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Largest Solar Photovoltaic Array is Active at Air Force Base

The Air Force's green initiative to supply power to its base from alternative energy has come to fruition. The largest solar photovoltaic array in the nation is generating power at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. ...
... "The PV array, completed earlier this month, will supply Nellis with more than 30 million kilowatt-hours of clean, environmentally friendly electricity a year. The array is expected to supply the base with more than 25 percent of the total power used by the base population, roughly 12,000 people. More than 72,000 solar panels, which contain nearly 6 million solar cells, were constructed by Sunpower Corp. on 140 acres of Nellis land. Many of the panels, which track the sun across the sky, were constructed on top of a capped landfill. The plant is estimated to save the Air Force $1 million annually and should reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 24,000 tons annually, which is equivalent to removing 185,000 cars from the roadways. This is one of the largest of the Air Force's "green" initiatives to date ... " ...
Via Nellis Air Force Base: The Nations Largest Photovoltaic Array

SunPower Corporation: Nation’s Largest Solar PV System Takes Flight at Nellis Air Force Base: "Combining technology and systems expertise from SunPower Corporation and financing by MMA Renewable Ventures with discounted purchase commitments by the U.S. Air Force, the innovative Nellis solar energy system demonstrates that the U.S. government's goals for enhancing security through energy independence can be met both economically and practically when the public and private sectors work together. SunPower Corporation designed and built the photovoltaic power plant using its proprietary single-axis SunPower® T20 Tracker solar tracking system which follows the sun throughout the day and delivers up to 30 percent more energy than traditional fixed-tilt ground systems. " Nellis Air Force Base Mission: "Nellis Air Force Base provides advanced combat training for composite strike forces, which includes every type of aircraft in the Air Force inventory. " Air Force making progress on alternative fuels: "The undersecretary said energy is an important topic to Air Force leaders, as the service alone consumes about half the fuel purchased by the U.S. government. "

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