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Test Your Enviro-Q. Did You Know ...


Test your Enviro-Q.  What is the environmental, energy saving item pictured below?

Photo showing a grid shape with square areas that look shiny or gritty.
This is a close-up picture of something related to environmental protection.

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If you guessed Photovoltaic roof shingles you are right!  

Now for bonus points (OK - just bragging rights) what are Photovoltaic roof shingles?

Photovoltaic roof shingles are "solar power" roof shingles that create electricity from sunlight to reduce their home energy costs, and also help reduce emissions from power plants. The shingles offer the same durability and protection from weather as ordinary asphalt shingles.
Read more about solar roof shingles from the Department of Energy.
Read how EPA's buildings use green power


Via US EPA Web Site   Link

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