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Renewable Diesel Biofuel

Amyris and Crystalsev, a Brazilian ethanol distributor, will commercialize renewable fuels made from sugarcane. Diesel, jet fuel and gasoline will be formulated biologically through fermentation of sugar. The Amyris-Crystalsev partnership will distribute renewable fuels globally, but will initially focus on Brazil and the United States markets. ...
... "The first product, a renewable diesel that works in today's engines, is targeted for commercialization in 2010. Scale-up and testing work to date indicate that this fuel scales more quickly and economically than currently available biofuels, and reduces emissions by 80 percent over petroleum diesel. Using Amyris' breakthrough technology platform, the new joint venture, Amyris-Crystalsev Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento de Biocombustiveis Ltda, will work with Brazilian sugarcane mills and fuel producers to quickly scale production of the Amyris renewable diesel fuel. Amyris will hold the majority stake in the Amyris-Crystalsev venture, and Crystalsev will hold the remaining stake and contribute commercialization expertise. " ...
Via Amyris Biotechnologies: Innovative Renewable Diesel from Sugarcane by 2010

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