ITC has been working with many of the Upper Midwest wind developers over the last year in assembling a realistic accounting of their wind development plans and sites, which resulted in the design of the Green Power Express. As ITC continues to work with wind developers and other local utilities in the region to identify their project needs, there may be additional lines and stations identified that would effectively accumulate the available wind generation within the region. " ...
Via ITC Holdings: Project facilitates movement of 12,000 MW of energy from wind rich areas

The Green Power Express: "Green Power Express addresses a recognized lack of electric transmission infrastructure needed to integrate wind energy ... "

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