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Biomass Power Investment: New Mexico ...

PNM will invest in a New Mexico biomass power plant as a source of renewable energy for its customers.  The plant will produce its energy from cellulosic materials, such as woody materials from the land.  ...  New Mexico

...   "PNM and Western Water and Power Production have signed a 20-year agreement to deliver renewable energy from a new 35 megawatt biomass power plant. The plant will go into service in early 2009 and will be located in Torrance County, near Estancia, N.M. The plant will be sited on 50 acres adjacent to Tagawa Greenhouses, which will utilize waste heat from the facility to heat the greenhouse and potentially increase production.  The plant will be owned and operated by Western. PNM will purchase the power to serve its customers in New Mexico.  A biomass power plant utilizes waste woody materials removed from forests and rangelands, which will reduce hazardous fires and restore the ecological health of these lands.

Under state law, New Mexico electric utilities must produce or purchase at least 10 percent of their customers' electricity requirements from renewable energy resources by 2011. PNM currently purchases wind-generated electricity from the New Mexico Wind Energy Center near Ft. Sumner, N.M. The wind and biomass projects together are projected to provide approximately 20 percent more renewable power than mandated when the biomass plant comes on-line in 2009. State law also strongly encourages that electric utilities seek a diversity of resources that could include solar and geothermal in addition to wind and biomass.  Western will construct the plant using state-of-the-art technology that will minimize air pollution and ensure that the harvesting of biomass materials will be done in accordance with high standards for biomass removal and rangeland restoration. Compared to other forms of fossil-fueled power plants, biomass plants reduce green house gas emissions that contribute to global climate change. "   ...

Biomass Power Investment: New Mexico: Via PNM: New Mexico's First Biomass Power Plant ...

Background on the New Mexico renewable energy portfolio rule ...  New Mexico Wind Energy Farm ...

Via Democratic Energy: Renewable Portfolio Standard: "New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson signed into law a measure (SB 43) that requires investor-owned electric utilities to produce or buy increasing amounts of renewable energy. According to the new law, renewables must make up 5 percent of the utilities' sales by 2006, and 10 percent by the year 2011. The renewable energy measure puts into statute a Public Regulation Commission (PRC) rule that took effect last year.  ... "

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