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Maryland Wind Farm

Wind farm project gets closer to fruition in Maryland as local utility commission gives the nod.  The need for alternative energy and potential impacts on local flora and fauna are being considered and balanced.  An unusually high number of bird and bat deaths have been seen in nearby wind farms as the area supports migration path.  ...   West Virginia side of the Backbone Mountain, Picture by Concord University

... "And in Maryland, that somewhere may be remote Backbone Mountain, at 3,360 feet the highest point in the state's Appalachian Plateau and the proposed site for Annapolis-based Synergics Inc.'s mountaintop wind farm. " ...

Via Baltimore Sun: Link

Per NPR Podcast: Wind Farms Blamed for Killing Migrating Bats: "But as wind power becomes more popular, biologists say the windmills kill thousands of bats. "

Via Washington Post: Wind Turbine Bat Deaths: "Thousands of bats have died at Backbone and on another nearby wind farm in Meyersdale, Pa. "

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