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Battery Research For PHEVs

DOE funds research on batteries for PHEVs. ...
... "DOE and USABC seek to identify electrochemical storage technologies capable of meeting or approaching USABC's criteria for performance, weight, life-cycle, and cost. Other considerations include the potential to commercialize proposed battery technologies and bring them to market quickly. DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Vehicle Technologies Program leads the Department’s efforts to bring PHEVs to market and works with industry to develop advanced transportation technologies that will reduce the nation’s use of imported oil. The development of a lower cost, high-energy battery has been identified as a critical pathway toward commercialization of PHEVs. " ...

Via Department of Energy: $14 Million to Develop Advanced Batteries for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Goals for Advanced Battery Development for Plug-in Electric Vehicles: "In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), USABC will award contracts to developers selected that have electrochemical energy storage technologies capable of meeting or approaching USABC's performance, weight, life-cycle and price criteria, plus near- and long-term technical readiness goals for high power-to-energy-ratio and high energy-to-power-ratio batteries, respectively. "


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