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Soy Biodiesel DuPont Plans ...

DuPont plans collaborative effort to explore the potential of soy for biodiesel production.  ...

...   "DuPont and Bunge yesterday announced the expansion of the companies' soy collaboration beyond food and nutrition products to include industrial applications, biofuels and other opportunities.

Carl Hausmann, president and CEO, Bunge North America: We are excited about the potential of new soy products that will build on this success in the food sector and enable us to better serve feed and industrial customers including the growing soy biodiesel industry.  Soy Lubricant

DuPont has a significant effort to deliver new technologies to the growing biofuels market, which includes improving biofuel production through improved seed and crop protection products; developing new technologies to allow conversion of cellulose to biofuels; and developing next generation biofuels, including biobutanol.  In addition to developing corn hybrids for ethanol, DuPont subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., is characterizing Pioneer brand soybean varieties for oil content to determine impact on biodiesel production. "   ...

Soy Biodiesel DuPont Plans: Via DuPont: DuPont and Bunge Broaden Soy Collaboration to Industrial Applications, Biofuels

Via Agriculture Online: Soy biodiesel gives bigger energy bang than ethanol: "Jeff Stroburg quoted USDA statistics that say biodiesel has a stronger energy balance than either ethanol or straight petroleum fuel. "

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